by Miko-chan

Dedicated to Mendori-chan for being a text mate during one lonely afternoon and to Ate Melpomene Melancholica Kasi mabait sya.

He craves.

A warmth that he never had.

It was so easy, to grab it between his greedy hands and let it stay that way forever.

Those pale, feverish fingers threading on his roughly calloused ones with need. A gaze that devours every detail, every smallest curve and heave this body has to offer. His dry, thirsty mouth suck into such plump lips and satiate this longing.

Yet, it all turned into an icy bitter spit on his face.

Whether his sight turned into a swirl of colors or a never ending hue of crimson, he shall see those eyes filled with so much emotions...

...of feelings to either pull chest strings

...of notions to add the fuel to his dark, dangerous fire.

But his eyes deceived him once.

Even now.

This woman hates him.

Despises him.



And he laughs.

It couldn't be.

A sound of mirthless joy.

It shouldn't be.

A disturbing snicker echoed through the darkness.

His thick scarred hand fisted her short, matted rose locks and brought her marred face close to his. Voice toxic of lust and hunger, he whispered against those blood-coated lips. You see, I heard you. A rigid palm caressed her bare spine, gently. You desire me. It glided on her flesh torturously. You want me.

His lips curved upward forming a smile...

...that gave her a reason to cower in fright.

You love me.

Streaks of saline drops on her cheeks. They continue to flow endlessly, as if the metallic scent will be cleansed by that cursed tears. Why? Broken. Tattered. Hoarse.

Not this.

Not you.

But those coal eyes glittered, a slick tongue licked along the swirl of salt and blood on her tender neck.

This time...

He continued with an unnamed passion flickering across his features.

you hear me...

Pulsing, rapid breaths only marred the silence between them.

I own you.

A shiver ran across her like a current.


Scalding liquids brimmed beneath her thick lids and all she felt was...

...the hard press of his own desire inside her.

As if this was a cycle that has been going through for every lonely night.

It always ends with the shards of a screaming pain.

Of her going away.

Slamming it all on his face.

Nevertheless, she returns, with wounded open arms and a deceiving traitorous smile.

But it always rains.

It rains hard every time she comes again on his welcoming door.

Few Notes: As this is my first Mature fiction...Eheehe, this was really created out of frustration during one of our sisterly fights with Imouto-chan (Yep, we DID not talk forthe whole night). Talk about poor Sakura, being tortured by Sasuke. I know that this might be a little too cliche for the Sasu-Saku fandom, but as it is my first try...And can't you notice how angsty I was?

Anyway, if you do think there is something to improve on, I'm open to your ideas. Thank you!