A/N: Slightly AU. Any changes will be explained. And despite how it starts out, it's Liason!

It was four-thirty in the morning and Jason Morgan was wide-awake. It was the third night in a row that he had not been able to sleep. By now, he assumed, his body would have just succumbed to the exhaustion of being up. He was wrong. He was tired of listening to Sam's steady breathing beside him and the branch hitting his bedroom window. He threw back the blanket and walked out of his room, down the stairs, and into the kitchen. He opened the fridge and grabbed a beer, unmindful of what time it was. He twisted the cap off and chucked it towards the trashcan. It missed but he did not care enough to pick it up. He sat down on his brown leather couch, feeling defeated.

Two days before, Sam had told him she thought she was pregnant. Yesterday she told him that Dr. Meadows confirmed that she could never conceive. She had cried and he had held her, their dream of a family slipping away. He felt guilty being thankful. He did want a family but with everything going on with Michael, he thought it might be better this way. His thoughts were drawn to AJ and his dysfunctional biological family. He combed his fingers through his spikes and let out a sigh.

His thoughts were drawn to what Monica had told him at the hospital. He had told Sonny that afternoon. He had yet to tell Sam. Hell, he didn't know how he could. He had closed off to Sam and she had yet to notice. The news she had received from Dr. Meadows was eating away at her.

He knew what he had to do. It was the only way to protect Michael. He drank the rest of his beer in a quick sip and set the empty bottle down on the coffee table.

"Jason?" Sam called, walking down the stairs.

He turned towards her as she reached the last step.

"Are you okay?"

He stood and crossed the room towards her. He stopped a few feet away from her and he saw that her eyes were etched with concern.

"I have to go."

"Is it something for Sonny?" She asked, reading something in his eyes that seemed unfamiliar.

"It's for Michael," He paused, trying to consider his words before he spoke so not to upset her more than necessary, "You might want to sit down."

Her eyes bore into his for a moment before she crossed in front of him and sat down on the brown leather couch. He chose to stand.

"There was a witness to AJ's murder." He began.

"Who?" She asked, intrigued and concerned.

"It doesn't matter," He paused, "They have no reason to lie."

"They saw Carly, didn't they?" She asked, jumping to the most obvious conclusion in her mind.

"No," He stressed, "They saw Michael."

Her eyes grew wide, "What does Sonny think?"

"It's not even clear if Michael remembers doing it," He paused, "Sonny wants to protect him by turning himself in."

Sam sat silent in shock.

Jason hesitated to fill her in completely, but finally relented, "I told him that I would."

"Would-?" Sam paused, "Your gonna turn yourself in on a murder charge?"

"He's got three kids…"

"And so your life is less important than his?" She said, standing up to face him.

"No," He said, "They need him more. Carly needs him. If I go, it'll be easier."

"And what about me, Jason. What about us?" She spit out.

"I didn't really—" He began, stopping in mid-sentence.

She completed his thought, "You didn't think about what I would think of this!" She paused, "I understand that you love Michael and that you have this connection with Sonny and Carly…but it is something else entirely for you to make a decision like this without even consulting me!"

"It's my life." He spit out.

"When someone counts on you, and cares for you," She paused, tears brimming from the corners of her eyes, "You have to consider how your actions might affect them."

"I'm doing this for Michael so that he can have both of his parents and the life that he deserves."

"You love him," She paused, wiping at her eyes, "But you don't love me."

Their eyes met and he looked at her with some confusion.

She explained, "If you cared about me as much as I care about you then you would have had the decency to at least tell me that you were considering going to prison the rest of your life before deciding it."

She hesitated, and then half mumbled, "Well, maybe they were all right…maybe we just both fell in love with the baby and after she was gone, maybe we just needed each other. Maybe what I feel, maybe it was just because you didn't shut me out or push me away, it was just that you accepted me and I could depend on you…maybe what I thought was love was just … something else."

The tears finally came down her cheeks and she brushed furiously at them, and said with a hint of bitterness, "Whatever it was, it still hurts."

She started towards the stairs and he grabbed her arm and caught her.

"Sam…" He began, causing her to turn.

With his free hand he brushed at the tears on her cheeks, "I'm sorry."

"Don't," She said, moving away from his touch, "I admire you, Jason. I could never make that kinda sacrifice. Not even for you." She paused, "I guess we know the answer then."

She walked out of his grasp and up the stairs, leaving him to watch her walk away. After the sound of her footfalls disappeared on the stairs, he sighed and combed his fingers through his blond spikes. Now all that was left to do before turning himself over to the police was to say goodbye to all the people who mattered to him.