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Yes, folks. This is a new Inuyasha fanfic. I have been inspired to write this new story by a friend of mine who is a musician. I have decided to write this in honor of our friendship and I certainly hope this fic does him justice. Anyways, read on and enjoy, k?

The Street Musician

Kagome was tired and downtrodden. She had a rough weekend of homework and choir concert performances. Since it was Monday, she was walking out to the nearest subway stop to pick up her best friend. She never really liked the subway, and her best friend was afraid to walk from the subway to the dorm by herself. Kagome and her friend, Sango were attending college together, and Sango usually went home for the weekends. Since Sango and Kagome were dorm mates, Kagome figured she'd pick her up since she was only a few blocks from the subway stop.

Sango and Kagome had only known each other since their last year in high school and they got a dorm room together. Kagome was majoring in journalism and creative writing and her minor was music. Sango majored in forensics and minored in science. The two of them were inseparable, until it came to college classes.

As Kagome stepped down the steps into the subway, she sat down on the nearest bench. She was a bit early, but nothing a little waiting time could hurt. She pulled out a water bottle and took a swig as she watched a train slow down before her. She knew it wasn't Sango's train, but she still watched everyone getting off. Once the train left, she went to pulling out her poetry tablet to write what was on her mind when suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, something silver caught her attention.

She turned her gaze to the silver object and noticed she hadn't seen an object, but the back of a head full of silver and shiny long hair. She watched the person from her seat as equipment was being set up. As she watched, the person turned around and she saw it was a man, a handsome man. He pulled a guitar out of his bag, hooked it up to a huge amplifier and set it on a stand beside the amp.

Kagome continued to watch as he set up and turned on his equipment. The last thing he did was set a hat at his feet and strummed his first chord as he tuned the strings. Kagome was surprised at this because she had never seen him here before now.

He was calm and it seemed like he had done this for a long time as he nonchalantly continued to ready himself until he looked up and saw the subway station was empty, save for one girl on a bench watching him. He winked at her, gaining a smile as he began to play a tune she did not recognize. He mainly paid attention to his instrument, but looked up every now and then to eye her and smile.

As Kagome watched him play, she suddenly felt the need to close her eyes. When her eyes closed, she saw images in her head. She saw actions, and she saw words. It was as if his music awoke her creative brain. She opened her eyes instinctually and started to jot down the words in her head. She caught the melody and began humming the tones. Once she had the chorus written out, and the chorus part of the song came about, she began to sing. The more she sang, the more confident she became and she began to belt it out.

The musician looked up from his instrument when he heard the girl singing. He saw she was writing something and she seemed mesmerized as she sang out words. His music never had any words due to him not being a poet in the least. Sure, he could come up with ideas for stories or meanings for songs, but that was it. He smiled wide as she belted out her beautiful voice and he played with even more heart.

She turned to him and sang out without writing. He eyed her and watched her sway in her seat. Once the song neared its end, he strummed the last chords and released his guitar as he said to her, "Wow. You're a poet, aren't you?"

"Sort-of. I write whenever my mind is inspired to, but I've never written lyrics to a song while I listened to it the first time. You're amazing!" She exclaimed.

"Not really. I just play is all. I play what comes to mind and what's in my heart." He shrugged.

"Play some more, please?" She asked politely. He nodded and began strumming a different tune. Once again, her eyes closed and she right away caught the melody and she swayed as the music flowed through her body and soul. He continued to watch her react to his chords and they gained a connection as she waited for her friend during that short half hour.

Once her friend's train showed up, her friend stepped up to her and noticed what was going on. She eyed the musician and her friend. Sango's eyebrows rose as she tapped her foot, a smile began to grace her lips and her head began to nod. Once the song ended and the station was once again empty, Sango clapped.

"Bravo! Well done!" Sango exclaimed.

The musician shifted his gaze from his guitar to the young woman clapping. He bowed his head and thanked her politely. Sango decided to step up and set money in his hat. He thanked her again as he eyed the girl from the bench coming forward, money in her hand as well.

"So, what's your name?" The musician and Kagome asked at the same time and they both chuckled.

"Inuyasha." The musician answered politely.

"Kagome. Will I see you here again by any chance?" Kagome asked with a smile.

"You bet. This is my first day playing this subway station, but I see it's worth it. Do you come to this station often?" Inuyasha asked.

"Well I come here to drop off and pick up Sango. So, every Monday morning and every Friday afternoon." Kagome said with a smile on her lips.

"Great. Then I will see you next time, Kagome." Inuyasha said as he bowed once again. He then looked on as the two girls walked away giggling and gossiping. He smiled and then turned to see the station completely empty. He shrugged and began strumming for his own pleasure.

"My gosh! I can't get over that!" Kagome exclaimed as they both stepped up the stairs and out into the city.

"How long were you waiting for me?" Sango asked.

"I was about twenty to 30 minutes early. He showed up soon after I did and just set-up and started playing." Kagome shrugged.

"Wow. I've never seen a street musician before. He looked young. I wonder what else he does." Sango asked.

"I wouldn't know. He said he'd never played there before, but I guess he liked the clientele." Kagome replied with a wink and a smile.

"What were you writing when I came up?" Sango inquired as she seized the tablet filled with poetry.

"Oh, just song lyrics that came to mind as he played." Kagome shrugged as she watched her friend's reaction to the lyrics.

"Wow. These are good. You were singing too when I came up. I've never seen you do anything like that before." Sango mentioned.

"That's because it's a rarity that I find music that inspires me to write anything. When he started playing, and I closed my eyes, I saw images, people doing things. I felt a story and wrote about it." Kagome explained excitedly.

"Wow! You two have got something here. I wonder what you two will create next." Sango winked as they both walked through the doors into their dorm building.

After about two hours of playing for no one, Inuyasha packed up and collected his money. He carried his equipment up into the city and continued to walk home. He lived not too far from that station. He just never saw anyone there and felt he'd give it a try since no one else seemed to play there. When it came to street musicianship, having the right corner meant everything as far as the income received.

Once he stepped up to the door to his apartment, he set down his amp and adjusted the guitar bag on his shoulder as he unlocked the door. He heard the neighbor's door open and close. He looked up to his right to see the sweet little old lady from next door step up with a smile on her face and something in her hands.

"Here ya go, sonny. Give this to your mother. It's my famous apple salad." The old woman said as she set the little round container in his hand.

"Thank you, Tsuki. I'll give it right to her." He replied as he set it in his other hand and pushed the door open with his right hand.

"How did it go today?" She inquired in hopes to hear good news.

"Well, bleak. But, I found a client who may very well help me out, if things work out right." He winked.

"Oh yeah? A drummer? A singer?"

"A singer/lyricist. A girl. She looks like she's in college." He shrugged.

"Oh yeah? Well, good luck with her, then Sonny. See you later." The old woman called over her shoulder as she stepped back to her apartment.

Inuyasha then turned and grabbed hold of his amp and carried it inside. He kicked the door shut and set his equipment down as he stepped into the kitchen to set the container on the counter.

"I'm home!" He exclaimed as he collected his things and carried them to his room.

"Hi, Son. How was it?" His mother asked in her raspy voice from her bedroom.

Inuyasha closed his door and stepped into her room to greet her. She was lying in her bed, the oxygen tank dispensing oxygen into her nose through a tube. His mother had Emphysema. She was constantly short of breathe and on top of that, she had heart complications. She was on disability and gained only money through the government for her illnesses. Inuyasha tried to gain money as a street musician for his future college prospects.

While his mother's alive, he planned to stay home as much as he could to watch over and take care of her. Not only could he not afford to go to college, but also leaving his mother for long periods of time wasn't feasible because she needed almost constant care. His father died when he was young, and left his money to Inuyasha's mother. When she fell ill, all his money went to doctor's bills and surgery payments.

Since his mother came down ill, he ended up changing his ideals from the local music college to helping his mother during her tough years. He had never had the chance to date since he was sent to an all-boys high school because of their music program. Music was his life, his dream and his strongest talent. Music was all he had.

Inuyasha wasn't the brightest light out there as far as school smarts, but he had talent. That was why he decided to become a street musician, so that he alone could make money for his future. He helped his mother with anything she needed the rest of the evening and then curled up on the couch as he watched MTV to catch the latest music videos. That was the gist of his day, of his life. Go out and play, help his mother, and become enthralled in music television for the rest of the night.

Well, this is a work in progress, and I'm not sure how well this came out, but hopefully it'll turn into somethin' cool. I know this fic won't come anywhere close to Unaware, but it's worth the shot with what it means to me. Let me know what you all think. Should I continue? Should I just make it a short story and post it anyways? Please comment and let me know if you enjoyed what you read, okay? Ja ne!