What you are about to view was meant to remain secret, a secret of a secret program. A compilation of the official reports of the military officers that were present, historical records of alien stories, and the notes, journals, and transcripts of the official and unofficial accounts of civilians who were part of the events. I mean no treason or disrespect to any governments or peoples involved but the truth of this individual series of events are too astounding to be concealed. I have already revealed too much having published the events of other early missions before having positive contact with a ranking officer, but few read it and even fewer believed so I now reveal the last secret I will tell over the unreliable internet, weather to believe or not is your choice, but no matter what you believe or don't believe you have the information right here. Read it. Think about it. Be amazed by it. This is the most spectacular in a long line of unbelievable adventures about a top secret military team called SG-1