Another Problem

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Chapter 1: Caught!

Kiva and Jamie continued to kiss each other passionately. They had met at the motel and were immediately all over each other the moment they entered the room that Jamie had secretly rented for the both of them. Jamie was now a drummer in a popular Emo punk rock band (Emo bands include bands like 'Jimmy Eat World' if you're confused). Coop had become a grand billionaire with his own job. A super hero. It was almost unbelievable but Coop had become a hero beyond his town and now helped big shot heroes like Superman and even the young female super heroes from Townsville PPGS. Jamie was now worth thousands but he was nowhere near as rich as Coop.

"Oh Kiva," Jamie moaned and he hurried opened her blouse and soon was nibbling at her breast, "I've been waiting so long to taste you again" he told her.

"And I you," Kiva responded in between pants, "I love you so much Jamie," she whispered.

"I love you," Jamie responded, "I can't believe we….."

"What?" a voice asked suddenly and Kiva and Jamie jumped upwards on the bed, "you thought you could hide this from me Kiva?" he demanded.

"Coop I …." Kiva tried to explain.

"Get dressed!" Coop ordered and Kiva squeaked and hurried grabbed unto her blouse and ran into the nearby bathroom, "and you," he snarled at Jamie, "touch my wife again and you're toast!"

Chapter 1 Completed

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