Another Problem

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Chapter 5: Tragedy

(Following Day on Television)

It has been confirmed that Jamie one of the two drummers of the Emo Rock Band 'Risen from My Prison' and the only drummer who sometimes sings has died. While the full truth of the matter is still under examination and investigation, it's been confirmed that death was brought about by a shot to the head. While rumours of murder and suicide have been flying rampant. Jamie's death has had mostly the Elvis Presley effect. Fans refuse to believe that he is dead. Band mates refuse to speak to reporters and unconfirmed rumours of Yuki disliking Jamie because he rejected her romantically are now flying around twice as rampant. But in the meanwhile Jamie band member of the Band 'Rise from My Prison' is dead. No word on funeral arrangements yet but this tragedy will definitely be a blow to the music industry which has lost yet another talented young artist to a sudden deadly tragedy. This has to be one of the biggest losses to the music industry since the death of Aaliya. We at News 5678 extend our condolences to him family, relatives, friends and last but far from least his fans. We also extend condolences especially to the surviving members of 'Risen from My Prison'. May Jamie rest in peace.

(Later at 6pm on Television)

It's been confirmed that Jamie died of suicide in a Hotel room in Japan where the band 'Rise from my Prison' were staying as they just started their Japanese a week before. While there's no comment on why this suicide happened. It's been confirmed by sources that Jamie a few months ago had gone to a motel with a woman whose identity has still not been relieved. Our source also confirms that another man went to the motel room and took the woman away. While it's not certain if this is related to Jamie's suicide, it's speculated that Jamie was in love with this woman. So it's possible that he might've killed himself because she either didn't love him back or maybe that man who dragged her out of the motel already took her relationship wise. Do I smell a scandal? This might be more explosive than the fact that Yuki seems to be moving along band mates. First she used to date the African American guitarist member Rage. This she denies of course but come on, she was everywhere with him even waited for him to get a root canal while the rest of the band was on MTV's TRL. Would she do that for just a friend? No way I say! Then she obviously moved on to recently deceased drummer Jamie who didn't have any romantic interest in her. I'm not surprised. That girl's pale as a ghost. He probably screams when he sees her in the dark. But after finally realizing that Jamie didn't want her, she moved onto lead male singer Core. Seems that was the Jackpot. The man either loves getting Asian ass or doesn't know that this opportunist hussy is taking him for a ride as long as he's lead singer. Yuki fans of course disagree and give me lots of hate mail. But I don't give a damn. I hate the opportunistic ghostly looking bitch, end of story. Oh and I want to extend condolences to everyone affected by the death of Jamie drummer of the Emo Rock Band 'Rise from My Prison'. He was my favourite drummer ever. So sad (sniffles). Anyhoo, further in gossip news Kiva wife of Coop has moved out of the house as speculated by rumours while no friends wish to comment. A person who wishes to remain anonymous told us that the marriage has been on the rocks for years. Seems that Kiva has feelings for (gasp) a different man. Scandalous! Well my anonymous source claims that Coop is fed up and has agreed to a divorce that Kiva wanted for some time. Hmmmm. Who could this man that Kiva's crushing on be? Well it's obviously not her husband Coop if they're divorcing each other. Well Coop honey, if Kiva's leaving I Honey Ryan host of 'Gossip of the Stars' on Stars News Gossip, Rumours or Truth Network (SNGRTN) am available. Hey can't blame a girl for trying…

(One week later after right Jamie's funeral)

Kiva wiped away her tears as she left the gravesite where Jamie was now being buried. She knew that Jamie died because he couldn't take not being with her. But she still didn't understand why he didn't contact her before doing it.

I guess I'll never know. Coop's given me a million dollars, a beach house in Florida and allowed me to have some of my clothes but kept all the jewellery including my wedding ring. All personal items that I either bought with my own money or items that I had before I married Coop (with the exception of presents given to me by acquaintances and friends) are the only other things that I got to take with me. Coop wants the divorce to be done based on 'irreconcilable differences'. I'll never know why my fortune's turned out this way. I finally get my divorce and the love that I truly wanted to be with dies. Guess it's just some evil sort of karma. I don't know. (Kiva's thoughts)

(Two Hours later at 5:30pm at a Park)

Coop walked around waving to fans of his as he went. He didn't go to Jamie's funeral. It's been widely known that he and Jamie had gone their separate ways so it wouldn't shock anyone. He was going to get his divorce from Kiva and Kiva would be pregnant and alone. He couldn't think of a better ending.

"I should've killed him sooner," Coop whispered to himself as an evil grin spread across his face.

The End.


Another Problem

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