Title: Deviating Motion

Rating: M (not yet, I don't suppose, but it will be, if I keep going)

Summary: Not sure yet, just sort of writing itself. OE pairing for sure.

Disclaimer: Sue me, I've got about twenty bucks, it'll cost you way more than that to sue me. I don't own anything anyway, and if I thought I did, well…

A/N: Not much to report.

She was off limits. I was married, I was happy, I had responsibilities to my kids. All past tense. The last isn't really, I still have responsibilities to me kids, but Kathy's dating now, so I can definitely entertain the thought, however unlikely the realization of it might be.

Maybe that was why she liked me; hooked onto me so fast. Everyone else was ogling her and talking about the now babe on the force and I couldn't, I had to look at her as a co-worker and a woman with no potential as anything more. Now that I sort of understand her: her fucked up childhood and all of the aftershocks, I can see why we became so close without really going anywhere, I understand why she operates the way she does.

She's stiff and cold once you get under the skin, but superficially she's warm and openly empathetic. I suppose that's the opposite to other cops, but she is simular to me in that if you dig right down into the core, past the bullshit exterior and through the education and history that we all live off, you hit something far more human; something primal.

Inside that part of her, and I've only ever glimpsed it, she's untouched by anything simple or mundane and ignorant of the outside world; she's perfect in a way that accentuates the flaws: the jagged edges as well as the curves, and captures my mind for hours on end, in the dead of night.

Just garbled this out during a lecture. Wondered if anyone would like to see more.