Chapter Two

The four of them exchanged looks but nothing was said; they wouldn't theorise beyond the evidence. Nonetheless, the mood was altered and, no one prepared to resume the paper throwing contest, the four of them lapsed into silence.

Over the previous three hours, the usual assortment of people had filtered through the bull pen; cops, detectives, witnesses, suspects and even Casey had made a brief appearance to collect all the court related paper work they'd so diligently completed. But nothing big had happened and most of the other detectives were now at their desks, making phone calls or filling out forms. Several had already gone to lunch, despite the fact if was only just half past eleven. Olivia was just about to suggest that they do the same when the captain's door slipped soundlessly open. Immediately all eyes were on it and lunch was completely forgotten.

"Detectives, in hear please," Cragen called from behind his desk. And as they filed in, they knew something was up because there Huang was, slight smile on his face, standing just beside their boss ready to back up his every word. That meant that he thought they were going to disagree with something and that probably meant they were. They positioned themselves once inside the room, Elliot and Munch taking the two chairs, Fin standing slouched against the door and Olivia leaning slightly against the back of her partner's chair.

"Do you all remember the Jane Doe case from a month ago? Found in Central Park near the corner of 5th avenue and East 81st?" The squad nodded their recognition, "Right, we've finally got a good lead."

They all perked up visibly. The case had been at a dead stop to begin with and hadn't moved an inch in the three days they'd managed to exhaust all their leads in. The Jane Doe was 5'9", blond haired, blue eyed, beautiful by anyone's standards and of Nordic descent. She was found on October the 22nd fully clothed and at least three days dead and buried. They'd been called in because of the evidence of long term sexual abuse and rape. But nothing had led to no where and she remained a Jane Doe. Now Cragen seemed to be indicating a proper starting point for the case and that was good news to all of them.

"Over the past two weeks we've received two letters from anonymous employees at the Red Diamond Resort claiming to have suffered abuse," he handed a file contained the two letters and countless other documents to the two seated detectives and Pin moved forward to read over Munch's shoulder.

"Both letters are from different people according to the experts and the two were probably not conspiring with each other when they wrote them. We've checked out the resort five times in the last year because of simular anonymous letters and we're never found anything. What makes these interesting is that both claim that a woman that worked with them and matching Jane Doe's description disappeared on October the 17th and they suspect some sort of foul play. Like the complaints made before them," he motioned for Elliot and Munch to turn to these which were near the back of the folder, "They're vague and impossible to work with. However, if you recall, we accumulated seventeen suspicious vehicle sightings near the dump sight on the 19th and 20th, the time the victim was buried. One of those cars belongs to one of the owners of the resort, Michael Oppy. Fin, you checked him out.

Fin nodded, recalled the interview, "Yeah, said he was at a restaurant with resort guests, it all checked out."

"Right, but now it's all too big a coincidence, so, we're treating this place and the people in it as highly suspect."

"You want us to go check it out?" Elliot asked. He still couldn't understand the presence of Huang and knew there had to be something his boss wasn't telling them.

"No, this place is hiding something and we haven't found it before so we probably won't find it now. I was granted permission to run a short term undercover op. earlier today; two agents, maximum two weeks. Huang's been here all morning looking over the finer points," he stopped to let his eyes wander over the detectives, like the professionals they were, none of them were showing a whole lot on their faces. But he could tell they were a little shocked, it was a long time since any of them had been undercover for a time spanning more than a half hour, yet alone two weeks.

"I assume you mean as staff." Fin clarified before asking, "Which two?"

"No, actually," Cragen responded, silencing the disagreements he could see bubbling up within them with a look. "And I agree that that would be the best way of getting to the source of this. But it's impossible."

They all knew he'd paused because he was fishing for a question and eventually Munch asked, "Why?"

"Because, according to our sources, every single employee of the one hundred and twenty that Red Diamond Resort employs who are not involved in management or ownership is a female, under 35 and of Nordic or Asian descent."

The room fell silent as they considered this new information and what it meant.

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