Heart Lessons: Painting

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Part one of three. One-shot birthday special. Happy Birthday Yoh!

Warnings: First, please be aware that this is a very short, nonsense, empty plot. Second, this is based semi-AU because I changed the place of their first meeting. Third, a character may be OOC, though, I don't know who. Last, I warn you of fluff. If you hate fluff, go away.

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Lesson One
: How to say 'I Love You' and 'Happy Birthday' as one in your own simple way.

May 8, Sun: She's not herself, always in a deep thought.

May 9, Mon: She's nowhere to be found the whole day.

May 10, Tue: She's always on the room beside the piano room. Heck, if I didn't follow her that day, I won't even know there was a room beside it.

He looked over and studied again the notes he wrote. Tonight, he'll add another entry again.

May 11, Wed: I found a paint stain on an apron while doing the laundry. It's not the one I use. I think it's new. Weird. And on top of all that, no trainings, no commands, no sufferings since Sunday. What the hell is happening!

He closed the notebook and lay down on his futon. 'What's with her?' he sighed. Not contented with a single sigh, he slowly stood up and carefully walked to her room just across his. Slowly sliding the shoji open, he peeked in. 'Sound asleep, I guess,' He walked over to her side and tangled his hands with her silky hair. He whispered to the air, "Tomorrow, I'll be 15," he paused for a while. His hands now went down to caress her face, "And I-" He came to a halt and withdrawn his hands when she stirred. A serene smile crept to his face. "I think it can wait," he leaned down and placed a kiss on her forehead, "Goodnight," and he left.

Back to his room, though still not satisfied with tonight, he forced himself to sleep, for the next day, what will happen is not what he expect, not in a hundred years. Well, maybe if he thinks really, really positive, he would foresee it… Nah.

He woke up with the sound of the sliding shoji. Thinking it was Anna, he murmured, "Good Morning," but when he opened his eyes, no one was there. Instead, he found a note posted on his shoji.

Hey, check out the room beside the piano room the moment you see this.

Tsk, tsk, typical Anna, but it was rare that she write notes on post-it's, it was mostly personally when she commanded. Sliding the door open, he paused midway and thought, 'Better do routines first, besides, she didn't know I already read this note,'

And so he did his routines first. After it, he went on his way to the said room. "Now I'll know what she's been up to for the past days," he whispered to himself.

After seconds of thinking and rambling, he finally came to his designated place. Standing straight in front of the door, he just stared at it for a few seconds, inspecting the environment. Realizing it was no good, he slowly opened the shoji. Eyes widening, he was facing the shock of his lifetime.

There, in front of him, was a stunning painting of the place where they first met. It was sunset in a field of green with a single cherry blossom tree growing beside the river.

Sunset was taking place that time. I was lying on the grass and she was relaxing against the tree trunk. Our eyes met, I grinned at her, and I saw something in her eyes that I can't decipher back then. After the sunset, we departed without saying a word to each other. We didn't even know each other's name.

He smiled at the recollection. He walked forward to see the painting more. He was so absorbed with the painting, he didn't notice Anna leaning at the wall, eyes all directed to him.

He scrutinized the painting with awe. It looked so real, full of emotions. The moment he noticed Anna, she already spoke, "So, how's it?"

His shock doubled. 'So this is what she's been up to,' she walked behind him. He turned around to face her, capturing her into his arms and closing the gap between them with an open kiss.

Time stopped, or so they thought. Meeting the need for air, he broke away. Bravely enough, he looked straight to her eyes and said, "Thanks," and for the first time, she smiled at him with a glint in her eyes. She had just sent her message to him.

"Goodnight Yoh, sweet dreams," she murmured as she relaxed into her arms and fell asleep. Oh, how fast time flies. He was just spending the day with her and his friends and now, it was sleeping time again. That morning, he had asked her to sleep with him in his room every night starting tonight, and surprisingly, she didn't decline.

"Hmm, goodnight Anna, same to you," he replied as he hugged her tighter. He will never forget this birthday, for this day, he just received the most important message he badly wanted to receive from Anna. Not verbally though, even with just a simple kiss and a glint in her eyes, he received a 'Happy Birthday' and 'I Love You' from the most important person in his life.

"I love you too, thanks for everything," and he sealed that special night with a sweet, passionate kiss.

And the painting posted intentionally on the ceiling, served as a witness to their blooming relationship


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Her painting was on the ceiling so that they will be able to see it will be the last thing they'll see at night, and the first thing they'll see in the morning. Nice, eh? It's the same way I stick my posters in my room.

I made it really short and fast coz I can't think properly because of my priority fic (Nexus with a Departing Soul) in Naruto and my latest obsession, Xiaolin Showdown fics (RaiKim). Sorry if this seemed rushed, I promise to make the part two better. Take note of the ages, flashbacks, places, unfinished lines, etc. You may need it for part two and three of 'Heart Lessons'.

Part Two: Heart Lessons: Ring
To be posted on: July 22: Birthday Special for Anna

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