I have decided to have a little break and write something funny and sweet...something that should have taken place even if it didn't in reality...

Little One

Hello, little one.

Ready for a little talk?

Yes, I know it is early. But you are awake, are you not? You always awake at sunrise. I wonder how you know it is sunrise. It must be dark in there.

I cannot wait to see you, you know. What about you? Curious, are you not? You might be disappointed. You know me by my voice only, so far. Who knows, maybe when you see me for the first time, you will just squeeze you eyes tight in horror. But I hope you will like me. And I promise I shall like you. The babies I have seen were not exactly perfect, but you will be different. I know it. Because you are mine.

Who are you, a boy or a girl? Everyone hopes you are a boy. I know I am supposed to wish for a son, too. I say to everyone that I do. But let it be a secret between the two of us: in truth, I really want a girl! A little beauty with long hair.

No, no, please do not be offended if you are a boy. I shall love you none the less. Besides, we can always think of a little sister, can we not? Imagine the fun of pulling her hair or putting toads among her toys… my brother used to do that to all little girls in the vicinity.

Oh, I am sorry. If you are a girl, I offended you now. But do not worry too much. I shall not let anyone tease you too much. Promise.

Wow… I have just seen a strange bulge. Was it your foot, or your hand? Have you just tried to kick me or to shake hands? You seem to be so lively in there. We will have to watch you very carefully when you start to walk!

I wonder who you will take after, your Father or your Mother. I should say, we are both all right. Well, perhaps your Mother looks just a little better. She certainly has wonderful hair. If you are a girl, you would be proud of such hair. But then, she gets into trouble much too easy… on second thought, so does your Father. I fear you will find it hard, especially if there is anything from either of your uncles there.

Now, you are too peaceful in there. I suspect you are giggling at me. Well, I shall have to weather it. You know, it is not fair. You know me much better than I you! But we shall have enough time together, later.

Uh-oh, looks like your other parent is going to interrupt us. Sorry, dear. Tomorrow I shall be up earlier, and we can have a longer talk, and a more interesting one, perhaps. But I have to talk to you, do I not? So you should not be surprised when we actually meet.

Shh, have to stop here. Until tomorrow, little one.

"You are such a sweet fool, Faramir," Éowyn chuckled, yawning and putting her hand on her husband's dark head, snuggled up to her rounded belly.

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(I bet you first thought it was Eowyn!)