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Kagome the Cat Demon Final Chapter Epilogue

Everyone that had been inside Naraku took several baths in a wooden tub inside the village, Kagome wanted to make sure no part of Naraku survived.When they were finished, Kagome purified the water they bathed in. A little later, a squeaky clean Inuyasha walked into his house.

" Otusan how did oka convince you to take a bath?" Asked Shippo.

" She seduced me!" Inuyasha declared. Kagome giggled.

" Hardly, I just rubbed his ears and he followed me like a puppy." Shippo laughed so hard he fell on his back. " Shippo I hear you did a good job taking care of Akemi while we were gone." Shippo puffed out his chest proudly.

" Yep." Kagome petted him behind the ears.

" Here." She gave him a bag of candy bars.

" Thanks okasan!" Shippo hugged his okasan and went to eat his chocolate.


" What do you think that was?" Inuyasha wondered.

" Let's go see." The two headed in the direction of the sound. When they got there they struggled to keep a straight face, failed, and laughed. Kina was whacking Souta in the head with a staff while he tried to cover himself with his tails.

" YOU JERK! YOU LIED TO ME!" Kina shouted, making Souta's, Kagome's and Inuyasha's ears flaten against their heads.

" Koishi, I ow! didn't lie! Youko ow! went! Not me! ow!"

" You could have died! Why did you try to justive your lying?"

" Youko's ow! A bad influence on me! Ow!" Since Souta hadn't found his gauntlet yet, Youko spoke up.

" It was his idea! All his idea!" Then retreated to safety of Souta's mind.

" Where do you think she got that staff?" Kagome asked.

" She stole it from me." Said a young monk nearby. " But I'm afarid to ask for it back."

" I remember you, you helped us out in the attack, thanks." Said Inuyasha.

" My pleasure." Said the monk and bowed.

" AKIO! Where have you been?" demanded a voice. the monk turned around.

" Mushin-sensi! I can explain!" The drunken monk crossed his arms.

" Well get started."

" A demon came to the shrine saying his master Naraku had captured my family and I had to help him, he was carrying my little brother as proof. I had to leave right away. After I rescued my family, I tracked Naraku's aura to this village and helped stave out an attack on it."

" Yes, he was a big help." Said Kagome.

" Mushin! What are you doing here?" asked Miroku. He came running after he heard his old master.

" I came looking for my new apperentice." Replied Mushin.

" Oh, are you leaving any of your teachings out?" asked Miroku.

" Of course, after seeing how you turned out, I decided I had to cut back on a few things."

" Good, ...hey what do you mean ' how I turned out'?"


" That was Kagura!" Inuyasha, Kagome and Miroku said. They rushed to the noise only to see their concern was unneeded. Kagura was merely having skeletons do slap stick to amuse the children.

" What are YOU doing here?" Asked Inuyasha. Kagura blushed.

" I have to show Shiken I'm good with children. He said that was important in a mate." A little girl walked up to Kagura.

" Kagura-chan can you do my hair like yours?" she asked timidly. Kagura smiled.

" Sure."

" YAY!" Kagura sat down, placed the girl in her lap, and began styling her hair. The three's mouth's fell open. Inuyasha rupped his eyes.

" You both see her right?" He asked. They nodded.

" We can't all have the same hallucination right?" They nodded again.

" I can hear you." Kagura said.

" Did Naraku truly die?" asked Kaede.

" Yes, we believe so. We all saw him die." Said Kazesune.

" Good, we must not let any part of Naraku survive." Kanna hid behind Kohaku. Kaede smiled.

" There tis no need to fear child. I did not mean ye nor thy sister."

" So Kohaku what are you going to do now?' Asked Vadmir.

" I'm gong back home with onee to rebuild it."

" I'm going with Kohaku." Said Kanna.

" Seeing those two together, it makes me so happy I became a healer." Said Faia, then leaned on Kazesune.

Wolf's Den

"We're back!" Called Kouga.

" Welcome back Kouga-sama, Ayame-sama." Said one of the wolf demons.

" Where's Katsuro?" asked Ayame.

" The prince went exploring with Haku and Ginta." The wolf leaders went looking for their sons and his babysiters. They eventually found Haku and Ginta hanging upside down by their ankles in a tree.

" What happen to you? Where's Katsuro?"

" Katsuro-sama lead us into this trap then ran off." they said. " Can you please let us down?" Kouga smiled wickedly at Ayame.

" Koishi if you wouldn't mind." Ayame shook her head and threw two leaves at the ropes, they were cut and Haku and Ginta fell on their heads. The wolf rulers chuckled then left to find their son.

In a forest

Katsuro looked around at the forest, there weren't any where he lived. He was so busy trying to see the tops of the trees, he bumbed into someone.

" Sorry." He heard a voice say.

" Sorry, I should've been paying attention." he said, then sniffed. " You smell weird."

" Oka said I'm one of a kind, so of couse I smell werid." She bowed. " I'm Akemi."

" I'm Katsuro, wanna play with me?"

"Sure! Can Kiraia-chan play too?"

" Yeah!" So the three of them played tag until Kouga and Ayame came.

" Katsuro, what are you doing in the mutt's forest?"

" Just having fun with my new friends. Wresting with the wolves isn't as fun as playing with Akemi-chan and Kiraia-chan."

" Katsuro, we have to go home." Said Ayame. Katsuro's ears droped and his tail stayed still. " You can visit your friends again some other time." Katsuro perked up.

" Bye Akemi-chan, Kiraia-chan."

" Bye Katsuro-chan." The wolves left and the cats went home.

Edge of Kaede's village

" We're leaving once Sango gives Birth." Said Miroku to the rest.

" So soon?" asked Kagome. Miroku smiled a little.

" I was barely able to convince her to stay that long. Now that Naraku's gone, She really wants to go home and start rebuilding it."

And so they stayed about nine months, the whack that was the Hiraikotsu hitting Miroku became normal, Katsuro visited the village and Akemi and Kiraia visited to the wolf den, and the kitsune continued to train with Kazesune, Serina and Suzuna joined them. After a while Akio started to leave, seeing his reluctance, Mushin pretended to hurt his back and be unable to travel. So the two monks stayed in the village.

After nine months

" MIROKU! YOU $(! I GOING TO &$#&($&#!" Sango screamed. Miroku winced, both at her language and the grip she had on his hand.

' Why did we need Naraku to get rid of my Wind Tunnel, Sango could have crushed it herself.' he thought.

" Miroku, when this over, I'm going to CASTRATE YOU!" Miroku paled and chuckled nervously.

" Koishi you don't mean that, it's the pain talking." He said soothingly.

" Just wait till I get my Katana!"

With a final push, the baby came out and Kaede cut the umpilitcal cord, cleaned the baby and handed Sango her child.

" Congratulations Sango, ye have a healthy girl." Said Kaede smiling. Souta and Kina came in and tickled her with their tails, she grabbed for them. The kitsune pulled their tails out of the way but then felt a force push them back into the baby's grasp. She swung them around in lopsided circles. Everyone smiled at her cutness, but then frowned in confusion as a small cyclone formed in the circle.

" Hmm, Miroku, ye ate the bread of the Wind's Gods did ye not?"

"Yes, but this never happened to me."

" Aye, for ye twas using it to control thy wind tunnel, thy daughter dost not."

" Kaede, are you saying my daughter can control the winds?" Asked Sango.

" Aye, somewhat."

" That's what I'll call her, Karyuu, Wind Dragon." Said Sango. A few days later, Sango, Miroku, Kohaku, Kanna, Serina and Suzana packed up and were ready to leave for the village of the Slayers with Kirara, Russet and Kiraia. Akemi was sad to see her best friend leave but know she could always visit her. Kirara and Russet had something that looked like an arguement then an agreement. They walked over to Kagome and told her their idea, she asked them if they were sure and they nodded. Kagome opened her arms and Kiraia jumped into them. Then Kagome set Kiraia down, wence the fire cat pounced on Akemi and began licking her.

Akio seemed sad to see them leave.

" Akio I think it's time you left the shrine." Said Mushin.

" Sensei?"

" I've been thinking about it and I think that you're ready for it." Akio nodded. " If you're wondering about a place to go, I bet the Slayers will need someone to ward their village."

" Thank you for the advice Mushin-senesi." Akio offered his services to Sango and she accepted. The group departed and Inuyasha and his family went home.

" Kagome, I just realized that Akemi would be lonely without Kiraia around. Shippo has his own friends and Akemi might be left out."

"So what's your point?" Kagome asked only half listening. She gave out a yelp as Inuyasha scooped her into his arms. She smelled arousal and saw it in his eyes.

" Inuyasha you naughty boy." She said with a teasing smile.

" What are you gonna do about it? 'Sit' me?" Inuyasha taunted. Kagome hadn't realized that Inuyasha hadn't had his rosary since the battle with Naraku, it had shattered in the battle.

" I could get another necklace." Inuyasha was horrified. " But we can't, we have to watch Akemi."

"Shippo can watch her, he's done a good job in the past." Before Kagome could say another word, Inuyasha kissed her.

" You're right." Said Kagome as she wrapped her arms around inuyasha's neck.


" Onnichan, what are Oka and Otu?" asked Akmei.

" They're...out, they should be back soon." By then it was nighttime. Akemi and Kiraia snuggled against each other and Shippo went to sleep as well.

Soon Inuyasha and Kagome, Miroku and Sango were married. Kagome stayed in the Fuedal Era and visited her family every month on the night of the new moon. Miroku and Sango and their friends from the Slayer's village visited when they could, Kazesune, Faia, Kathy, and Vadimir decided to live in the Kitsune Village. Sesshoumaru and his family returned to his castle in Western Lands, he and his brother, finally on good terms visited each other to exchange news and so their pups could play a good game of 'Whack Jaken with his own staff.'


A female walked around a cave with a few demons, and many spider webs. She had long black hair and wore a black and red kimono. The demons looked busy with something and a spider demon in avator form was ordering around some smaller spiders. There was crying and the female rocked her arms back and forth while singing a lullaby.

" Naraku is gone, but Naome is still around." her eyes flashed red.


To be continued in " Fire, Thunder and Lightening"

I started this fic over a year ago, and now I finished it. But fear not! I have a sequel in mind. " Fire Thunder and Lightening" A fic centered around Shippo+Souten+Zati. I couldn't find a good spot to resolve it in this fic so the sequel will about them.

Summary: Zati finds Shippo's pictures from when The group first met Kouga and thinks that if he kidnaps Souten then she'll fall in love with him. He does so and Kagome sees it as the perect way to get Souten and Shippo to confess their feelings. Takes place years after KCD, when the three are teens.