Buyo Was a Guardian Cat

An InuYasha fanfic with a hint of Sailor Moon flavoring

Summary: I checked out a Buyo web page and decided to write a one shot Buyo fanfic because this overweight neko deserves love too. Basically this is a one shot story about how Buyo was a guardian cat and why he isn't one now. Yes I am taking some artistic licensing on this story.

Disclaimer: La, la, la I can't hear you!

Once upon a time before Kagome was even though of, before InuYasha was a pup there were the Sailor Senshi and their three cat guardians: Luna, Artemis and Buyo. Yes, Buyo was one of the sailor senshi's guardian cats. He is just never mentioned in the anime because the fact was never recorded in history like Luna and Artemis's roles. Also, while Queen Serenity sent Luna and Artemis to recover their memories and help them to find the inner senshi to fight evil again Buyo managed to lose his memories of the Silver Millennium and was picked up by Sota when he was just a kitten.

Luna and Artemis had known eachother since kitten hood. They were sleek and agile. They were eachother's confidents and they could talk. They had computer smarts so they were always emailing eachother, or going online to do all sorts of other things.

Buyo never learned how to talk. He wasn't sleek and agile. He also lacked the yellow crescent moon on his forehead and the computer smarts that were necessary to be a guardian cat. Buyo barely meowed let alone talked. He was over weight and clumsy. Instead of being a single color with a yellow crescent moon on his forehead, Buyo was a calico with bright blue eyes. He was different and he felt like an outcast, but he tried to do his job regardless of what he lacked. Princess Serenity fell in love with the little clumsy cat because he reminded her of herself in many ways, especially the clumsiness and the fact that she also felt like an outcast at times. However, Serenity had the senshi to help teach her how to be a proper princess and fellow senshi, Buyo had no one to teach him how to be a proper guardian because Luna and Artemis usually treated him as a third wheel.

As time went on Luna and Artemis grew closer and neatly edged Buyo out of his role as guardian cat. Buyo in return left the moon kingdom all together and that was just fine with Luna and Artemis. However, they forgot that without the third guardian cat the moon kingdom was easily susceptible to invasions from their enemies. Which is obviously what happened when the sunspots appeared that fateful year when the Moon Kingdom fell to the dark Kingdom ruled by Queen Beryl.

Now, I know what you're all going to say, those who know about Sailor Moon and how Queen Serenity used the last of her power to send Luna Artemis and the inner senshi to a new life on earth. Well, she never would have had to do that in the first place if Luna and Artemis hadn't been so mean to Buyo.

So the years past, Luna and Artemis arrived on earth with no memories of the third cat who had helped them during the Silver Millennium and immediately began their tedious hard work of finding and retraining the senshi.

Buyo on the other hand, he was justly rewarded by having an easy life with Kagome and her family. Even when InuYasha showed up and began to pick on him mercilessly. He always remembered that it could be worse. He could be Luna trying to train Usagi all over again.


Well, that's done and over with. It was fun to write too. I hope everyone enjoys it. Especially Hoowee who's site I hope this will be on. And Zelda Chic who I hope enjoys this story even though it doesn't have InuYasha in it.