A.N.-K, rember this is based wen Ken was the Digimon Emperore. I focoses mainly on my fav. charecter Yolie. And she's paired with someone you might not expect. This also, what if the Digidestened didn't find out that Yolie was a Digidestened..................

Yolei Inoue layed widely awak on her bed. It was 9:30 P.M. Slowly she rolled onto her side. All week she'd had that feeling...Like some one was calling her... Shaking her head she got up and changed into a pair of dark blue jeans and a sleevless red shirt. Her gaze fell near her computer.
That weird devise she'd recived while Cody had been away for a minute layed them. She hadn't showed him it then. Idely she woundered why. It wasn't that she couldn't trust him. She'd know him for years...she just felt like it was something she should keep to herself. Slowly she picked it
up into her hand. Quickly she sliped it into her pocket. Silently she walked from her room. Sliping on her shoes she exited her apartment. Taking the elevater out she walked out into the warm air and sighed. Aimlessly she walked down the sidewalk. No real destination in mind. Thunder
caused her to look up. Instenly cold rain fell from the black sky. She shuddered as the rain hit her, it felt like icey daggers on her white flesh. Not thinking she plunged forward to run smack into someone. She looked up to see a boy older then her with perfect golden blound hair and
pentraiting ice blue eyes. Matt Ishida.

She glanced away avoiding his gaze,"Sorry."she mummbled standing up.

Matt nodded standing up,"Its o.k..........."Matt stared at her for a momment. Obliviouse to the falling rain. This girl..she seemed so fammiler......Where had he met her before?

Yolei blushed slightly under Matts intense look."W...well, I should get going...unless I want to get more soaked then I already am."

Matt nodded his head slightly. A small smile taking place,"Yea....."He paused then said,"Hey, my band practics near here....you wanna go their 'till the rain stops."

Yolei felt a smile flicker at her lips,"Sure....thankyou."

Hurridly they ran down the street to the place where Matt's band ussualy practiced.(a.n. I've no clue what you call the place) Yolei rubbed her shoulders with her hands in a small gesture to keep warm. Matt smiled lightly and handed her his brown jacket.

Yolei smiled gratefully,"Thanx, Matt."

Matt nodded, his ussual inpentrble cool exterer taking its place,"No problem. Whats your name anyway?"

Yolei blushed, the Matt Ishida, Rockstar was standing right infront of her asking her name!,"Yolei, Yolei Inoue."

Matt nodded agine and silence enveloped them. Just then the computer next to Yolei began making weird noises. Scared Yolie backed away from it only to have a bright pink light come from her pocket. Slowly she reached in her pocket to pull out the
devise that had appered in her hands a week before. She looked over at Matt who was stareing at her in utter suprise. And some other emotion she couldn't decifer. Suddenly Yolei felt the world spin as she was sucked into the computer.

A.N.-k, was that good? I am going to pair Yolei with someone by the end of this fic, just to let you know.....but, I promise it'll be someone you won't guess.^_^ By the way, I'm sure my spelling on this was far from perfect. I know my spelling sucks I don't
have spell cheak on my comp....and i'm a little senstive in that area......don't flam me about it please.....thankyou^_^_^_^