The Dog Who Got Annoyed by Telemarketers

A short and sweet one shot InuYasha fanfic

Summary: A really quick short story about InuYasha and Telemarketers three hours in the thinking. If you like it thank me, if you hate it blameā€¦. The Telemarketers

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for brain cells lost do to reading this work of insanity

One day InuYasha was in modern day Japan waiting for Kagome to come home from school so she could go back with him to the feudal era and help him sniff out more jewel shards.

So InuYasha is waiting around the house, waiting for Kagome and the phone rings. He waits and it rings again, nobody has picked up the phone. Sota is at school; grampa is out doing work at the temple and Mrs. Higurashi is out doing some last minute grocery shopping. No one is at home except for InuYasha. So he picks up the phone.

"Please wait for someone to come to the phone." Says the pre-recorded voice on the other end.

InuYasha does as asked and in a few minutes a male voice comes on the line. "Are you dissatisfied with your current long distance service?" the person asks.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." InuYasha replies confused.

"Well, do I have good news for you." The man begins to tell InuYasha about the great deal his company has.

After a few minutes of this incessant rambling, InuYasha has had quite enough. Luckily the call waiting beeps in. "Excuse me." Says InuYasha in an uncharacteristically polite voice, the inu hanyou presses the flash button and the phone clicks to the other line.

"Hello, are you unhappy with your long distance service?" asks a female voice

"Sure whatever." Replies InuYasha. He is then assured that he will have unlimited long distance. Not knowing what else to do InuYasha hangs up the phone.

The hanyou settles back down on the couch to try and get some sleep and is rudely interrupted by the incessant ringing of the phone. He picks it up. "Go away I'm robbing this place." Then slams down the receiver.

The phone rings again. "Hola? Como estas? Muy bien. Hasta la vista!" (trans: Hello, where at? Very good. See you later.) InuYasha says in mangled Spanish. Before he can be told about another great deal the phone receiver is placed none so gently back in the cradle.

A few minutes later the phone rings again. InuYasha is quite fed up with this whole thing and throws the phone through the window where it hits Kagome in the head. Kagome runs into the house rubbing her head. When she finds out that InuYasha threw the phone at her, the school girl immediately sits the hanyou without waiting for an explanation. And so ends our story.


Well, there you have it, another InuYasha fan fic written in six minutes. So it's probably not all that good. But it should be a bit funny. I hope you alllike it.