To Protect His Dream…

I stand on top of the cliff…staring at my twin brother. He stares back at me, a sad smile on his face that mirrors my own. It is fitting that I fight him here, at the same place our father fought his best friend before leaving this village…the same place where he met up again with his original team three years later…the same place where a part of his dream became real…

Together, as one, we activated our eyes, the special swirling red eyes that can see through any ninja technique and can only be achieved by those of our blood. The Uchiha blood. My hands trembled slightly as I took a kunai out of my leg holster. My brother, who looks so much like my father, scrutinized me with a frown. He hasn't realized ityet that the match is over…that he will win in the end. How can I fight and try to kill him when he is the spitting image of Otousan with his sharingan activated? It is better that I die…so that my brother, my best friend, can aid my father in his mission of redemption. It is better that I die…so that I don't remind otousan of okaasan. I have my father's dark hair, but my face and my eye color are that of my mother's. My brother, on the other hand, only has my mother's vivid green eyes.

We talked about it last night and came to the same conclusion. One of us has to achieve the Mangekyou Sharingan, the Kaleidoscope Sharingan that allows an Uchiha to enter into anyone's mind and manipulate thoughts and dreams within the blink of an eye. To do so means we have to kill our best friend. Fortunately and unfortunately for us, we were each other's best friend.

It is good that we won't be inflicting any sorrow on another family. It is good that we are keeping this as just an Uchiha business. It is good that one of us will be able to help our father out. Thus, we made a pact to fight each other, to the best of our abilities, so that one of us will get stronger…and the other one…won't die without a fight.

Gomen, oniichan…I have to break my promise…

"Put down your kunai." My brother shook his head and looked straight into my eyes, the three commas in each eye swirling dangerously. "Our best-that's what we promised each other last night. Chidori and nothing else."

I froze, thinking that he has seen through my act, but to my relief, he got into the Chidori stance and waited for me. He doesn't know. It's better this way…then he can't see the details. I'll just have to move my hand to a certain degree, and make sure to move my body so that he'll hit a vital organ…

A few quick hand seals, and both our palms were glowing with blue chakra, and the sound of a thousand birds drowned out the thundering of the waterfall between us. We both moved simultaneously, our chakra-covered feet slapping the water as we raced towards each other. Keep your eyes open, keep your eyes open…I chanted over and over in my mind.

Many things happened in half a second. My brother's eyes closed and he grimaced as he stretched out his hand to push the chidori into my body. My own hand, crackling with its own chidori, moved away so that my brother will live. And in that half a second, a body came in between us and took the full impact of my chidori along with my brother's chidori.

My eyes widened and the chidori dissipated in my hand. It was our sensei.

My brother, at this point, had opened his eyes. He started trembling as he saw the blood running from our teacher's body. Two holes on her body. Two twin chidori holes on her body. She turned to face him, and without flinching, enfolded him to her body, as she gently tugged on my own palm and embraced me as well.

"Oh my…"

I watched in disbelief as the high-level genjutsu that was covering her faded away. It was so tightly woven to her body that not even our Sharingan picked it up. I looked up to see my own brother's reactions. His mirrored my own.

Our sensei's gray hair faded to a light pink. Her eyes went from sky blue to vivid green. Emerald green. Our green. And her face changed, from a wrinkled old woman to much younger woman-around her 20s. Her face…looks just like mine.

Then, I felt a pressure on my shoulder and everything turned black…And only one thing kept on circling around my mind as my eyelids fluttered close was: Otousan, gomen, we just killed Okaasan…

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