Summary : Harry finds out about Dumbledore hiding things from him and decides to take his life into his own hands. Angry Harry! Independent Harry!

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Chapter One : The Truth

It was Harry's day off from work. Harry has been working at a constrution site near by and he had developed a very good set of muscles. He now stood at 5' 9" with broad shoulders and a bronzed chest. He was in his room writing the letter that he was to send to the order every three days even though he knew that they were still fallowing him around. He knew this because of the smoke smell of Mung and the clank of Moody's leg that he heard when ever he went out of the house. He was still furious at Dumbledore about hiding the prophecy and telling him to quit his job after he got it 'For your own good' as Dumbledore put it. Harry had just sent his letter with Hedwig when he heard a crash down stairs. He went down stairs with his wand out and saw Aunt Petunia sitting on the floor crying. The phone was off the hook and it looked like Harry's Aunt had heard some bad news. He put his wand away and walked down the rest of the stairs. Harry helped Pitunia up and led her to the sofa where he got her to sit down. He sat with her and rubbed her back untill she calmed down. "What is wrong?" Harry asked.

Petunia took a few deep breaths and wiped her eyes. "I went to the store to get groceries but I did not have enough bank notes to pay for them. So I pulled out a credit card. The store said that it was over. I tried with all of them. They were all over. So I got what I could and came home. I just had a word with the bank. They said that our account is in the red. When I asked them about my husbands work check they said that he has not got one since his severance pay. Vernon lost his job and he did not tell me. What are we going to do now?" Petunia asked.

Harry thought about this new predicament that his family was in and had an idea. "Aunt Petunia, if you can get me to London, I can take care of this but Uncle Vernon can not find out about my helping with this problem. I do not wish to deal with him if he finds out about somethings my parents did for me before they died. Can you keep this secret?" Harry asked. Petunia nodded and got the keys to the car. They got into the car and Petunia turned it over and headed to London.

When they got to London Harry directed them to the Leaky Cauldron and had Petunia park the car near by. He led Petunia to the Leaky Cauldron and got her through the pub and into the back. He tapped the bricks to open the portal to Diagon Alley. Petunia looked around at all the shops that sold nothing but wizarding gear as Harry led her to the bank. "This is Gringotts. It is the wizaring bank so do not be alarmed by the people that run this bank. I have an account here and I will see what I can do for my family. Remember that Vernon can not know about this." Harry said as he led his aunt into the bank and up to the first open teller. "Griphook it is nice to see you again." Harry said to the goblin teller.

"Ah.. Lord Potter are you here for the will reading" Griphook asked.

"Will reading. What will reading?" Harry asked.

"That would be Sirius Orion Black's Will that is being read today. You were notified two weeks ago by a Gringotts owl that it will be read today in five minutes." Griphook said.

"I can assure you that I got no such letter, come to think of it I have not received any mail this summer. Griphook could you lead me to the will reading?" Harry asked.

"Of course Lord Potter. This way." Griphook said as he led Harry and his aunt to one of the doors around the lobby of the bank and down the hall.

"Griphook can you do something for me, sence I did not receive the letter about the will reading." Harry asked.

"Yes Lord Potter as long as it has to do with the bank I can do what ever you ask." Griphook said.

"Thank you Griphook. Can you get a copy of all the letters that Gringotts has sent to me over the years and tell me why you are calling me lord." Harry said.

"Of course I can get a copy of all the letters that you were sent and I am calling you lord because you received you signet ring two years ago from Dumbledore." Griphook said.

"My signet ring. Does it look like I have my Signet Ring." Harry said as he held out his hands for Griphook to look at. "I am rather upset. Not only have I not been informed about the will reading but it seems that Dumbledore has my signet ring and has not given it to me. Griphook along with those letters can you also have the books of my account checked into and see if you can find out about my signet ring." Harry asked.

"Yes Lord Potter I will have your accounts checked and I will find out about you signet ring myself." Griphook said.

"Accounts! How many accounts do I have?" Harry asked.

"You are the heir of one of the oldest and welthiest families in the wizarding world, Lord Potter. You have quite afew accounts and your account manager should have told you about them as he taught you how to manage the accounts yourself." Griphook said.

"Griphook who is my account manager?" Harry asked.

"That would be Dumbledore, sir." Griphook said.

Harry stopped and took several deep breaths as he tried to get himself back in control. "Griphook I have not been taught by Dumbledore anything to do with banking or being the heir of a wizarding family. Griphook this might be a little strange but can you be my account manager?" Harry asked.

This time it was Griphook's turn to stop and when he turned around to look at Harry he could see that Harry was serious about the request. "Lord Potter I would be honored to be named your account manager if you are sure about hiring a goblin to do this." Griphook said.

"Griphook I am not like other wizards. I personal could care less about the species of a person but if they can do the job asked of them and I have asked if you can do the job asked of you. If you do not feel that you can then just say so and I will find someone that can." Harry stated.

"I can do the job Lord Potter. I will be your accout manager." Griphook said.

"Thank you Griphook and please call me Harry." Harry said as he shook Griphook's hand.

"Very well Harry shall we get to the will reading." Griphook said and Harry nodded. They got to a door that was not completely closed and heard through the crack. "I am sorry to inform you that Harry said that he was unable to come to the reading." the voice of a person that Harry easily recognized as Dumbledore said. Just then Harry pushed open the door with a crash.

"I could have told you that I was able to come if I was informed of the reading. Griphook if everybody is here could you seal this room untill after the will is read and deal with the things that we talked about on the way here. I wish to have it all finished by the time that the reading is finished with." Harry said angrily.

"Of course Lord Potter." Griphook said with a smile as he closed the doors and sealed them. Harry looked around the room at who was there. He saw the Weasleys and Hermione there sitting at one end of the room. There was an empty chair beside them that he figured was for Dumbledore and sitting beside the chair was Hagrid and then Remus. At the other end of the room sat Narcissa Malfoy. Sitting beside her was Severus and beside him was Tonks. Then there were two empty chairs and then Draco sat in a chair. The last chair was right in front of him that was between Remus and Draco. Harry went and sat down in the chair between Draco and Remus and motioned to his aunt to sit in the only empty chair since Harry saw that the chair right next to Draco had a small child in it. The child was a cute little girl with golden white pigtails, slightly pointed ears, and pure green eyes. Her face was like a cherub and she was holding Draco's hand like a lifeline as she looked around her at all the strange people.

"Hello What is your name?" Harry asked the little girl. The girl looked frightened, she bit her lower lip and looked to Draco. Draco nodded his head at the girl and she looked at Harry.

"Angel. I am this many old." Angel said as she held up four fingers. "I like your pretty colours. They as pretty as Uncle Dragon's colours. Not all the colours here pretty but most are. Why she not have colours. The baby have colours but she does not. Why?' Angel asked.

Harry looked between Angel and aunt Petunia and asked "Baby?"

"I found out this morning that I am pregnant. What does she mean by colours?" Petunia asked.

"I am not sure but if I am right in assumeing. Angel does everybody here have colours but her?" Harry asked Angel while pointing at Petunia. Angel looked around the room and nodded. "It seems that my new cousin is magical. The colours that Angel sees is magic." Harry said bemused.

"Magic! But how no one in ether of our families is magical but your mother. How could I have a magical child?" Petunia said.

"Aunt Petunia. My mother was your younger sister, right." Harry said as Petunia nodded. "This is your second child, right." Harry said as Petunia nodded again. "I am going to have the goblins run a few magical blood tests on you and if I am correct then My mother was only the first magical child born into a magicaly denied family. Your second child will be the second one born into our family for who knows how long. I promiss to take care of all of you and my cousin to the best of my ablities. Ok." Harry said and Petunia nodded looking relieved.

Just as Harry fininshed speaking to his aunt the sound of someone clearing their throat could be heard comeing from behind him. When Harry turned around he saw the lady that Dubledore was talking with when he came in. She was about 5' 6" with a slight build, brown hair, and blue eyes. "Hello Mr. Potter my name is Margret Zabini. I am the Solicitor that Sirius Orion Black hired to write up his will. I am very glad that you were able to come today since Mr. Black has some provisions in his will that you have to be at the reading to get or they would have been nullified. I will need to talk to you in privet after the main reading. I have a office set aside to deal with that business. So if everybody can settle down we will begin." Margret said. As evrybody got settled Harry felt a strange sensation comeing from Draco. When Harry finally figured out that Draco was in pain he also realised that the child was blocking some of the pain. Harry then realised that Angel was not fully human. The eyes and ears Angel was one of the Sidhe, the people that most humans call Elves not like house elves but true Elves, and she was trying to help Draco with his pain. Harry was going to have to find out what happened to cause Draco that much pain but it would have to wait until after the will reading. Harry then noticed that he was starting to see colours around the people in the room and he was helping Angel with Draco's pain. Could he be Sidhe like Angel, Harry had to find out but he had to wait untill after the reading.

Next Chapter : Comes Out

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