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Yolei paced boredly in her cell. It felt so bittery ironic that she would meet the one whom she used to have such deep feelings for and he wouldn't even remeber her! Her lips curled upward slightly. Not that it matterd if he didn't know who she was, to the countray it might actually serve to her advantage. Sighing she glanced down the hallway he'd disspeared down.

Her thoughts began to drift toward a certine blue-eyed golden haired boy. Matt. His name rang through her mind like a bell. Was he safe? Did he escape? Was he laying somewhere hurt and alone? Was he thinking about her? More 'what if' thoughts plauged her mind as she paced back and forth.

She loved him, she relized. It wasn't like the 'love' she thougt she'd had when she was younger, but real love. The kind that rocks your every being like a boat at the generouse yet cruel lady sea. The kind that makes you throw all caution out the window just to be with the outher. The kind that burns in eternaly withen.

'But what if he dosen't feel the same way about me?'she thought sadly'last time I saw him he and Mimi seemed awfuly comfy with one anouther.'she felt a pang of jealosy hit her at the thought of him and Mimi together.

Yolei's sighed as she leaned agenst the wall of her cell. Her eyes flickered up as she heard the 'clicty clack' of shoes comeing toward her. In momments the Digimon Emperour, Ken Ichijouji, appeared infront of her cell.

"I know who you are."Ken's voice echo'd loudly off the cold stone walls.

Yolei tilted her head cockly,"Do ya now?"

"Don't play games with me. You are Yolei Inoue."

Yolei raised an eye brow sarcasticly,"Good for you, you know my name."she said dryly.

"How did you escape 3 years ago?"he asked, ignoreing her dry sarcasim, as he began stalk infront of the bars of a cage like a panther before its wounded prey.

Forceing away the feeling fear that rose hard withen her, Yolei responded cockly,"Well your the man with all the answers, you tell me."

"True, but not to the question that counts. How did you escape, and when you did why did you not return to the real world and reunite with the outher 'Digi-fools'

"Its DigiDestened, get it strait. And besides, how do you know I didn't return to the Real World. For all you know I did."

He smirked,"I did some cheaking. You never came back to the 'Real World', besides even if you had hiden out their you would have returned with the outher Digi-fools to find your Digimon and fight this hopeless battle agenst me."

Yolei narrowed her eyes,"It isn't exactly hopeless. We will win agenst you. Light has always triumphed over the dark. Even if you somehow manage to destroy us there will always be outhers."

"And they will in turn be defeated. Light will not always prevail, you should know that."

"Your still the same arrogent boy from 2 years ago, aren't you? You haven't changed in the slightlest."

"Nor have I had any resone to."he paused then said,"Aren't you in the least worride about your commrade that I captured with you?"he asked silkly.

Yolei's eyes lowered,"Matt."she whispered his name lowly. She retunred her gaze to Ken's own amthirst one,"Where is he? What have you done with him! You better not have harmed him!"

"And what will you do if I do?"


"Relax,"He said, his voice clearly showing amusment at her reaction,"His fine, at least for the momment."

"Whats that soppose to mean?"

"I do belive you know what I mean."

"Your like a child, you know that? An incridbley selfish child whos suddenly been given all the power in the universe but without the maturety to know what to do with it."

"I am very mature. I am the only perfect human being, you are merely an inferour being whom is lucky I even grant the pleasure of seeing me."

"Noone is perfect. You most certinly are not. And, I drurive no pleasure upon seeing you."

"If you know whats good for you you'll learn to speak to me with respect."

"I'll speak to you with respect when you earn that privlage from me."

Ken narrowed his eyes,"I grow tired of our game, Yolei. For the sake of your.....friend I suggest you act more...calm before something unfourtanet happens to the Digidestned of Freindship."

Yolei glared and said slowly,"You wouldn't dare..."

Ken leaned closer to the bars,"Are you so sure about that?"

Yolei bit back the oath that rose in her throat. He'd do it, she knew that for certine. People such as him had no scruples.

Choiceing a different tac, Yolei's face became closed off to all experssion,"Why are you doing this?"she asked quietly, firmly.

Ken furrowed his brow at this change of tactic."Doing what?"He asked, curiouse despite himself.

Yolei tilted her head slightly,"Why are you takeing over the Digital World? What resone have you to do this? It can't be becouse you wrongly belive you are the only perfect being, becouse your not. You have a Digivice, do you not? Do you know what that really symobolizes? The Digivices are given to the Digidestned. You are a Digidestned, you are the same and me, as Davise or as Matt and the outhers. You where sent to the Digital World for the same resone as we have were, to protect the Digital World. Not to take it over. Now tell me, why are you betraying your true purpose here?"

Ken seemed rather taken aback at her words,"I...Well....."He shook his head slightly,"You are just trying to distract me. My only purpose here is to take over the Digital World, and even if I where a protecter of the Digital World, which I'm not, why would the Digital World choose a scrawny group such as yours? Well?"

Yolei sighed slightly,"You still don't get it, do you Ken? The Digital World choose us for resones we may never know. They choose us and that should be good enough for you, it is for us. Though I'm begining to wounder why they would choose someone like you. If anything eles, you should ask yourself why the Digital Forces choose someone like you, that would take over the Digital World, to come here."

Ken opened his mouth to say something, but found he couldn't. Her words rung with a kind of sincerty. A truth that he hadn't ever thought of.

Seeing she was getting through to him, she countinued."The Digital World and Digimon are as real as you and me Ken. They have feelings that same as us. When you hurt them, its the same as harming anouther human being. When you enslave them, your doing the same to yourself. We fight you, to make you see what you are doing and what harm you are causeing. And if you change your ways, we can forgive you. Join us Ken, stop this audacity of enslaveing Digimon and the Digital World and join us. We can be your friends."

"Freinds?..."Ken whispered. He'd never really had a freinds. Sure he'd been on a team and there had been people that had acted kind toward him, but he'd always known that they wheren't really his freinds. They merely wanted to get close to him in hopes that they too could grasp his fame and such. Could she really mean it? Could he really become...friends with the Digidestned?

Wouldn't they hate and despise him for all he had done to them? Shakeing his head Ken's eyes grew hard,"You are a very good actriss, Yolei; but I am no fool. And I shall not be taken for one. I have no need for friends, and as for the Digimon they most certinly are not real. They are data and data doesn't have feelings."

At that momment the fortrass shook violently. Nearly sending Ken and Yolei sprawling to the ground.

"Master! Master!"A high voice squicked as the clicking of claws revieled him to be Wormon,"The DigiDestened are attacking! Severel have already made it into the fortrass!"

Ken's eyes widened,"Send out my strongest Digimon, these fools can not defeat me here."He turned back to Yolei,"Looks like your friends are going to try to rescue you. Make no mistake, they will not succead."

With that he turned on his heel and left, leaveing a confused and rather hopeful Yolei behind.

"Maybe...maybe theres still some good in you, Ken."she whispeared to his retreateing figure.

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