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Chapter 3 - Truthful Spurts

Draco waited patiently as Madam Pomfrey studied the back of his throat.

"And you're positive that he didn't put a silencing spell on him?"

Harry nodded to her impatiently, "I'm sure. Whatever it was, he's been refusing to say anything at all. And he won't say why."

The nurse turned back to Draco and sighed, she walked over to a cabinet and began searching through it, "Well is there anything wrong with your speech?"

The ex-Slytherin shook his head slowly, jaw tightening to stay closed.

Madam Pomfrey turned back to them with a bottle in her hands, "What, exactly, was it Mr. Zabini said to him before he left?"

"'Fale Honesto'." Harry said looking concerned as he watched her, "Do you know what it does?"

The nurse looked from Harry to Draco, "Yes, of course I know what it does," She said through pursed lips, "And it won't be anything good for Mister Malfoy."

Draco rolled his eyes and opened his mouth to speak finally, "It's an honesty curse, I'm screwed over for life."

Harry looked at him finally and smiled, "You said something. So what does this curse do?"

The ex-Slytherin looked down at his hands with a frown, "It makes me say the truth, in every situation, at any time. It's a nasty curse, especially for people with big secrets. It also makes the one who has it on them speak their mind out loud from time to time."

"So is there a cure?"

"There is, of course," Said Madam Pomfrey, making her way back over to them, "But it's extremely complicated, and it'll take four years for us to make."

Harry's eyes widened as he stared at her in disbelief, "You're joking right?"

"She's not, it's the truth. But there's even more worse news, besides for the fact that none is currently made and waiting for use."

The raven-haired boy frowned at Draco, "What else is worse?"

Madam Pomfrey handed the blond Gryffindor the bottle she had picked from the cabinet and said: "Take this before you go to bed at night and come back in the morning for more," before making her way into her office.

"Well," Draco smiled weakly at Harry, "Not only does it take four years to make but there's only a nine percent chance that it will succeed completely."

Harry got up and walked over to the side wall and hit it, "That's not good news."

"Tell that to me, Potter, I'm the one with the curse."

"Wait," Harry turned back to him and stared a bit boldly at the blond, "How do you know that it's completely in effect?"

Draco raised a brow at him, "Believe me, I know it."

"Alright, well what's one of your worst habits you have?" Harry asked him hesitantly.

The blond sat for a moment before turning back and glaring darkly at him, "That would be talking out loud to myself." He managed through gritted teeth.

Harry smiled widely and sat back down in his chair beside the bed, "Okay so it is, you're screwed."

"They're probably expecting me to spill some big secret that they can use against me." Draco said in thought.

"Well what's your deepest secret?" The Golden Boy asked without thinking.

Draco's eyes widened before he slammed a hand over his mouth and glared at Harry even more, he turned away and sighed, "... My weakness."

Harry nodded slowly, "So what's your-"

"Shh, do you honestly want to ask that?" Draco shouted at him before the other Gryffindor could ask his question.

"Of course I do," Harry smiled a bit, "I'm not going to tell anyone."

The Blond sighed and looked down.

"So what's your weakness?"

Draco glared at him, baring teeth as he tried to keep his jaw closed, "M-My we-weakness is... I-sssss... You."

Harry raised a brow at his answer and then grinned, "Oh I see. I'm the only one that can get under your skin. I'm the only one that can piss you off-"

"You're an asshole." Draco said standing up, "Honestly Potter, get over yourself."

Harry grinned wider and got up as well, "Blame it on yourself, you're the one that answered my question."

"You knew I had to." The Blond grabbed his robes and pulled them on, slipping the bottle Madam Pomfrey had handed him into his side pocket.

"Relax, relax," Harry said and patted his back, "I just wanted to know, I'm not going to tell anyone or anything. Your secrets safe with me."

Draco looked back at him and sighed, "You mean, that is until someone else asks me, of course?"

Green eyes widened in response before Harry looked down at the stone floor below them, "I guess I didn't think of that. I don't understand, how can anyone possibly be powerful enough to perform this kind of spell?"

"You catch on quickly, well a lot more late then I expected." Draco looked at him softly, "It takes a long time to develop the ability to cast such a spell successfully. It would take years of training just to not scorch something on me. And it just so happens that Zabini got it perfect. Which means not only has he been practicing, but there's most likely someone else behind the scenes. Someone who knows the Dark Arts all too well."

"Like Voldemort?" Harry asked in interest, watching the ex-Slytherin grimace.

Draco nodded slowly, "I think that's exactly who's behind it, either him or my father. Which worries me even more because that means that-"

"They've been in contact." Harry said before him, "Perfect, either your ponce of a father knows that you're with us or that Voldemort is in contact with people here at Hogwarts."

"Yes." Draco nodded again and shifted feet, "I don't want to put you in danger Potter. And right now I'm probably not the safest of people for you to be around."

Harry smiled warmly and wrapped an arm around Draco's shoulders, "I don't care, I'm not leaving you like this, you'll have to deal with me."


Fale Honesto - Speak Honest. Spell used to make a person say the truth in whatever situation, can be hazardous to secret keepers, and people that have dark secrets. Also makes the person have a tendency to spurt whatever he/she is thinking sometimes. (The cure for the spell takes 4 years to make, and even then there is a 9 chance that it will succeed in curing the person of the spell completely.)

KaKaVegeGurl has no clue if this has ever been created before, she has looked up all the Harry Potter spells and thus found nothing befitting, thank you.


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