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Finally, he gave up and got out of his bedroom to watch T.V. But, he came to an abrupt halt as he heard noises. It sounded like moaning. He reached Sakura's room, thinking that she was having a headache or something, and opened the door slightly. What he heard next was, he felt, the sexiest thing he had ever heard in his entire life.

"Syaoran, please." Sakura moaned.

Syaoran felt all the blood rush south at the sight that met his eyes. Sakura was sprawled on her bed, drenched in sweat, her breathing laboured as she moaned. Her shirt was sticking to her; he could see the outline of her nipples and knew that she was not wearing a bra. He wanted desperately to bend down and catch it between his teeth and suckle on it till she screamed his name out. Syaoran got a mischievous gleam in his eyes, as he bent down to her ears with a wicked grin.

"Damn! I want her in my life. I am not going to let her go ever again. Who cares about stupid talks! I know that she wants the same as what I want. I am not going to sit around brooding!" He thought, making up his mind.

He sat down on the bed next to her and breathed in her scent. He licked her neck tantalizingly and breathed into her ear.

"Sakura, wake up."

Sakura jerked awake to find Syaoran's face close to hers with a wicked grin on it, which made uncomfortable.

"WHA..?" She trailed off, breathlessly.

"Are you alright? I think, you were dreaming."

"No, I am fine. Sorry, if I had disturbed you." She said, worriedly wondering what he had heard.

" It didn't seem like that. You were begging me for something." Syaoran said in a husky voice, near her ears, sending chills down her spine.

"I was not!" She yelled snootily.

"Yes, you were." He murmured bending his head to plant kisses along her jaw and then down her neck.

Sakura closed her eyes and tried to get her breathing under control.

"No way am I going to make it easy for him!" She thought self-righteously.

"I was not begging you. You are making it up!" She said, trying to steady her voice but failed miserably, as he continued to kiss her collarbone.

He laid down on her completely, making sure not to crush her and started to nibble on her neck.

A shiver shot through her body, and she grew angry at her body's reaction to his ministrations. She wanted to pull his head up and kiss him senseless, and that's what she did.

She tangled her fingers in his wild locks and pulled his head up to give him a fiery kiss. Tongues battled each other for control, leaving them gasping for air. As, they broke the kiss, Syaoran grinned at her seductively.

"So, do you agree that you begged m in your sleep?" He asked in a low voice.

"Never" She said as she licked his neck.

"We'll see about it." Syaoran tore open the top button of her shirt and threw light kisses on every inch of skin exposed to him, barely touching it, making her yearn for more. His hand started to move up her thigh in a slow agonizing path. She was in total inferno. She wanted his touch, firm, hard. She wanted him to take her rough, making her sore between her legs. She wanted him to mark her as his.

"Please, Syaoran." She moaned wantonly.

He raised his head to looking to her green eyes, dilated with desire that it almost looked black.

" There, you said it."

The look in his eyes made her shiver with anticipation of what was to come. His eyes filled with hunger, promised of a night of passion abandon. She could feel his hardness pressing against her thigh, and she shifted a bit to thrust her hip against his, making him groan. She pulled his T-shirt up his head and threw it away, and scrapped her nails on his hard muscular chest. To her, he looked so delectable, with his tousled hair and that wicked grin.

He let out a hiss at the feel of her fingernails on his chest, and then his back.

"Did you know Sakura? Wolves mate for life. And you are my mate. You are mine." His eyes burnt into hers and their intensity left her feeling exhilarated. She dug her nails on his lower back, unable to withstand the pleasure coursing through her and gave a loud moan, throwing her head back, upon his onslaught on her neck down to her chest.

Sakura wrapped her legs around him and thrust her hips in an instinctual need to stop the ache that was slowly building inside her trying to consume her. Syaoran responded with his own hard thrust, as he growled. She suddenly rolled them over and straddled him. She bent down to taste his skin, salty with sweat, as they continued to grind their lower bodies.

Syaoran gave a feral growl, as he felt her lips move lower, towards his navel and then below, along the sprinkle of hair, till the top of his pyjama bottom which was ridden dangerously low. He stopped her and turned them around, roughly pinning her beneath him, when he felt her small hand on his hardness, and thrust against her core hard, making them cry in union.

"Not so fast, love." He growled.

His lips met hers, hungry and hot. He groaned as she pulled away, only to be rewarded with the sensation of her lips latched to the sensitive skin on his neck, branding him. He pulled her back up and tore the rest of is favourite shirt off her. He looked at her naked body with open admiration. It was not the first time for Sakura, but with Syaoran, it felt different, it was more special. She was suddenly overcome with shyness and she flushed.

He watched as she started to blush prettily.

"Sakura, you are so beautiful." He breathed against her skin on her stomach.

"Oh god! How did I live without her this long! And her breasts…" He thought, as he looked mesmerized at her firm round breasts.

He immediately took her hard, aching nipples into his mouth, sucking on it, while his free hand fondled her other breast, making her cry out. The sensation coursing through her was enough to send her into a climax.

He groaned seeing the mark he had left earlier on top of her breast.

"Syaoran" She moaned as he flicked his tongue on the mark.

He sucked the soft skin at the joint of her shoulder and neck, as his hand crept up her inner thigh to meet with the lace of her wet panties. Sakura cried out as his fingers touched her wet folds.

"Fuck Sakura, you are so wet."

"Syaoran, Please." Sakura cried as she writhed beneath him.

"What do you want Sakura?" Syaoran asked, his voice deep with desire as he looked into her eyes.

"Oh God! Fuck me Syaoran. Make me yours." Sakura screamed wantonly, as she bucked against his fingers.

His control snapped as he heard her words. He groaned as he took her lips into a kiss, which she felt was all consuming. They hastily removed the last of their barrier.

"Wait, we have to use protection." He said trying to regain his control.

" No it's fine. I am on the pills, Syaoran." She gazed into his eyes to find it filled with love and such warmth that she melted right there. Their lips met again in a warm, loving kiss, unlike their previous hungry ones.

Eriol's Mansion:

Eriol watched as two of the Sakura cards started to glow brighter than ever. He knew that the time was nearing.

Their kisses grew steadily in their intensity. Sakura couldn't take it any longer.

"Syaoran, please. I want you inside me now." She moaned, as she wrapped her legs around his.

Syaoran entered her with a hard thrust, making her cry out.

" Oh god! Syaoran."

Syaoran groaned, as he felt her muscles clench around him. He took her hard and fast, pouring seven years of longing into their lovemaking. She bit him hard on his shoulder, as she came.

They came together in an explosive climax. He laid down beside her, pulling her against his chest. He kissed her forehead, as the basked n the afterglow, fully sated.

"Sakura" He said in a low voice, lifting her chin with gentle fingers, to meet her eyes.

"I love you." He stated simply, looking into her eyes to gauge her reaction.

Her breath caught at his words. She felt a pricking sensation at the corner of her eyes, as a lump rose in her throat. She closed her eyes to keep her emotions from running wild.

She slowly opened her eyes and kissed him soundly and said, " Syaoran, I love you too. God! You have no idea how I am feeling right now!"

"Does that mean you are willing to stay with me all your life? Share every happy and share moments with me, raise beautiful children, watch them grow up as we grow old together?" He asked earnestly, wearing his heart on his sleeve.

"Yes" was all she could say, before she started to cry. Their lips met in a soft kiss to seal this promise. It was the most wonderful kiss ever. It was a great end to a chapter in their lives and a beautiful beginning; a start of new dreams, a union of souls to face every obstacle in life with the strength the of each other. It felt like they were finally at peace with themselves and life.

Their lips met again and again in a silent caress of love with new visions behind their closed eyelids.

Suddenly, there was a brilliant flash of light as two cards zoomed into their room, shocking them out of their passionate embrace. The two cards, glowing bright pink, merged together spreading white light around the room. They watched amazed as the cards split again, but this time, instead of the two cards, there were three. Two of the cards were floating in the same height, a bit behind the center card, which was right in front of Sakura and Li, making the formation of a triangle. Strangely, the center card was not only glowing pink but also green. The bright glow disappeared just as suddenly, and they noticed that the two cards floating at the same height behind were LOVE and HOPE cards. The Love card and hope card had merged together to create the card at the center.

The center card flew into their outstretched hands, and the card read, "UNITE". It had the picture of a man and a woman holding hands and the expression in their face was the most serene one. The background was a dark five-point star made of two triangles, one normal and the other upside down, joined together to form a star, indicating the balance in nature; the blade and the chalice. Below the word "unite" was written the name "Li Sakura".

Their eyes widened at the sight of their names on the card.

"Li Sakura." They read together.

The room was filled with a flash of light again as all the 54 cards appeared around them, forming a semicircle. They watched with surprise filled eyes, as all the cards started to glow with part pink and part green light, as all the cards transformed into "Li Sakura" cards. Finally, all the cards queued up behind the unite card and the spell of the unite card bound all the cards together. The stack of cards then flew into their hands.

They sat in silent wonderment at the scene that had just occurred.

" Now, I guess, both of us have the command over the cards!" Sakura exclaimed.

" Well, That's only fitting, now that I have command over their mistress." Li said, in a voice dripping with amusement.

"Hey! Say that again and I am breaking the promise!"

Syaoran Pulled Sakura into a hungry kiss. He bit her lower lips, gaining access to explore her mouth. She whimpered, as he pinned her beneath him with his hard body and explores every recess of her mouth. Sakura felt the slow build of fire in her body and knew that within now time, his kisses will leave her with an all-consuming need. She scrapped her nails along his back, making him groan.

He broke the kiss and looked at her face and took in her bright green eyes, flushed cheeks, wild honey coloured hair spread on white pillow and her red lips, swollen from his kisses.

"So, will you really break the promise?" Syaoran asked, grinning.

"Never, in my life time or after." Sakura said smiling.

"And oh! Tomoyo will scream bloody murders when she finds out that she was not able to capture the moment or dress me up for the occasion!" Sakura said, laughing at the image.

"Who cares! I like you better without her costumes." Syaoran said, with a roughish smile.

"Hentai." Sakura yelled, slapping his arm, as she pulled him in for another kiss.


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