This is a follow-up to Damsel In Distress so it will make a bit more sense if you read that first. Plus I just want to pimp my own work :) Who knew this plot bunny would prove to be so persistant?

After the disastrous encounter in the ballroom, Dracula decided that perhaps the best approach with Carl was to woo him. And while his first inclination would be to give expensive jewels or luxurious clothes, he was painfully aware that such gifts would be wasted on a man who wore the same robes every day.

With a sigh he set about to give Carl the kind of gift he knew he would appreciate – even if it did lack poeticism. He paced about the room, looking with barely disguised distaste at its contents. Really, if he didn't love Carl so much, he would never put up with it. A man – even a dead one – has to have standards and this was just not in keeping with the image he always had for himself. Still, after the ballroom fiasco he was determined to make the kind of gesture that was sure to capture the blonde friar's heart.

He heard the sound of someone approaching and then heard his beloved's voice calling out "Van Helsing? Where are you? What was so important that you had to pull me away from my research?

Carl entered the room and stopped when he saw Dracula standing there. For a moment or two, neither spoke or moved, as they looked each other. Then Carl broke the silence with "I might have known. It didn't make sense that Van Helsing would send for me when I was doing the research he asked for." He looked around the room and then back at the vampire. "So, why have you brought me here? This isn't exactly your usual setting." He quirked his eyebrow, clearly unintimidated by the presence of the deadly monster.

Dracula sighed and said "I am well aware that this is not my usual haunt – if you would excuse the expression. However, I am here for a purpose. Do you know what that purpose is?"

Carl sighed and said, "Why do you always end everything in questions? Do you think it adds to your mystic? If I knew what you were up to, I wouldn't be here, now would I?"

Dracula sighed in frustration and said, "You are very hard to please, do you know that?" He heaved another frustrated sigh when he realized that was another question. His voice came out rather terse as he said, "Look, I brought you here to give you this. The lab is yours." He crossed his arms over his chest and said "And there – I didn't end in a question." He looked at Carl with aggravation and the air of one ill-used.

Carl looked around the room and said, "You're giving me this lab?" He walked around the room and in adesultory way picked up objects and set them down. He turned and looked at Dracula. "You are giving me someone else's lab? The lab you already gave to someone else?" He gave Dracula a disgusted look and turned his back in dismissal and headed towards the door.

Dracula looked in stunned surprise at Carl's rejection and then something just snapped. He straightened his shoulders and said, "Fine, we do this the old-fashioned way." And with that he scooped up Carl and carried him off to Castle Dracula where he proceeded to ravish him until Carl was completely incapable of speech…