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Ch 14

Luke was used to his odd family dynamic by now. Sometimes his father and his uncle Obi-Wan were gone for months at a time and he stayed with his Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru. Other times he would just be in the care of Obi-Wan. No matter how many times his father had to leave at a moment's notice, Luke had never felt neglected or less loved by him.

When he was with his father, he would tell him great stories before bed time about Jedi Knights, great battles and he would often speak about his mother. Luke loved the stories about his mother. He knew that she once was a Queen—a Queen! Luke used to giggle and say that made him a Prince. Anakin would laugh and agree, ruffling his son's hair and tucking him into bed.

Luke was only ten years old but as the years went on, he could feel something distinctly missing. It was like a phantom presence, knowing that somebody should be with him that wasn't. He had asked his father one day and Anakin had simply smiled and handed him his lightsaber.

"I think you're ready, Luke."

Luke never asked again.

"Luke is gaining power in the Force," Obi-Wan commented one day, as Anakin sat meditating. Anakin opened his eyes and stared at his former Master.

"I know. He can feel his sister," Anakin replied evenly. Obi-Wan sat cross-legged facing his former Padawan.

"We have looked for ten years, Anakin. Perhaps it is time to rely on the bond between Luke and Leia. You and I have never even laid eyes on her, how would we even know if it was her?"

A small smile appeared on Anakin's face. "I'd know Obi-Wan. I've seen her in my dreams. I can feel her too, no matter how hard the Emperor tries to hide her from me." Anakin's smile then disappeared. "I don't want to involve my son in this. We have fought so hard to hide Luke from him, I can't bear to lose him too. I have to protect him at all costs," he stressed.

Obi-Wan laid his hand on Anakin's shoulder. "I know. We will find her Anakin. Give it time."

Anakin sighed. "Time is what I'm worried about. My daughter is most likely being trained as a Sith apprentice. How will we save her? Will it be too late?"

Now Obi-Wan smiled. "I have learned one thing from being constantly surrounded by Skywalkers. It is never too late, my Padawan."

A young girl looked out the window of a Star Destroyer. She had just finished another round of training from her Master. At only ten years old, today he had finally let her wield her first lightsaber. She felt the Force connect with her in such a way that her body buzzed just as the ignited crimson blade did. Her opponent was another young girl with long red hair and green eyes named Mara. Her Master had instructed the two to fight until one was lying on the floor.

Unluckily for Mara, Leia had emerged victorious. Her Master had been impressed. Mara was simply being trained as an Imperial assassin, while she was a Sith apprentice.

She looked out at the stars. No matter how much hatred she felt inside her small body, she had the feeling that something important was missing. Her Master had told her the stories of how her parents had abandoned her. She felt nothing but contempt for her biological parents. Her life was aboard this Star Destroyer, working towards becoming a powerful Sith.

Still, she couldn't shake off the feeling that something was out there. As long as she stayed with her Master, she would be prepared for it, whenever it came.

She had to be. She was Lady Vader.