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Chapter 1 I'm a demon?

Inuyasha and his friends where walking down a mountain road when a young women came running toward them. Miroku ran up to the lady and clasped her hands.

" Miss, would you bare my…." He didn't get to finish because Sango hit him with her Hiraikotsu .

"Hentai!" she yelled at him. The women looked nervous but spoke up.

" You all look like powerful warriors. My village is under attack by a very strong Kitsune, please help us."

" Feh. We don't have time to play good Samaritan." Said Inuyasha.

"Sit boy!" ordered Kagome.


"Ignore him. We'd love to help."

"Thank so much! Please follow me." Then the lady ran off. When they reached the village or what was left of it, They saw a huge brown Fox Demon devouring humans by the pawful. Something shined pink light from the creature's forehead.

" He got a sacred Jewel shard!" said Kagome.

"Then he's mine!" said Inuyasha. He drew Tessaiga and charged at the kitsune. He saw the Wind Scar and cut threw it. Beams of energy raced through the ground but before they hit, the fox demon disappeared in a column of blue fire.

"Where'd he go?" wondered Inuyasha. The Fox demon appeared behind him and struck with its claws. Miroku started removing the prayer beads around his cursed hand.

" Miroku if you use Wind Tunnel the whole village is history." Said Sango. She threw her Hiraikotsu at the Kitsune, but it saw her and was once again disappeared. While Sango and Inuyasha fought the kitsune Miroku landed his staff on the demon head with a loud crack. The Fox demon batted Miroku away with it's tail, and he was sent flying into a tree. Kagome tried to assist by firing her sacred arrow, it buried itself inside the kitsune's back. It roared with pain and charged Kagome, His claws making deep slashes In her stomach.

" Bastard! Iron Reaper, Soul Stealer!" Shouted Inuyasha. The Kitsune was torn apart by the angry hanyou's claws. Kagome removed the jewel shard from the dead demon's forehead.

" Kagome, are you all right?" he asked.

" I'll be fine." She replied.

"ROAR!" The Kitsune struggled to his feet, his body torn in numerous places and pooling out however it it still managed to stand. It roared again and became engulfed with blue flames. It centered some of the fire into it's paws and threw it at Kagome. Inuyasha dashed over to help her but was too late. The fire comsumed her and she vanished. The next second the Kitsune lost it's aura of fire and collasped. It's body disintigerated and blew away.

"KAGOME!" Inuyasha shouted. Miroku placed a hand in front of his face and began chanting. " Just what the hell are you doing monk?"

" I'm praying for Kagome so that she reaches the afterlife safely." Said the monk.

" DON'T YOU DARE SAY THAT!" Inuyasha shouted, his voice threatening to crack. Shippo walked over to them licking a lollipop.

" Who was using fox magic just now?" He asked. Inuyasha turned away. Sango walked up to him and kneeled down. Shippo saw tears at the base of her eyes.

" A kitsune we were fighting, he...used foxfire...on Kagome..before he died..she's gone." The Demon Slayer sobbed.

" No she isn't. The fox magic appeared not far from here. It was for teleportation, not destruction." Said the chibi kitsune. Inuyasha perked up, grabbed Shippo and ran off.

" Tell me exactly where you sensed Kagome reapear!"

Somewhere in a forest

When Kagome woke up She was lying in primitive bed, she saw that a girl was cooking something, then she noticed the Girl's tail and catlike ears. She wore long pants and shirt that looked like they were made from animal fur.

" Good your awake, how do you feel?" asked the girl.

"Like I fell from a five story building." Answered Kagome.

" Five story building? What's that?" asked the girl.

'I forgot, Feudal era' thought Kagome "A very high place." She said out loud.

" Oh, You had some terrible injuries when I found you. My name's Kathy." Kathy said

"Your bow and quiver are on the table." Kagome got up and grabbed her bow, it was then she noticed that he finger nails were unusually long.

'Wait, those aren't finger nails, they're claws!' Kagome thought.

"I was afraid this would happen." Kathy said.

"What do you mean?" asked Kagome a little panic in her voice.

" Well, You had lost a lot of blood by the time I found you, so I had to give you some of mine." Said Kathy.

" Does that mean I'm a Hanyuo now?" asked Kagome.

"Yep, A Cat Hanyou like me except I'm a full youkai." Said Kathy.

'Now I wouldn't be able to go to school, I least Inuyasha will be happy." Thought Kagome.


Kitsune- Fox demon

Hanyou- half demon

Youkai-full demon

Hentai- prevert

Hiraikotsu- Flying Bone

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