The original draft framework for Boy's Toys had a happy ending. Though I don't know what you'd call happy. Though it was supposed to be a comedy, therefore I changed it, since comedy doesn't usually occur when nobody gets hurt.

I take that back. =)

The part with the LGMs and 'El' just suddenly came to me. I don't know about you, but I found it hilarious when I thought of it. Then I just had to go back and write it back in.

My beta told me to lighten up a bit, since my, and I quote 'Flair for comedy is underused', and write a comedy. I also have this obsession with explosives (Being the boy that I am) and that led to the rocket launcher scene. The rest of the story built itself. This one started in the middle and worked its way outward, unlike the others.

On a contrast, I am also planning to do a really serious Buzz Lightyear story after my two other projects are completed. Or maybe before. I don't know.