(AN: This is not the same story that I had up before, I have changed it entirely, and for the better I think..)

Chapter 1


Alkali Lake.

Wolverine sniffed the air for the millionth time it seemed as he circled Alkali Lake for the fifth time. He had never given up on the hope that she had some how survived the dam breaking and going under water He knew it deep down that she was still alive. He could smell her here, but it also wasn't her. Something else was with her… something he didn't like. The cell phone beeped in his coat pocket and he grabbed it. "What?"

"Logan, why are you still out there?" Charles Xavier asked.

"Charles, I know she's out here, I know she survived."
"If she did she'll come home Logan, besides, I need you to be here for a week or so."

"I'm not babysitting again!"

"Looking after them, and making sure they don't get into trouble isn't babysitting Logan, It's doing me a favor."

"I'm not doing you anymore favors."

"Logan…" Charles' voice took on a more commanding tone.

Logan rolled his eyes, and started back to the bike he had 'borrowed' from Scott. "Fine. But if there's another 'accident' I'm not holding back."

"You call what you did last time to those poor soldiers holding back?"

"They weren't poor Charles. They came there to kidnap us. I'm heading back." He closes the phone and straddles the bike, then looks over his shoulder longingly before taking off.

Cassandra Ward

Sandusky, Ohio.

Cassandra sighed and sat back in her chair in the booth at the county fair. At least she was getting paid for her power. Something she never thought possible. Another customer sat down in the booth, this girl she knew, she graduated high school with her.

"Some profession, Cassandra." The girl says.

Cassandra rolled her eyes. "Do you want you future read or not?"

"Yeah… sure do your best." She stuck out her hand palm up and waited, smirking.

Cassandra took a deep breath and squared her shoulders. She laid two fingers on the other girl's palm and stared directly into her eyes. The girl's face started to blur out, and her eyes emitted an unearthly glow. Then just as slowly as she faded out, a picture, almost like a movie played out before her eyes. After it stopped, Cassandra pulled her hand away and chuckled slightly. "You know Amanda, You should start eating healthier."


"Because you're eating for two."

"WHAT! That's impossible!"

"No it's not you had unprotected sex two weeks ago, and you were supposed to start your period last week. You're a week late aren't you?"

"Well… yeah… how did you know?"

"What does the sign say? I'm a prophet. I'd invest in a pregnancy test if I were you."

"Oh my God!" She bolted to her feet and rushed out of the tent screaming, "Trevor you moron! I told you we should have used a condom!"

Cassandra giggled slightly and shook her head as three people stepped inside the tent. She looked between all three of them, and said, "I can only read one person at once."

The man in the wheelchair spoke, "Yes, Cassandra, I know."

"How… do you know my name?"

"You aren't the only one with gifts Cassandra." The man's voice said, though she didn't hear it with her ears, she heard it with her mind… how did he do that?

"Wait… what?"

"Your gifts are amazing yes, but you aren't the only one."

The woman with the shock white hair smiled gently, and stepped forward. "Cassandra, I'm Ororo Monroe. I know all of this seems a little weird to you…"
"A little? What's going on?"

"Well Cassandra, we're here to ask for your help. You see, we know that your power is to see into the past, present and future."


The man in the wheelchair spoke again. "My gift allows me to enter a person's mind. I have a certain machine called Cerebro that helped me to find you."

"You can control a person's mind? So if I say no, then you'll make me believe that I said yes?"

"No, you have a very strong will, you'll remember sooner or later what your real answer was."

"Okay so what do you need my help for?" Cassandra cautiously looked between the man and woman, then over at the silent one in the trench coat. "Isn't he hot in that?"

"Very." The man said with a strange accent.

"So take your coat off, stay a while."

"I'd rather not."

"Let me introduce myself." The man in the wheelchair said. "My name is Charles Xavier. We need your help to find a lost comrade of ours. We thought her dead a few months ago, a few have accepted her death. But I can feel her mind."
"So what you want me to look into the future and se where to find her?"

"There's more to it." Ororo said sitting down. "We need you to go to where she was lost. You'd be bale to sense her better there. To see better there."

"So let me get this straight, you want me to follow a group of strangers into possible danger, just to find this lost friend of yours?"

Charles nodded shortly.

"You're crazy! You're all crazy. I don't know any of you from the next person walking down the street, granted you've got faces… and attributes I wouldn't soon forget, but you've got to realize what you're truly asking of me. I don't know any of you." Cassandra set her arms on the table and looked Charles and Ororo in the eyes, as she couldn't make out customer number three's facial features. "So what are you huh? Mutant hunters? Setting a trap for me or something?"

"Far from it Cassandra."

"Ve are the mutants." The man in the trench coat said pulling back the hood on the coat. He revealed scarred blue skin, and hands with only three fat, blue fingers.

Cassandra drew back in her chair. "This has got to be a dream, this seriously has got to be a dream."

"This is no dream Cassandra." Charles said. "I know you maybe a little frightened, but trust me, we're here to help you, to keep you away from the mutant hunters."

Cassandra swallowed hard. What did she have to lose? Except her apartment? Her Cat… nothing…. She had nothing else, her parents had disowned her once they learned of her mutant ability. So why not go? "Okay. But only on one condition. My cat comes with me."

Charles chuckled. "Of course. If you could give me your address, we'll arrange for a limousine to pick you up, how soon can you be ready to leave?"

"Give me two days." Cassandra smiled and shook Charles' outstretched hand. She was in for a long and bumpy ride. Something about this man told her that she wouldn't just be looking for their lost friend, but an enemy, and a lost acquaintance.