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Kirsten had been released from hospital the evening before and she was already feeling the shame and guilt of her crash a few days previously. She was sick of being in a hospital and she always hated hospitals. Hated being fussed over, hated a stranger asking how she felt and if she needed an extra pillow to make her more comfortable. Kirsten felt like screaming and that her head felt like someone was drilling to hole out of her skull, her ribs felt like they wanted to bend in a direction they weren't meant to go, her blood in her right leg wouldn't stop pulsating and the gash on her temple continued to taunt her by reminding her that she nearly died when she tried to drift off to sleep in the hospital bed.

At the hospital, Kirsten closed her eyes and tried to pretend that she was asleep so she wouldn't have to endure her husband's disappointed gaze and her sons' lost and confused expressions. They didn't look at her the way they used to; with complete adoration.

Coming home in the car, she was a ghost of the confident woman she was before. Before; she never hesitated getting into a car but that was then. Now; when Sandy wheeled her to the car, she tensed up. She remembered the crash, she remembered the twisting and bending of the metal that made up the Range Rover's body and she could feel the twisting and bending of her own body. Good thing they took her home in the Beemer for she would never go near the Range Rover for a while yet.

At this moment is time, she was looking out the window to the beach and ocean in her bedroom in the morning frowning sadly as she ribs made it hard to breathe. Quietly Sandy came up behind her and gently wrapped his arms around her svelte waist and delicately kissed her blonde hair.


"Hey," she replied sadly.

"You ok?"

Kirsten sighed before replying, "Better . . . . . . . . but . . . still a bit sore now and then."

"I'm sorry baby."

"No . . . I'm sorry for everything."

"Look, you were trying to tell me something and I wouldn't listen I was so set in my ways," Sandy whispered as he gently turned her to face him.

Kirsten looked out of the corner of her eyes sadly and listened to his words but the flash backs from that night lingered in her mind. "I'm coming home . . . I thought I was losing you . . . I love you," and that was that. The words exchanged between them before she woke up in a hospital bed with a bandage wrapped several times around her head and her left wrist.

"I was being stupid . . . and I didn't listen to you."

"Aw baby I hurt you and you were handling it the way you wanted to . . . and I was so worried about you when you left the house."

"I'm sorry."

"Hey sweetie, stop apologizing . . . don't put yourself under added and undue stress ok?" he said rubbing her arms gently, "I wanna take care of you now and . . . it is nine o'clock Misses and time for breakfast so come on. I'll make you the Sandy Cohen special," he said offering his hand.

Smiling at his goofy mood and the offer of the 'Sandy Cohen Special' for breakfast she giggled quickly and took his strong hand in her delicate and frail hand.

When had she become frail?

When anyone thought of Kirsten Cohen they used the words; intelligent, strong, entrepreneur, shrewd, protective, beautiful and as perfection personified but never would they have used the word 'frail'.

With her hand secure in her husbands she slowly walked with him to the kitchen.

When they arrived there he pulled out the stool at the end of the kitchen island for her and let her ease herself onto it and he had to restrain himself from placing his hands on her waist and help her up but he didn't for he knew Kirsten would want to do this by herself.

After she was content where she sat and was comfortable he turned and quickly busied himself around the kitchen and handed her a glass of water. He then went to the freezer and got some ice cubes out and dropped them into the calm water. Kirsten looked at the water and saw how it compared to her life. One moment it was calm and stable like the water then something big came along and shattered that tranquillity.


After that.

It becomes calm again.

After a while of course.

'I'll be ok' she thought as she lifted the glass and took a drink.

"What am I going to do Sandy? I mean, I'm just . . . lost right now," she said dropping her head half-heartedly onto her hand as it propped up on the counter.

"Well, I'll help you find you again," he said as he draped his arm around his wife and pulled her gently to him and lightly kissed her hair.

Kirsten let out a relieved sigh as she took another drink. The neutral liquid was refreshing against her throat which had felt like parchment paper all morning but a part of her craved the burning sensation of vodka. Setting the nearly empty glass down she turned her head into Sandy's chest and cried, "I love you . . . so much."

"I know sweetie, I love you too," he replied as he wrapped his other arm around her as he felt her arms desperately cling onto his shirt and around his back. Just as he thought 'Nothing can wreck this moment' his peaceful instant with his injured and broken wife was interrupted by the doorbell.

"You don't have to get it," Kirsten said tightening her already tight grip on him.

Sandy didn't even make a move to leave his wife because he had missed having her in his arms and he wasn't about to let her go after what just had happened to her. The thought of being able to lose her became even more realised and he never wanted to lose her or let her leave again.

The doorbell rang again but they still refused to move from each others arms.

Then it rang again.

And again.

And again.

And yet again.

Irritated Kirsten sighed and Sandy gently lifted her chin so she would look at him.

"I'll get it but I'll send them away ok?

Kirsten nodded sadly as he left to room.

She stood and refilled the glass with water and leaned against the kitchen counter taking a lingering sip and massaging her neck.

"I don't care what you say Sanford, she is my daughter and I want to see her," Caleb's voice roared as he came ever closer to the kitchen.

Kirsten rolled her eyes furiously and took another sip of water.

"What are you doing?" Caleb asked Kirsten as he entered the kitchen seeing her drinking a clear liquid.


"You shouldn't be! Sanford what is she doing drinking?"

"Water Cal! Kirsten is drinking water!"

"Check it if you don't believe me," Kirsten said holding out the glass to her father but he refused to justify her comment with a response and just stared at her. "What do you want dad?"

"To talk to you."

"Well I'm sure I don't wanna talk to you."

"It's about your job."

Kirsten looked up at him, "What about it?"

"I went through your office and found three empty bottles of alcohol."

"You went through my office?" Kirsten asked angrily as her rage increased.

"You won't be coming back to work until you stop drinking!"


"Sanford do you mind giving us a few minutes?" Caleb asked.

"No way Cal, I'm not leaving."

But before Caleb could continue speaking the phone rang and Sandy quickly answered it and took it into the living room signalling to Kirsten to which she nodded.

"Kirsten I'm worried about you."

"Really . . . I guess it's better late than never," she replied tucking her hair back.

"You're an alcoholic, you're screwed up, and you're screwing this family up!" he said raising his voice.

"If this family is screwed up it's because of you!" she screamed in rage and her face contorted to show her pure hatred for her father's attempt at being a father, "You've screwed everyone up! Sandy, Seth, Ryan, Marissa and you drove my two sisters away! Lindsay didn't stick around and Hailey is on the other side of the planet. You've been screwing me up since the day I was born!" Her rage was continuing to grow and it was reaching a climax quickly.

"Don't you talk to me like that Kiki; I am still your father!"

"Stop calling me that!"

That comment of Caleb's and the use of the much hated nickname pushed Kirsten over the edge and she picked up the glass tumbler and forcefully threw it to the ground beside her barely flinching as the shards flew in all directions and vectors.

Caleb was startled by his daughter's action.

"See what I mean?" he said, "You need help!"

"I do not your help 'dad'!" she screamed as she tightened her eyes in rage at Caleb Nichol.

"Yes you do!"

"I'm leaving," Kirsten said as she moved around the shards of glass to exit the kitchen but Caleb moved in front of her path, "Get out of my way dad!"

"The only way you are leaving is through me," he said folding his arms and said firmly.


Retracing her steps around the glass she moved along the counter and out the back door to the backyard and slammed it behind her.

"Kirsten! Get back here!" Caleb exclaimed after her but he knew fine rightly she wouldn't.

When Caleb was about to go after her Sandy came back into the room after hearing the elevated voices and the smashing of glass and stopped Caleb from moving.

"What happened? Where did Kirsten go?"

"She went bizerk and went out the back door," he replied edging towards the door.

"And where do you think you're going?" Sandy asked as he placed the phone back in its cradle.

"I'm going after my daughter."

"No you're not."

"Sandy she's my daughter and I can speak to her if I want."

"Not right now you can't. You can't come in here and put her under that kinda stress and upset her like that and expect me to let you go after her because she might kill you because God knows I want to . . . I want you to leave."

"Don't you tell me what I can and cannot do when it comes to my daughter!"

"You're damned right I can because that is my wife you are talking about and I know her way better than you do and I have been there for her more than you ever have and I would never speak to her like you have today! So I am not asking you to leave, I am telling you to leave!" Sandy said as his voice started to rise.

"Just be glad that she loves you so damned much or I would have you killed for speaking to me like that," Caleb threatened.

"Some father you are . . . you'd hurt your daughter just to get rid of me . . . now get out before I throw something at you and you can come back when you will not talk to my wife like that, your daughter like that!"

With that Caleb trudged his way out of the house.

When Sandy heard the front door close he looked out the kitchen window to see Kirsten standing by the pool with her arms wrapped around herself as she tightened her sash on her robe.

Stepping over the shards of glass he followed her path earlier out to the back garden.

"Honey?" he asked letting her know that he was not Caleb.

Hearing the voice of her true love she turned her head sadly to look at him and his love filled eyes.

"Is he gone?" she asked scratchily from her tears.

"Yeh . . . he's gone," he said moving closer.

When he came to a stop beside her, she fell into his arms and cried, "Why now? Why did he suddenly decide to become a father now?"

"I dunno honey . . . he was just angry."

"And he didn't even go about it like a father . . . and hurt me again."

"Ssh baby sssh, don't go upsetting yourself, he's a jackass, we all know it."

Kirsten laughed into his chest at his comment and Sandy rubbing her back soothingly.

"Ahh there you are . . . I knew that smile would come back," he said comfortingly as he looked at her smile and wiped an escaped tear away.

"Thank you."

"Anything for you Kirsten."

Closing her eyes and smiling she leaned forward and kissed him on the lips.

He responded with his own kiss and they remained in their lingering kiss with their arms around each other in the California sun.

Breaking away Kirsten clenched her eyes closed and placed her hand to her temple where her gash was but she didn't actually place her hand on the wound as of fear of increasing the pain she was feeling.

"Honey you ok?"

"Fine . . . just a h-headache . . . that's all."

"You sure?"

"Yeh," she breathed, "I'm gonna go lie down if that's ok.

"Of course, go rest and if you need anything just yell ok."

"You'll be the first to know," she smiled kissing his cheek before turning and walking towards to bedroom door.

"Hey Kirsten?" Sandy asked as she limped away.

Hearing her name, Kirsten turned back around to Sandy, "Yeh?"

"Want me to tuck you in?"

Smiling angelically at his questions she sarcastically thought about his offer and chewed her bottom lip thinking.

"Always," she replied extending her hand.

Sandy closed the small gap between him and Kirsten and put his arm around her shoulder and escorted her to the bedroom.

When they were in the room he stopped her at the end of the bed, "Wait here," he gestured as he moved towards the head of the bed and pulled back the covers and fluffed her pillow all the while smiling at her as she laughed at his shenanigans.

When he was satisfied with his preparations for his princess to go to sleep; he was almost tempted to go to the kitchen and get a pea to put under the mattress but she needed her sleep, so he extended his hands to her and brought her to the bed and wrapped his arms around her.

"You're bed is ready m'lady," he said in an English accent.

"Thank you," she replied in the same accent and kissed him after encircling his neck with her arms.

After the kiss Sandy gently took off her robe and folded it over the sofa arm at the end of the bed. He quickly returned to Kirsten and kissed her forehead and helped her lower herself into the bed and pulled the covers up to her chin and smoothed it down as she snuggled up in the sheets and sculpted the pillow to suit her head and make it more comfortable.

"Thank you baby," Kirsten said as she took Sandy's hand in hers.

"Anything for my princess," he said kissing the back of her hand, "Now get some rest and I'll make sure no one disturbs you."

"No one?"

"Well I might disturb you," he smiled.

"That's the best way to be disturbed," she said pulled him down to kiss her one more time.

"Now sleep time," he ordered.

"Yeh because looking at you has made me sleepy."

"Hey," he said feigning hurt, "Well if that's a way to get you to sleep then I'm ok with it," he continued closing the blinds so the sun light wouldn't keep her awake.

"Wake me up for lunch will you?"


"The doctors said I needed to keep up my strength."

"No problem sweetie . . . hasta comida . . . till lunch," he said at the door as he blew her a kiss.

She caught his kiss and planted it on her cheek and blew her own to Sandy which apparently planted itself on his heart. She smiled again and Sandy mouthed 'Sweet dreams' to her and closed to door to let her sleep.

She pulled the sheets up to and under her ear and curled her arms under her head and pillow as sleep began to take over and as she breathed in the scent that had imprinted itself in the sheets over the numerous years they had been married. It silenced the throbbing headache and calmed her aching ribs and it was natural remedy for insomnia because she dozed right off to sleep.

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