Final chapter, hope you enjoyed!

Summary: What if Buffy had gone with Angel into that hell dimension on the finale of Season2? My first fan fiction, I think this would be considered AU.

Disclaimers: Mutant Enemy and Joss Whedon own it all. This just all just for entertainments sake, I hope.

After calling her mother to make sure Connor was alright and to let her know that they were safe as well, Buffy and Angel took a shower and fell into bed. "What a night! Isn't it romantic? Our first apocalypse as a married couple. I think we totally kicked ass."

Buffy snuggled closer to Angel. "I don't know if it's because of Connor or because I really am close to forty, but I'm starting to feel so maternal with the gang. I mean, did you see the way Giles and Faith were hanging on each other? What's up with that? Are they a couple, are they just having sex, are they going to get hurt? I mean, Faith may seem all tough, but she's really a vulnerable girl, slayer strength not with-standing. And leaving Xander and Cordelia here to watch the place, they had sex while the world was almost ending. I could smell it. I mean, are they ready for this? They're both just going to be out of high school. And Cordelia, sluttish much?"

"Buffy, sweetheart, that's what people tend to do when they think the world may end."

"No, wait. There's more. Willow and Oz. Going to India in the summer? Is that the best time to travel? Willow is so not one to rough it, she can hardly make it through a night of camping without her laptop. I know Willow loves Oz and all, but to go on such a long trip with him, is she really ready? And I dolike Tara, she's kinda shy, but I think she fits in. Guess it's my vampire senses, but she has almost as much power as our Will, but can she fill our needs? Did you see the way she was with Spike, though? I mean, they just met. Do you think she's fickle? Will she break his heart like Dru?"

"Did you have another Jolt cola when we came home? Hon, you have to calm down. What's up with all this Willow-speak?" Angel could feel all her agitation. The fight was one thing, but she hadn't been this worked up since…never.

"I don't know. It was our first big battle since being back and I just realized how vulnerable over half our group is and it scares me. You and I, we're practically immortal. If we don't get staked or get our head whacked off, we'll be around for a really long time. But the rest, except for Spike, they're all going to die. I just want them to be safe, to make the right choices." She took another unneeded breath. "And what about Connor? What about this prophecy? We know nothing yet, I feel so out of control. Are we enough to take care of him?"

"Oh Buff. It's all going to work out, we'll make it work. We'll protect Connor, we have time. As for your friends, they're going to make the decisions that they are going to make. You can't make choices for them. They love you, but they have to live their lives. And they choose to be with us, right now. It may change, they may move on. If they do, we have to be happy and supportive for them. They're our friends, not our children, not our charges. We have Connor, he's our responsibility to raise and then one day, we'll have to let him go, as well. But honey, we are always going to have each other. Now and forever. Don't forget." He kissed her forehead and smoothed her hair back.

"It's all going to work, isn't it? Our lives. I was so afraid that when we came back all the people, all the choices, I was afraid we would fall apart. But I know it's all going to work. It's love. I love you, Connor, mom. All our friends. God forbid, even Spike and Cordelia. I feel so complete and I guess fear of losing just one of them is almost too much to bear."

Angel chuckled. "Of course, it's all going to work. And we will lose loved ones, Buffy. That's a part of life whether you live forever or not. But we'll go on, together. We'll see our son grow into a man. If we are lucky, we'll also watch his children and their children grow. We're blessed, Buffy. The Powers That Be gave us a great gift and we must never take it for granted."

"How did I get so lucky to fall in love with you all those years ago? I'm sorry, I will never forget just how lucky we are again. We do have so much. But you'll have to kick me in the butt every so often to remind me, because you know me, I can be so …Buffy-like."

He pulled Buffy closer. "I love you being Buffy-like, that's who I fell in love with. As for kicks in the butt, how about an occasional spanking? I'm sure I can get into that. Now, let's get some sleep, we may have won the battle, but the war never seems to over over on the hellmouth."

The End