The Fight is all...

My life has been based on how to perfect the fight. To become the best of all. It doesn't matter if I win or lose. All I need is the fight. I can learn new techniques and fighting styles to perfect the one I have now. To try and keep perfect my fight so no one can beat it. This is what my life will be based on.

I can not take in a student because I am a mere student myself. My master was taken from me, and I will find his murderer and avenge him. And as soon as I have, I will have perfected the fight; I will truly make my master happy. Only then will my mission in life be accomplished. I can at last fully know that I am the best there is, no one can take anything from me that is precious. And if anyone who tries to do so will soon learn that I will fight for it even if it costs me my own life.

I would always want to fight, to fight is my life. And I have no intention of changing that. I will always travel the path less chosen. As my master had told me it is better that way. I can learn independence and strength. I will learn skill and honor. No matter how hard the road is, I will travel it and face any challenge with both my fists ready.

I have learn many more things following the way of a warrior. I know how to choose between two things that mean a lot to me. And I have come to except any consequences that I might have. The fight is what I live for, with out it, my life would be meaning less. Nothing would matter and I would have to sit and watch as the ones I hold dear are killed or harmed. This is why I fight, because the Fight is all that matters.