Bonnie Rockwaller's Heart

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Author's note: This is not my standard Street Hawk story fare. Just thought I'd try a different pairing once. The pairing is Ron and Bonnie. Watch out for weirdness.

Ron's Secret Admirer and New Mission

In Middleton, Colorado, Bonnie Rockwaller is crushing on Ron Stoppable and has been for quite a while. She just doesn't have the courage to face up to it, for fear of losing her popularity. So every day, she would call him a loser as she passes him by and duck into an empty doorway. As she looks at him, examining his responses, she would feel terribly guilty about the way she treats him.

This day, she chooses to make amends, in secret. Every night, after she does her homework, she writes a sappy letter of affection to him and keeps them to herself. This builds up her confidence and courage to do some kind of showing of affection. The next day, having written her most sappy letter to him, she gets to the high school before everyone else.

Not even her clique is around to talk her out of it. She goes to his locker, pulls out an envelope, kisses it and slips it into the top slat on the door. She then says, "I hope you don't figure this out too soon, Ron. I don't know how you'd handle the shock of it being me that's crushing on you." She quietly walks away from the locker, hoping no one saw her.

As she gets to a classroom, her heart flutters when she sees him, wearing his usual garb. Red jersey, black sweater and tan slacks. His golden blond hair and chocolate brown eyes seemingly glowing. His freckles ever present. Right by his side is his best and only human friend, Kim Possible. Her fiery red hair and bright green eyes along with her usual outfit of green t-shirt and blue pants. Out of Ron's pocket pops Rufus, his pet naked mole rat.

Bonnie, not wanting to say it but knowing she has to, says, "Look, it's Kimmie and her pathetic loser! What's the matter? Can't you make more than one friend in your life!"

Ron gives her a hard glare and says, "Why don't you get a life, Bonnie, and join the human race?" That said, he and Kim head to their lockers, leaving a flabbergasted Bonnie in their wake.

She then softly smiles and says, "I just might, Ron. I just might." She heads to her class, not looking behind her to see Ron's reaction to the sudden mail in his locker.

Kim and Ron get to their lockers and open them. Ron sees the envelope and brings it out. He sees lipstick on it and says, "A girl left me a note? That's really weird."

Kim comes around and says, "Open it and see what it says, Ron." Ron nods and proceeds to do so. He pulls it out and quietly reads it.

"Dear Ron-Ron, I've had my eyes on you for quite a while, but am afraid because my social status would be ruined. You are the cutest guy I've ever seen. I cannot tell you who I am just yet. I'll wait until you feel comfortable with these communications. I'll leave you another note in the morning. Hugs and kisses, your secret admirer."

He looks at Kim and says, "I know it's not you, KP. You're just my best friend and partner in saving the world. Besides, this shade of lipstick doesn't match your style."

Kim smiles at him and says, "You're right, on all counts. It is weird, it's not me and this lipstick shade is so not me." She looks at the handwriting and says, "Whoever it is seems to have it bad for you. Just doesn't want to lose her popularity. At least she's crushing on a nice guy like you, Ron. I know I can only speak for myself and nobody else, but there's something about you that endears you to me. Apparently she sees it too."

Ron smiles back and replies, "Thanks, KP. What say we get to class so we don't get Detention?" Kim nods and chuckles at the idea.

When they get close to the classroom, Kim says, "The only drawback to this class is Bonnie. If she wasn't in there, this class would be tolerable, at least."

Ron nods in agreement as the two friends and partners go into the classroom, Ron wearing a happier smile.

Bonnie sees his smile and she thinks, 'Good, he got my note. It's a good thing he's got at least one human friend that he knows of. Otherwise he'd fall apart when he finds out it's me. Oh boy, here they come. Come to Bon-Bon, Ron-Ron.' She then scowls at them as they sit at her table.

She then whispers, "Stoppable, why are you smiling, you loser?"

Ron whispers right back, "I got a note in my locker, Bonnie. It's from a girl, particularly a girl with some kind of class. She doesn't want to lose her popularity over me. Wanna know what I'd say to her?" Bonnie nods, smiling a snarky smile. He then says, "I'd tell her that popularity is highly overrated, boring and just plain lonely. Me, I don't worry about that. It's the inside of the person that counts. No more, no less."

Bonnie's jaw drops in surprise at this bombshell. She thinks, 'No way! When did he become so insightful? Did that trip to Japan really help him?' She shrugs at this after recovering her jaw and closing her mouth. The three then open their books and listen in to the class discussion.

After class ends, Kim's Kimmunicator beeps and she says, "Go Wade."

Wade Load, the genius tech-man, replies, "Kim, you just got a hit on the site. Monkey Fist and Motor Ed are working together. They need you in Cleveland, Ohio to stop them both. Here's the information and transport's on the way."

Ron says, "Thanks, Wade. Been wanting to beat on some monkey butt lately." Kim giggles at this and the two teens head off on their new mission.

Bonnie watches them go and softly says, "Come back safely, Ron. Kim, I'm trusting you to keep him safe. Without him, both of our lives would be empty."

Thirty minutes later, Kim and Ron are on their way to Cleveland to stop Monkey Fist and Motor Ed from completing their mobile monkey base. It seems that Motor Ed's been stealing parts to build a massive monkey transporting base, allowing Monkey Fist to send his monkey ninjas anywhere within the country and taking it over.

An hour later, they arrive on the scene and follow the trail of oil spots. Seemingly the vehicle had suffered some kind of damage to it's oil pan, resulting in loss of oil. They are able to follow it to an abandoned factory.

Ron snorts and says, "Of course. How original. A factory for building a transport vehicle. Shall we go in, my friend?"

Kim giggles and replies, "We shall, my dearest friend." At that, the two best friends go inside, stop the plan from happening and arrange for Motor Ed and Monkey Fist's lodging for the time until trial.