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I fell for you the day I saw you. Your rumpled hair and cellotaped glasses, the imperfections caught me by surprise.

I tried to impress you with words and snobbery, riches, wealth and breeding and all you wanted was somebody kind. I didn't understand.

Such beautiful eyes I'd never seen. Such shyness and doubt I'd only ever heard of. If I could turn the clock back, give you what you wanted from the start, you'd be with me now. In whatever capacity that may be.

But you spurned me! Turned me down for a ragged redhead whose manners could rival those of a giants and whose tact is practically non-existent.

You admire his fire and passion, his bighearted and clumsy affection.

You spare not a glance for frosty longing.

How I hate you for that!

Draco Malfoy sat at his usual place at the Slytherin table, his eyes sweeping the Great hall casually until his eyes finally alighted on their target.

Nudging a goon (never mind which) he chuckled. "Seems Potty's nervous about the game!"

The goon grunted and carried on scoffing his face with, Malfoy noticed disdainfully seemed to be a mixture of strawberry jam and bacon.

"Of course he is Draco, you're his competition!"

"Why thank you Parkinson, at least somebody appreciates my worth!" He waited for someone to agree that they did too, nod their heads, even look up. Nobody did.

Sighing he went back to his breakfast, he was worth nothing until he beat Potter at something.

How he hated him for that!

Harry looked up, laughing at a joke Ron had just cracked abut the upcoming game, apparently the twins were going to come and visit and try to sell some flashing broomstick dye.

Letting his eyes dart about the hall disinterestedly he caught two pairs of eyes glaring icy daggers at him.

Hmm, wonder what's got Malfoy's knickers in a twist? He wondered momentarily, glancing at the clock as he did so.

"Hey guys I'll catch you after the game." He said rising form his seat and popping the last of his toast in his mouth and washing it down with pumpkin juice.

"Yeah, if we get to you before all of your fans spirit you away!" Ron said proudly.

Harry blushed and simply waved his goodbye as he walked off towards the great hall doors as Hermione chided Ron about forgetting to do is potions homework.

Swinging the doors open and walking casually out, he missed the narrow glare aimed at him from the Slytherin table.

Harry tilted his face up to the sun, enjoying the pleasant weather conditions, rare on a Quidditch day.

Smiling as the light breeze ruffled his hair in a brief caress, he concentrated on the Quidditch pitch hoping to catch a glimmer of gold and capture the snitch while Gryffindor was ahead in points.

Glancing down he laughed as he watched Malfoy narrowly miss a bludger that had come zooming his way, aimed mistakenly by his one of his own goons no less!

Glaring up at the irritating boy who was currently laughing at him, Malfoy tossed the his hair out of his eyes muttering, "Stupid Potter."

He watched as the other boy's unruly hair danced against his forehead as his feature's lit up, scowling he got back to his snitch hunting.

Suddenly a swift movement above him drew his attention and he realised Potter had seen the snitch!

Diving after and spurring his broom to maximum speed he followed the boy down trying to spot how far Potter was away from the snitch.

He didn't even see how close to the ground they were until Potter pulled up swiftly and he was left to meet the oncoming wall of smooth green turf.

A Wronski feint – typical.

Harry laughed exultantly as his fist closed around the golden-feathered ball and the crowd roared around him.

This was what it was all about! This was an achievement Harry had made. Not Harry Potter, not the boy who lived not Potty or scarhead but Harry.

Floating gently down to the pitch he tried to grimace at the indent Malfoy's body had left in the grass earlier.

"Harry! Smiling as Ron rushed towards him, leaping over the stands to get to him before the rest of the school did he waved and ran towards him to make journey shorter for Ron.

"That Wronski feint was bloody brilliant! Did you see how Malfoy slammed into the ground? Fucking splat!"

"Weasley! Curtail your tongue!" Professor McGonagall rapped sharply through a smile, she loved it when her house won!

"Sorry Professor, come on Harry! The twins promised to get us supplies for the celebration party!"

Green eyes twinkled at him as a soft hand reached for him in the darkness, "Oh you know you love me!" a voice laughed.

Malfoy awoke with a start, his own hand half reaching out for the other.

Taking in his surroundings he realised that once again Potter had put him in the infirmary. He scowled.

Reaching for the glass of water he knew would be on the bedside table he grimaced at his sore limbs and contemplated the familiar dream in the safety of darkness.

His every sleeping moment was dominated by dreams of Potter. He was always there, even, it appeared in his dreams.

How he hated him for that!

"Oh you know you love me!" a voice laughed.

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