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'thinking' (unless a person's P.O.V)



Sapphire sky and emerald green grass and tree's greeted the eyes of people. Flowers of all colours popped out, reaching to the sun. Some people take all this for granted…technology…nature… Little did one teenager know that this would be their last day.

"See ya Sheila! We'll work on our project tomorrow and maybe we can have a sleepover and pizza!" A girl waved to another girl.

"Yes, see you soon Chantel! And we HAVE to play Ocarina of Time!" This came from a green and blue clad blond girl.

Her forest green eyes watched as her friend walked the opposite way to her van. She put her headphones on over her pony tail and blasted the music. She walked for a few minutes until she started humming along to one.

"La la la la la, laa laaaa…Temple of Time…I wonder…" She fingered her pendant. It was a Triforce. She was wondering about the sales clerk said to her that afternoon.

"Today starts a journey that marks your destiny…good luck and may Din, Nayru and Faore be with you…Sheila" A woman with blue hair and eyes said. There was a red-haired girl and a green-haired girl working in the back.

"H-hey! How do you know my name? And who are you?" Sheila asked. She put the pendant over her head.

"We over heard your friend call you that. That is your name correct? Sorry if we startled you." Said the green-haired girl.

"Nah…it's ok. See you again soon! If you have anything like this again, give me a call and I'll buy it!" Sheila left and she and her friend departed.

"I just hope that girl will be safe. You'll be seeing us sooner than you think Star." Said the red-haired woman. The other two nodded.

However, Sheila did not know what the Red-hared woman said.

"Hey! Listen!" A blue orb attempted to wake a green clad boy. The boy just turned over, facing away from the orb. "Come ON! The Great Deku Tree and Tavi are waiting for us!"

Sheila fingers left her pendant as her eyes strayed to a blue object on the sidewalk. She pulled of her earphones (which was still playing 'Temple of Time') and picked up the object. It was an ocarina…no. Wait. The Ocarina of Time.

"What in the name of…this is a…" 'And Ocarina of Time? But it's just a game! Wait…' On closer inspection, it had a golden band around the mouth piece, and a Triforce was outlined in silver. 'Whoever made this…it feels real…but they totalled the look. It's supposed to be GOLD, not SILVER! Whatever. I'm keeping it.'

She pocketed it and put her ear phones back on. The track changed to the opening song.

"Hey mom, hey Dad! Sorry I'm late but we went to this really, REALLY cool shop. What's for dinner?" Sheila kicked off her shoes and took off her back pack, removing her MP3 player from the bag. She hugged her mom and dad before washing her hands and sitting at the table.

"Well, for once it is steak, mushroom rice (AN: mushroom rice is regular rice with cream of mushroom mixed in. Try it, it's good.) and broccoli. How was your day?" She tool the pot off the stove and put it on the table.

"Yeah, it was good. Me and Chantel went to the mall and this really cool shop opened up. I bought a really neat pendant there." Sheila dug into her steak, chewed and swallowed.

"Yes, well next time you decide to go somewhere, please let us know." Her mother said. Sheila nodded.

"I did! I did! You must of not heard the message! Anyways thanks for dinner, it was really good!" Record time for dinner, 4 minutes and13 seconds. Putting her plate and cutlery in the sink, Sheila went upstairs to her room.

"Come on Link…we'd better go tell Saria that the Great Deku tree has died…" Navi said.

"Don't forget! We have to find a weird girl too remember!" Tavi, a red fairy said. Tavi was Navi's sister.

"Yeah, yeah….'she shall help you in your quest for Hyrule'…" this came from Link. "I just wonder how a GIRL can help. I'll bet 15 rupees that she'll scream at a spider!" All three burst into laughter before they exited the clearing.

Sheila's P.O.V.

"Lessee…I have my MP3 player…30 tubes of chap stick…10 packs of batteries with 4 in each pack…GameBoyAdvance, and GameBoyAdvanceSP…" This was an interesting homework assignment…

"Ok class…for your homework today, please bring a back pack filled with things you'd like to bring to…ah…Hyrule so to say if you ever somehow managed to get there. Please be creative." Mr Tribe said as he wrote down ALL their homework. It was my last class of the day, a sort of another Homeroom thing. Mr Tribe was a BIG Legend of Zelda fan. So was the class. Chantel started talking to me but I never really heard her.

"-and then I said-"


"What! I was just talking!"

"Yeah! AND I WASN'T LISTINING!…ok. Now that I have your attention, wanna go to the new shop that opened up lately down the street? I heard it's a gamer's heaven. Hard to find collectables!"

"Ohhh!" She squealed. "ALRIGHT! LET'S MOSEY ON THE DOUBLE!"

"Yup…a gamer's heaven! And at least 3 days' worth of cloths…My CD case…Uh…suckers" SOMONE TELL ME WHY WOULD I NEED SUCKERS? Uh 'cuz they are yummy? Yeah, I know. Arguing with my self…what else! "10 Packs of Bubble Gum, favourite nail polish," Gotta get some more metallic blue "Personal stuff, picture of family, a few novels, drawing books…Yeah I think that's it." That and a few more items. Eh, time to hit the sack. "Nigh Mom, night Dad. See ya in the morning!"

I went down stairs and gave them a hug goodnight. Remembering that day, it was the last time I hugged them. Well, for awhile.

Sleep…Wonder what Chantel put in her bag…

I succumbed to the depths of sleep.

Normal P.O.V.

"Hey! Look at that!" Navi shouted, flying over to a blue glowing circle. Link and Tavi hurried over.

"What IS it?" Questioned Link. He shifted the extra Kokiri sword. He supposed that was for the 'girl' he was saposed to find.

"I dunno, but why don't we wait here for a few minutes and see what happens?" Sugested Tavi. So, they got comfortable and waited.

Sheila's P.O.V.

"What's going on?" I voiced. I was surrounded by darkness. I stumbled along until I found a glowing blue circle of light.

I cluched the Ocarina of Time I found that day. I fell asleep with it cluched to my chest.

"Child…The Hero of Time will need the Chosen One's aid in his quest for Hyrule."

I laughed. "'Chosen One'? Hah! 'Chosen One' my ass! I'm just an ordinary girl! What can I do!" I can't do diddly squat. What a weird dream this is. Any moment I'll wake up and this WILL be a dream.


"Feh! Link saved Hyrule, all by himself in the game! HE DOES NOT exist!" No matter how much I wish he and Hyrule did. This has to be one of the most interesting and coolest dreams ever.

"As I said before, this is NOT a dream. Now,step into the glowing circle and play the Song of Time and you shall be transported to our world. Please, keep that ocarina disgused unless you really need to use it."


"You'll figure it out…eventually"

"I hate you at the moment. Can I bring my back pack with me?"

"I supose so. It can't hurt. NOW HURRY UP AND PLAY THE SONG!"

Sheesh…grumpy. I played it twice and got it right on the third try. I found myself falling in that circle. I did not see myself pass into their demention.

Link's P.O.V.

"Come on guys. We've been here for about half an hour and NOTHING has happened." I said. The fairied agreed with me. But just before we left a big taking owl stoped us.

"Hoot hoot! You might wish to stay a little longer. The girl is coming." He said and then flew off.

I huffed and then sat back down. "Well, you heard the owl. We wait." I really didn't want to wait for too much longer…but like he said. We have to wait.

Normal P.O.V.

Link's thoughts were broken by the faires shouting. He rushed over to where they were hovering around…a girl. She quickened his pace and checked her for a pulse. 'Good, she's breathing.' his eyes stayed to her face and hair.

'She looks like a Hylian… pointed ears, blond hair. I'd guess she's around 8 or so…' his eyes made their way to her cloths and a strange bag of sorts. 'Those are weird cloths…they seem to be too big for her. I'd better get her to Saria fast.'

Link picked up her bag and then carried her back thru the log to Saria's house.

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