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"Why do you fight it?"

Lucius Malfoy twisted his head away on the bed to look at the far wall as the creature above him tried to get him to respond to him.

"You never usssed to fight." He said leaning closer to the blond man's ear.

"You never used to be a monster."

"Fool!" The dark lord threw the other man from him roughly, heedless of the rough stone floor scraping Lucius's bare skin.

"Hypocrite!" He hissed, "I've sseen you in your best momentss Lucius, killing, maiming, raping. You love it all! My actions cannot be sso abhorrent to you!"

"I do love it, but we don't do it for the cause anymore, we do it to get closer to Potter, everything we do is for Potter! You are obsessed and now look at you, look at what you've become in the search for immortality…you sicken me!" He spat.

"Ssilence! I will not have thiss insssubordination!" Lord Voldemort circled Lucius his wand outstretched, his hand shaking in his fury.

"I aught to kill you for your insssolence. Give me one reasson why I should not!"

The senior Malfoy's hair came down to shield his face for view.

"I have no such reason."

The creature above him stood for a moment, wand still outstretched, red eyes widening, and the curse on the tip of his tongue.

"Av-" Voldemort began, he stopped took a breath and seemed about to say the curse again but, it seemed to no avail.

"Aghh!" Angrily he threw his wand from him and hauled Lucius to his feet.

"And what of your sson? Iss he not a reason to live?"

Lucius stood proudly, unconcerned by his nudity; "I would walk to the ends of the earth for my son. But he is but a small light in the darkness."

The scarlet gaze narrowed, before the dark lord threw the blonde away from him once more.

"Go, you disgust me with your depression and lack of self worth. GO!"

Gathering his cloths quickly Lucius left with his usual dignity.

Voldemort sighed, placed his hands on the armoire before him and closed his eyes.

He hadn't moved and was still like this half an hour later when a house elf popped in to notify him of another's arrival.

It's crucio'd induced screams rang throughRiddle manor shortly after.

Lucius collapsed into a chair before the fire in his study with a glass, not deigning to acknowledge the lone tear that finally slid down his marble like cheek.

"Malfoy seems to be avoiding you Harry."

"So?" Harry growled plucking savagely at the grass beneath his fingertips not bothering to glance at the frizzy haired girl as she spoke again.

"Well it's not normal is it? Don't tell me you haven't noticed?"

Harry shrugged, actually he had noticed. It pissed him off and was actually making his relationships with other people suffer.

Hermione seemed to have picked up on it to apparently, "It seems to me that now you no longer have Malfoy to spar with you have no way to…vent."

Harry scoffed, "Gees Hermione he's not so important that his absence would affect my life drastically."

She shrugged, "I'm not saying he's important, just that you've been really moody the past couple of days and it's probably because you release all your negativity when fighting with Malfoy and now he's not around it's building up and being released in bursts on unsuspecting people. Besides neither of you won your last fight and it's not good just to leave these things hanging."

Harry grunted and continued to savagely mow the lawn with his fingers despite the fact that Hermione was actually encouraging physical violence.

"You know what you should do Harry?" Ron said suddenly sitting up from his sunbathing and staring intently at Harry.


"You should challenge him to a fight, you know, work off your stress."

Harry stared at him, "Right, so I should just walk up to him and say 'Hey Malfoy I'm feeling a little tense, meet me in such and such a place in twenty minutes and let me beat the shit out of you until I fell better. What do you say?'" Harry laughed, "Cause I'm sure that would go down a treat."

"No I don't mean do it like that, just you know, next time you see him rile him up a bit, get him so angry he'd agree to an official fight. Perhaps if you have a face off once and for all and pulverise him, he'll be to humiliated to ever bother us again."

Harry nodded but didn't think much of the idea.

"What he says does have merit." Hermione hinted.

Harry looked at her incredulously, "Why are you encouraging this?"

"Because I can't stand you wondering around like a bear with a sore head all the time, besides I'm not THAT much of a goody two shoes you know." She said rearranging her legs and raising her chin several notches.

Both Ron and Harry stared at her with their mouths open.

"What?" She asked defensively.

Malfoy checked the classroom carefully before breathing a sigh of relief and slipping through the door to settle in his seat. He knew he was being foolish by avoiding Potter but his revelations of a few days ago were still bothering him greatly. Despite himself he was starting to catch himself checking Potter out more and more and likening him to the young boy he'd met in Madame Malkins.

Potter was still relatively small but his build was supple and sturdy as a seeker's build should be. His hair was still sleek and black and just as unkempt but now he had the slightest of tans to accent his green gaze.

Basically he was still as breathe taking, as he was the first time Malfoy saw him and he was shocked that he had forgotten and overlooked it.

He had a theory that perhaps before his realisation he had associated Potter with bad feelings and experiences. Therefore he himself, looks and all would be a reminder of bad things.

But now everything had been turned upside down.

He looked up as more people entered the room and literally forgot to breathe.

Potter was looking moody, his face dark and threatening… and it went straight to Malfoy's cock.

He does not effect me, I do not have a boner over Potter, Dumbledore and Flitwick…eugh no, I don't have a boner

"Oy Malfoy!" Malfoy froze as he heard Potter yelling at him. Glancing back down the hallway he saw Potter casually sauntering up to him.

"Stalking me again Potter?" He said with a raised brow.

"Why? You scared of me Malfoy?" Harry asked, a smirk playing about his chiselled, pink lips.


"Then why are avoiding me?" Harry said leaning against the far wall.

"I'm not! Besides what's it to you if I am? It's not like you care what I do."

Harry looked at his nails disinterestedly, "Your right I don't, it's just fun to taunt you when your obviously scared shitless of me, look at you. I can practically see the piss running down your legs."

Malfoy couldn't help the growl that escaped his throat, "You think I'm scared of you Potter?"

Harry tried to ignore his reaction to the growl, it so wasn't anything to do with his sudden affinity to males.

"I don't think so, I know so"

"I'm… not scared of you Potter!" Malfoy seemed to be having trouble stringing his words together he was so angry. His large vocabulary seemed to have deserted him.

"Oh yeah?" Harry said pushing himself away from the wall and moving to stand casually in front of the other boy.

"Then prove it, meet me by the Quidditch stands tonight and we'll finish what we started the other night…before you ran off like the wet pussy you are that is."

Malfoy said "Fine, I'll be there!" and Harry smirked as he saw the Slytherins fist clench as he tried to restrain himself from punching Harry right there and then. A good idea as they were currently standing next to a class that was in session.

"Eight a clock Malfoy, don't be late." Harry called over his shoulder as he walked away.

Harry made his way to the Quidditch pitch at ten to eight. Despite his earlier protests he'd come to think that Ron's idea was pretty good and before he knew it he was challenging Malfoy as easily as if he'd planned it.

He couldn't help but snigger at how easily Malfoy had taken the bait. It had been too easy.

Quietly he made is way onto the Quidditch pitch and moved casually to lean against the Ravenclaw stands.

He didn't have to wait long, soon he could make out Malfoy's figure picking its way towards him in the moonlight. He pretended he didn't notice how gorgeous he looked bathed in the lunar glow.

"Eager much Potter?" Malfoy smirked as he came abreast of Harry, taunting him about his early arrival.

"Using the small talk to prolong the time in which your face remains intact Malfoy?"

"You wish."

"Well then," Said Harry removing his outer robes. "What are we waiting for?"

"Nothing," Said Malfoy also removing his outer robes and laying them neatly off to the side before taking up a fighting stance.

They moved together, circling as they went out a little way onto the pitch.

Harry threw the first punch, hitting Malfoy squarely on the cheek, the other boy's head snapping back viciously from the blow.

Slowly the Slytherin brought his head foreword and spat blood from the corner of his mouth, never breaking Harry's gaze, before taking the Gryffindor by surprise and dealing him a vicious punch to the nose.

Harry went down and Malfoy followed him, straddling Harry and hitting him once more on each cheek.

Harry's eyes were glittering green murder at Malfoy as he flipped them and smacked Malfoy hard on the jaw before Malfoy kicked him off.

It became primal as they faced each on their knees, grabbing and tearing at clothing, hair and skin, each trying to get the other off balance.

Soon they were practically embracing as Malfoy's ruined shirt slipped off him and Harry made five long, deep scratches on his back with his fingernails.

Malfoy and tried to punch Harry, but was stopped as Harry grabbed his fist in his hand and brought Malfoy closer with the hand that had scratched at his back and crushed his lips against the other boy's fiercely.

Harry didn't have a fucking clue what he was doing, all he knew was that the sight of Malfoy arching his neck like that and screaming, his pale chest rippling in the moonlight had flicked something in Harry's brain.

Malfoy fell backwards as Harry leaned over him, bracing himself on his forearms and licking hungrily at the blood on Malfoy's cheek.

Again it was primal and basic as they bit and sucked at each other lips, raking nails down bare chests and clutching at any part of the others body they came across as if to keep themselves grounded.

Harry had actually got so far as to unbuckle the other boy's belt before a sound startled him and he let go of Malfoy's lower lip to raise his head and investigate.

On discovering it was simply a Slytherin banner flapping in the breeze he looked down and was treated to the sight of Malfoy, lips wet and red, eyes lidded and looking up at him with a dazed expression on his bruised and bloody face.

Reality hit him with a brutal smack and he hurriedly raised himself off of the blonde boy.

Grabbing his robes he took one look back at the Slytherin and saying outwardly calmly, "This never happened Malfoy." And sauntering off as if he hadn't a care in the world.

Malfoy let his head drop back onto the grass with a sigh.

Bollucks…I actually AM in love with Potter