The Masqueraders

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Chapter 1

A beautiful evening span over the city of London throwing it in an orange haze as the sun set.the first stars began appearing in the velvety dark blue sky. The peace of the beautiful evening was broken by the sound of cars speeding to the entrance of a grand mansion. The mansion belonged to one Eriol Hirragizawa, one of the top business tycoons in London. Eriol and his wife Tomoyo were throwing a party, or rather, you can call it a Masquerade ball. The halls were magnificently adorned with lights. Faces covered in beautifully carved masks could be seen everywhere. Ladies were dressed in gorgeous silk gowns and men in tux could be seen crowding the ballroom. Buffet tables were arranged at the side of one of the halls adjoining it, along with tables with drinks. The ballroom had beautifully carved tables arranged around the dance floor.

One of such table around the dance floor, found a 23 year old lady with sparkling emerald eyes and honey coloured hair. Sakura, as she was known, was invited to the ball by the mistress of the house. Tomoyo had been her best friend since forever.

Sakura looked on dazed at the dancing couples, as she was taken down the memory lane, to another masked ball. It was a story of a princess who falls in love with a prince, only to later find that he belongs to the rival kingdom. She closed her eyes and sighed. There was a name in her head , ringing to the rhythm of her heart. Yes, her heart has not forgotten, even after years of denial.


It's been 7 years since she had met Syaoran. They had professed their love for each other at the young age of 13, still innocent about the tricks of time. Thirteen was such a beautiful age. It is when we start discovering the adult in us. A new phase in life that open up to a new world of emotions. Teenage brings with it a new palette of colours to paint your life with. The age, one discovers friendship and love. Yes, I had found my first love then. It was pure exhilaration. Oh, the circumstances were anything but normal. He had returned back to Hongkong after our card-capturing endeavour. We spoke over the phone almost everyday. Even met up as much as possible. But, as they say, life moves on, phone calls became once a week from once in two days. Our lives became different, even as we ourselves changed and yet that tender feeling was there. Subtle, hidden away. Time went and slowly, the drift became too big and it became too late to remedy. I did want to call up, speak to him, but something in me feared that he had moved on. I suppressed my feelings for him and slowly let it go.

Sakura was brought back to the present by Tomoyo's voice.

"Hey Sakura, back to earth. Come on, this is a party. You shouldn't sit in a corner and mop!"

"Yes Sakura, many young men are queued up to get a chance to dance with you." Eriol chuckled looking at someone on the opposite side of the ballroom.

"Don't worry, you two! I am doing great." Sakura said nervously, as she felt a pair of eyes burning into her.

"We'll be with you soon Sakura, just have few more guests to attend to." Yelled Tomoyo.

Sakura nodded absently, as she stared into the smothering dark eyes of a handsome stranger, who had a

black mask covering his eyes. She felt a shiver, as another face in a similar mask flashed in her mind.

Tomoyo's POV:

"Eriol, do you think we should have told them that the other is here?" Tomoyo asked worriedly.

Eriol grinned and said "Tomoyo, you won't be saying that, if you had seen the look on Syaoran's face. He's been watching her. This is going to be way more fun than I thought! Let them figure it out."

"What if it back fires?"

"After the looks they have been sending each other? I don't think so."

Syaoran's POV:

Syaoran stared at the honey colour haired seductress. His breath caught as their eyes met.

" Why didn't Eriol introduce me to her? The smarmy bastard he is, I am sure he is having fun"

" She looks so beautiful and so lonely."

He watched as she got up slowly to get a glass of drink. He drank in the sight of her, her perfect womanly curves, as her pale pink dress clung to her in all the right places, and groaned mentally. The neckline, which showed hints of cleavage, was killing him. All he knew was that he wanted her.

He was going to get to know her, even if it is the last thing he does!

Sakura's POV:

She felt the stranger's eyes follow her and blushed. She was shocked by the way her body was responding to the heated looks. She was burning up from inside. She wanted desperately to be in his arms and at the same time, was scared of her reaction to a complete stranger. She turned her back to him and sipped her wine.

Suddenly she felt warm breath on her neck and a husky voice, which sent shivers down her spine, ask.

"May have this dance?"

Sakura jerked around only to stare into the dark eyes of the stranger. She became tongue-tied and she could only nod.

Syaoran led her to the dance floor as a slow tune began to play.

Sakura felt like she was on fire, wherever they touched. They danced song after song, moving closer with each.

She could feel his whole length against her, from his muscular chest to his toes, as she rested her head against his broad shoulder. Her breathing became labored and a slow ache started to build up in her. She thought she would die if he didn't kiss her soon.

In her daze, she didn't notice that he had backed her into a dark alcove near the far end of the huge ballroom.

She gasped as he pinned her to the wall with his heated body and tore the mask away from her face. He claimed her lips in a searing kiss. Sakura felt her breath leave her and felt pure heat pool through her stomach. His kisses grew hungrier and bruising in intensity.

It was a heady mixture of soft lips and smothering passion.

He licked her bottom lip and nipped it to gain access. She moaned letting him explore her mouth with urgency she had not known till then. Tongues clashed in passion building up a total inferno. She could feel every inch of his hard chest pushed up against her soft breast. His kisses became leisure as his tongue languidly played with hers, teasing hers, getting a moan from her. They were panting heavily

He pulled away to throw wet kisses along her neck to the neckline of her dress. Her head started to spin. Sakura bit her lips trying not to cry out as he bit down on the top of her right breast and started sucking the soft sensitive skin there. She bucked violently at his ministrations.

Sakura threw her head back to give him better access to her neck as she tangled her fingers in his soft chocolate brown hair. She slowly loosened the tie of his mask and pulled it away from his face and gazed at him with her green eyes darkened with desire. She took in his features closely for the first time that evening. His eyes, she noticed were exactly not chocolate brown, as she had thought, but had flecks of amber in them. Her eyebrows rose up in recognition and gasped in shock as green eyes met amber ones dilated with desire.

"Syaoran kun!"

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