A/N: I do not own anything, except maybe the plot. Otherwise all the characters you recognize are JKR's product of her imagination. Also, I have re-written everything, or actually, I have re-read the chapters I have written before, and I have gone back and fixed all the things that seemed wrong at some point. But I hope you all enjoy the new You'll Think of Me.
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A young woman with curly brown hair and honey colored eyes, stood outside of the heavy oak door that led to a classroom. She smoothed out her knee-length halter black dress. She sighed nervously. She was still nervous around the man she had spent four years of her life with. Her hand reached out for the door handle, but pulled it away quickly. She didn't know what to do. It has been at least a year since she actually saw him. She fought with herself for a while, debating if she wanted to see him or not.

'It has been a year. Do you actually think he still loves you and wants to see him?' she thought bitterly. 'Obviously he doesn't love me anymore and why would he want to see me? I was the one that broke his heart. This is a stupid idea. Why did I come in the first place?'

With a sad sigh, she turned around and started to walk back down the cold stone hallway. She was about to turn the corner when she heard the oak door open. She stopped, frozen in her place by the sound of the creaking door.

'Don't turn around; just keep walking. Ignore him; just ignore him. You don't need him, just like before. And he sure doesn't need you.'

"Hermione?" a low smooth voice said. Hermione shuddered. His voice still sent the chills up her spine.

"Hermione? Is that you?" the voice said again.

Hermione didn't answer. She was afraid to answer or turn around. She heard footsteps behind her. 'Oh no. He's coming down the hall. C'mon Hermione, just keep walking. But I can't! I still love him, but I don't want to break his heart again. Oh just give it a rest and mo...'

Her thoughts were interrupted with the light pressure of a hand on her shoulder. "Hermione," he breathed into her ear. She jumped a little from his hot breath. She felt his other hand on her other shoulder. He tried to turn her to face him but she resisted.

"Hermione, just look at me. Please," he pleaded.

Hermione sighed and slowly turned around, but avoided looking into his eyes. She couldn't look at the face of the man she once loved, still loved.

"Look at me Hermione," he said. She looked at the face she touched and kissed so many times. 'He hasn't changed at all,' she thought to herself. He still had those stormy gray eyes but they seemed sadder than she remembered and his face looked older than usual. "Hello Remus," she managed.

"Hello Hermione," Remus answered. He looked into her honey eyes, lifted his hand to her face and stroked her cheek with his thumb. "I missed you."

Hermione looked away from his eyes, fighting the tears that were threatening to fall from her eyes. She didn't know what to say.

'How can he miss me? I broke his heart last year and I...' Her thoughts were cut short by the softness of his lips against hers. She closed her eyes, finding herself in a blissful moment, one that she had wanted for a year. She wrapped her arms around Remus's neck. She felt his hands slide down to her hips, and she didn't protest. She loved this closeness with him. She had longed it for twelve months; three hundred sixty-five days; eight thousand seven hundred sixty hours; five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes. Not like she really was keeping track.

To her dismay, he pulled away, breaking the kiss.

"I will always love you," he said, resting his hand on the side of her face. He noticed tears in her eyes. He wiped a stray tear away from her cheek. Before she could say anything, he kissed her once more and left.

Hermione woke up with a start. The dream felt so real to her, but she didn't know what it meant. She couldn't even recognize whom the face she saw in her dream.

"God, why do I keep having this dream," she muttered. She turned onto her side, and pulled the sheets up to her chin and nuzzled into her pillow. Before she knew it, she was drifting off into a dreamless slumber.