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Notes and stuff like that: This is my first fic! Yay for first fics! P Anyways, this is a TidusYuna (my most favorite couple in the world xD) story. I hope you like it! Also, all the characters in this fic are seventeen. I know some people may be a different age in the game, but this is just for fic purposes )

"Yunie! YUNIE!" Rikku's voice rang out.

Yuna looked outside the window. Of course. She knew it was Rikku, but she wondered what she was at her house for. Rikku started to walk up to the door of Yuna's house while Yuna opened the door.

"Yes? What is it, Rikku?" Yuna asked.

"Lulu and I are going to go shopping for the next prom at Besaid High! Wanna come?" Rikku invited.

"Sure! Sounds fun!" Yuna exclaimed. "Just let me get ready." Yuna made a gesture at Lulu, who was in her car, to come in.

As Yuna was walking toward her bathroom to get ready, she called over her shoulder, "So, is everyone else coming?"

"Yes. We plan on Tidus and Wakka coming," Lulu answered.

As soon as Yuna was ready, they all went into Lulu's black sports car. "So, where should we go first? Tidus' or Wakka's?" Lulu asked.

"Wakka's," Yuna answered quickly. "I bet Tidus is still sleeping at this hour."

Lulu nodded and off to Wakka's house they were. When they were finally there, Rikku was again the "Rude Awakener."

"WAKKKAAAAA!" she screamed at the top of her lungs outside of his house.

Wakka came running out of the house with his blitzball in hand; about to throw it at whomever made that annoying sound. He was about to throw it when Rikku cried out in fear.

"Oh, come on Rikku, it's just a blitzball, ya?" Wakka said.

"So? You throw hard," Rikku said retrieving back into the car.

Lulu decided to explain. She stepped out of the car and said, "We're going to the mall to buy clothes for the next prom. Do you want to come?"

Wakka scratched his head, "Can't. Gotta practice blitzball in the new sphere pool they just built, ya? Wish I could, but sorry."

Lulu nodded. "It's okay," she said, going back into the car.

"See ya later Wakka!" Yuna said as they drove off. In the car she said, "I guess Tidus is going to be lonely being the only guy there."

"If he wants to come at all," Lulu replied.

As soon as they were near Tidus' house, Rikku was about to get out of the car to wake him up, but Yuna stopped her.

"Uh, Rikku, maybe I should be the one to get Tidus," she said nervously.

"Uh ... okay, whatever," Rikku said casually as Yuna opened the car door and went out.

Knocking on Tidus' door, Yuna glanced at the watch on her wrist. 10 AM. 'Normally Tidus would be sleeping until noon, knowing him.' She thought. However, Tidus answered almost immediately.

"Yuna? What's up?" Tidus asked, wondering why she was at his house so early.

"Tidus!" Yuna said, astonished that he was up earlier then usually.

"Yuna!" Tidus said, trying to mimic the surprise and her voice.

Punching him playfully, she said, "Lulu, Rikku, and I are going to the mall to shop for clothes for the upcoming prom. Wanna come?"

Tidus paused, "I really wish I could Yuna, but I promised Wakka that I would practice blitzball with him at the new sphere pool that they built."

"Oh," Yuna said plainly. She seemed sad that he wasn't coming, and Tidus noticed.

"I'm really sorry Yuna … but a promise is a promise, right? You, of all people, should know that," he said softly, pointing to the bracelet she was wearing. (A/N: Don't worry; you'll know more about the bracelet later)

"It's okay. I'll see you on Monday then," Yuna said, walking back toward the car.

Tidus really felt bad after closing the door. 'Yuna had such a sad look in her face ... well ... I'll make it up to her. I'll find a way.'

"Hey Yunie! Tidus isn't coming either?" Rikku asked as Yuna climbed into the car.

"Nope, he isn't Rikku. I guess it's just the three of us!" Yuna said, gesturing toward herself, Rikku and Lulu.

"It might've been better this way anyway," Lulu muttered.

"Hey! I heard that! Doesn't it always seem funnier when Wakka and Tidus are around?" Yuna told Lulu.

"Yeah. Of course it is," Lulu replied.

A couple minutes later, they finall arrived at Besaid Mall. Lulu parked her car in the parking lot, and they wall got out of the car and started to walk to the entrance of the mall.

Just as soon as they were inside the mall, Rikku had a brilliant idea, "I know! Let's actually do something different in picking clothes for this prom. Like say I pick Yunie's clothes, Yunie picks Lulu's clothes, and Lulu picks my clothes!"

Yuna and Lulu looked at each other. Some brilliant ideas that Rikku had usually turned out to be a disaster.

Yuna made a decision, "It does sound a little fun, doesn't it Lulu? It would be a change of pace,"

Lulu was shaking her head, "Who know what you would pick for me, Yuna? You' like the bright type of clothing, and hate black. On the contrary, I love black."

"Then we'll just see how much we know each other!" Yuna said, laughing.

Lulu still seemed to not like the idea, but she gave in. "All right."

Rikku did some sort of a victory prom. Lulu didn't always agree to everything. "Yes! And, on another note, whatever we pick for each other, you HAVE TO WEAR TO THE PROM! Got it?"

Yuna and Lulu nodded.

"Well, let's go shopping then! Meet you guys at the food court in about... hmm... 3, 4 hours?" Yuna said. At Lulu and Rikku's nod, they all set off to different stores.

"Hmm, what would Yunie want?" Rikku said out loud. "Like Lulu said, she would want the bright type of clothing."

'That's what she would want.' Rikku thought mischievously. 'Yuna should try out some different kind of clothes once in a while! I know exactly what to buy.'

After a few hours of shopping, Rikku was finally done with Yuna's complete outfit. It consisted of a silver necklace, a dark blue dress that was very long, with a trail. The dress would also hang on her shoulders. And for shoes, Rikku bought silver sandals.

'Yunie would like this!' Rikku thought, laughing to herself.

Yuna was going from store to store, wondering what she would buy for Lulu. 'If I chose some bright color, Lulu would kill me.' Yuna winced at the thought of Lulu chasing her down and casting a Thundaga, Waterga, Firaga, or even a Blizzaga. 'Better stick to what she wants. Black would obviously be the choice.'

Yuna spotted a black dress at a near store. It was shorter then Lulu probably wanted though. 'Hmm ... maybe I should buy ... no ... I'm too young to get killed by a Thundaga spell!'

However, she went inside the store, knowing that there were probably longer dresses. Yuna smiled, knowing she spotted the right dress. It was black (naturally) and long enough to probably reach Lulu's ankles, at least. On its dress were just curved designs and it made the dress look simple, yet stylish. At another store, Yuna bought black high heels. 'After all, the shoes won't matter as much because it will hide under the dress .. Right?' Yuna thought, taking her chances.

Lulu was going from store to store, wondering what to buy Rikku. She couldn't make up her mind though, "I'm too busy worrying what Yuna bought for me to decide what to buy for Rikku. If she bought something that totally wasn't me, I hope she'll be hopping with joy when I cast a Thundaga spell on her ..."

With quick shopping and just buying whatever looked good to her, (Lulu was too worried) she bought Rikku a light green dress that had flowers over it. She bought black boots, and rushed out of the store fairly quickly. "I NEED to know what Yuna bought."

At the food court …

Yuna was the first one there. Sitting down at a table, she went through her purchases. "They look like an okay combination to me! Yevon, please let me live... please don't let Lulu HATE these!"

"Yunie! YUNIE!" Rikku cried.

"Rikku? Honestly. I could probably here you from twenty miles away!" Yuna said as Rikku sat down at their table.

"Sorry. But guess what? I think we should wait all the way until the prom to see what we bought for each other," Rikku said, grinning.

"WHAT! You never said that! I WANT to know what I got Rikku!" Yuna exclaimed.

"Patience, grasshopper. It would do ya good," Rikku replied.

"No!" Yuna tried to peek inside Rikku's bag.

"Hey! Rules are rules!" Rikku said, putting the bag under her chair.

The two had been so busy arguing, they didn't notice that Lulu was standing right behind them.

"What did you say Rikku?" Lulu said.

"We need to wait all the way until the prom comes 'till we can see what we bought for each other!" Rikku argued.

"But what if we HATE what we got?" Lulu asked.

"Well, then you're gonna have to trust your friends, you know!" Rikku said. "The game of trust! Don't you trust me Yuna?"

"... All right, you got me there Rikku. I DO trust you," Yuna said slowly.

"And Rikku wins this argument!" Rikku got up and started doing some sort of victory dance.

"Wait, its fine by you too Lulu?" Yuna asked.

"Sure, I guess its fine. You better have got me something good, Yuna. You know what I can do," Lulu said with a serious look on her face.

Yuna nodded.

"Once I get home, its back to bed for me! I love Saturdays …" Rikku said already dozing off.

"Rikku, go ahead and sleep. Oh, but no drooling on the seats," Lulu said, looking back at her as she got into the car.

"What! I do NOT drool!" Rikku said, offended.

Yuna laughed, as Lulu drove out of the parking lot and into the highway that would take them all home.

Little did they know what horrors would await there, in the highway.

They would never reach home the way they were now.

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