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It was the final year of the golden trio's time at Hogwarts. Hermione was sad about it, but relieved that after this year she would get to train to be a healer, of all things. She had realized the previous year that she had quite a talent in healing… Ron was ecstatic about leaving. All he wanted to do was play professional quidditch, especially since he had gotten quite good the past year. Harry on the other hand was drowning in sadness. Hogwarts had been his home, his safety net. And now he only had one year left there. One year. Then Harry would go out into the real world and try to get by being normal, but he couldn't. Not ever. Because he was Harry Potter.

Hermione was running around her room, gathering everything she needed into her school trunk. One side was her thick school and reading books, and the other side her clothes and other belongings. She reached under her bed and pulled out a medium sized black, leather bound book. The front had 'H. Granger' in gold, twisty letters stamped onto it. She sighed, relieved that she found it. She flipped through it and took in its sweet, leathery scent and tossed it into her trunk. With one last check around her room to make sure she wasn't forgetting anything, she grabbed the trunk and drug it downstairs. Her parents were waiting for her and left to get into the car. This is the last year of Hogwarts already…Wow, it came so fast…

As her dad slowed the car to a stop in front of King's Cross, she sighed inwardly and stepped out of the car with her mother. Her father carried her trunk and helped his wife and daughter through the magical portal between Platforms 9 and 10. Immediately she spotted a group of bright red haired people and grinned. She ran up behind a particularly tall one and leaped onto his back.


"What the - ? Oh! It's only you Hermione!" Ron smiled widely and spun around to hug her tightly. A familiar voice spoke to them from the left.

"Hey you two, don't show us more than we need to see…"

"Harry!" Both of them said together with the same, upbeat tone. Hermione rushed to hug him.

"How was your summer?" Ron asked his best friend.

"Excellent for once. The Dursley's let me go away to France for a month! Just got back the day before yesterday." His two friends looked at him with jealousy.

"You went to France? I would've gone with you!" Hermione exclaimed.

"Me too!"

"I'll tell you more about it on the train, it's gonna leave in a few minutes."

After their last goodbyes to the Weasley's and Granger's, the trio got onto the train and found an empty compartment in the back. They settled themselves in and went right back to Harry's trip.

"You went to Paris, right?" Hermione asked with a tone.

"Of course I did, do you expect me to be thick-headed and not? But anyways, I stayed there for a week, then just traveled the rest of the country the rest of the three weeks. Paris was amazing! I wish you two were there, it was sort of boring alone… I wasn't alone the whole time, I met this girl." Hermione suddenly felt a twinge of anger in her. Ron leaned in closer with more interest. "Her name was Charlene, and wow... she was one of a kind. I met her in this cute café near an opera house and we talked for a few hours… then we decided to go for a stroll through the streets…"

Harry got into a deep discussion with Ron about this 'Charlene' while Hermione sat back, glowering at Harry over a book she started reading while they chatted.


The student body was settled at their house tables, chatting lightly and excitedly about the academic year ahead of them. Part of the Gryffindor table started laughing when Ron cracked a joke about Seamus' new haircut. Seamus turned a few shades of pink, but sat there like a man and took it. The large oak doors opened and in came McGonagall with the first years. The sorting ceremony started and ended quick. Gryffindor didn't receive too many new members, only 12 while Slytherin got a whopping 16. It was sort of fishy, but most overlooked it and started chowing down on the luscious food that appeared before them.

After everyone seemed stuffed to their liking, Dumbledore rose and the room went silent.

"Welcome to another year at Hogwarts! I expect this one will be especially great… though I don't know why, but I just feel it will be." His blue eyes twinkled. "I would like to announce the new Head Boy and Girl, so give a round of applause for Mr. Draco Malfoy and Miss Hermione Granger!" The room exploded with cheers, mostly from Gryffindor and Slytherin. Hermione slightly upturned her nose when Malfoy was announced, but decided not to care just that moment because she was Head Girl! "Now that we are all well fed and watered, off to bed you go then!" Hermione wished Harry and Ron goodnight and went to see Dumbledore with Malfoy.

"Now, you two have your very own tower to share, of course you get your own bedrooms." Dumbledore said, catching Malfoy's jaw dropping. "You belongings have already been brought to your tower, which is on the 4th floor, right corridor behind the statue of the Mermaid. The password is 'Bubbly'. I expect a great deal out of you two, now may be a good time to set aside your differences and create an interhouse bond. Now with all that to digest, I bid you goodnight!" Dumbledore smiled at the two of them and left through the back door.

"So… lets go find our tower, then.." Hermione said meekly and carefully, afraid Malfoy might curse her. To her surprise, he responded in a polite manner.

"Alright… where was it? 4th floor… mermaid statue… You remember the password?"

"Yeah, it's bubbly," Hermione walked out of the great Hall with Malfoy. The two walked in silence up until the 3rd floor when Malfoy broke the awkwardness.

"Now lets just set this straight, Granger. Do not go into my bedroom and knock before using the bathroom. Don't try anything stupid, like creating a 'friendship' between us, it's not gonna happen. Mutual acquaintances are alright though. The two came to a halt in front of a large statue of a beautiful nude mermaid. "Bubbly." The statue scooted out of the way and revealed a short tunnel to a large and bright room.

The common room of the head tower was decorated in a classic cream color with gold moldings and marble pillars. It looks like a royal palace..! Hermione thought, walking in, and looking around. Malfoy simply just grabbed his book bag off the sofa and went right into his bedroom.

"Goodnight, Granger." And he shut the door. She looked at the door and shrugged. She leaped onto the Italian recliner and sighed happily. This is going to be the best year here so far..! And fell asleep right there in the common room.