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Chapter One

All Great Things Must Be Interrupted

'Yet another day that was peaceful. My fellow Titans and I have been so bored lately' Starfire wrote down in her diary. 'Raven has finally stopped meditating, and is spending a lot of time reading out on the living area. Beast Boy and Cyborg are constantly playing their video game. Robin has been spending much of his time working out, which leaves me alone with my thoughts.' Star bit the end of her pen as she thought of the next sentence. 'I miss my friends, especially Robin. I wish he would figure out my true feelings. Robin was my very first friend when I came to Earth. My compassion for him is very strong.' She closed her book and set it aside for the day. It was about noon and the strange sound of silence was felt over the entire Tower. The feeling was sort of unusual, because Cyborg and Beast Boy were usually fighting over what game to play or who was cheating. She got up and walked gracefully to her vanity, sat down and brushed her hair. Star smiled at her reflection. She didn't consider herself pretty, but usually her friends would say something, mostly Robin. Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door.

"Enter" Starfire stood up.

"Hi, Star." Robin entered the room with something hidden behind his back.

Starfire smiled. "Salutations Friend! What has brought you here?" She paused and looked at him. "What is behind your back?" Robin smiled and pulled out a dozen of purple tulips. "Oh! Robin."

"Since it's been boring, I thought you and I could go into town and watch a movie or go out to the arcade." Star's cheeks turned red.

"Oh! I would love to!" Starfire floated to the ceiling. "Wait, what about the others?"

"BB and Cyborg are looking into renting a few games for the night and Raven's out at this little cafe where they read depressing poetry. I'm bored and I know you are too. I thought we could...yaw know...go out on a date?"

"The dating experience would be eternally gratifying. Am I supposed to change?"

"I thought we could just go in our street clothes, act like average teenagers tonight."

"What is an average teenager?" Starfire pondered. Robin smiled. He always forgot that Star was from the planet Tamaran. The differences between the two planets' customs were great.

"Well...let's see." Robin headed for her closet and opened it. Inside were very few clothes. Robin's eye spotted a pretty, pale green, knee length dress. "Try this on," he handed it to her along with a pair of sandals. "When you're ready, come down to my room. I'm going to change as well." Robin smiled at her once more before walking out the door. Star's heart raced rapidly. Was this a dream? She pinched herself-nope not dreaming. She smiled as she undressed and slipped into her outfit. It was remarkable how the color went well with her hair. Though she usually kept it down, just tonight and just for Robin, she would wear it up. Starfire pulled her hair up into a bun, with some loose hair to frame her face. She put her sandals on and twirled in front of her mirror, before skipping out of her room and into the hallway.

Moments later Star knocked on Robin's door.

"Just a second!" she heard him call out. The door slid open seconds later. There he stood in a pair of blue jeans and a tight black t-shirt. This wasn't what Star was staring at, but the fact that he wasn't wearing his mask.

"What?" he shrugged his shoulders.

"Your mask. You are not wearing it." Starfire had never seen him without his mask on. She looked at his eyes. Such a pretty dark blue.

"Oh! I thought I could use I night without it." Robin smiled, walking out into the hallway. He then got a better look at Star. "Man, Starfire! You look great," she smiled at him, "That dress matches your eyes."

"Thank you." they smiled at each other for a minute or so before Robin reached for her hand.

"Well, let's go. I thought we could take my motorcycle." Star didn't argue. She knew she could just fly them their faster, but to hold on to him while he drove his bike! She wasn't going to give up any good chances with him. "Is that all right?"

"Of course." she answered with a smile still on her face. She was a little nervous when Robin started up the bike. The motor's energy pulsed between her inner thighs as she clung tight to him. The feeling was intoxicating-she wished it would happen again soon. While driving around town, the pair came across a fair going on at a beach on the outskirts of town. Starfire was excited, since she had never experienced the multitudes of people, laughing, enjoying various forms of entertainment that Starfire struggled to comprehend. The two enjoyed themselves immensely. Star held maybe a little to tight inside the haunted house, and she feared she had lost Robin in the mirror maze. Later on, with the sunlight seeming to fade, they crossed a man claiming that Robin couldn't ring the bell on a 'test-your-strength' game. Robin couldn't resist proving the man wrong. He walked up, grabbed the dumb-bell, and whacked the lever with all his might. The man running the game was shocked, and gave Robin a big teddy bear with a green bow tie, which he gave to Starfire.

Darkness overtook the sun and the stars came out to play, and the moon shown high above the couple. They chatted about everything that came to mind, mostly about all the villains that they had defeated, and their best memories. Star looked at Robin and smiled. The entire afternoon was a great memory, all on its own.

"Thanks for going out with me," Robin said, "I haven't had this much fun since...I can't remember."

"I should be in gratitude to you, Robin, for escorting me out. You were right, I was bored."

"Star, I have to be honest. This isn't the real reason I wanted you to go with me tonight," she looked with confusion at him. Robin took in a deep breath of fresh air and turn to face her. "I don't know if you feel the same way, though. Starfire, I...I...l-"

"There you two are," they heard Cyborg call out. They looked towards the road to see their three comrades in Cy's new car. "It's late and you two don't..." he paused for a moment, "Hey! Robin, where's your mask?"

"Must have left it at home," Robin slumped. "What do you guys want?" Beast Boy hopped out of the car and skipped over to them.

"It's movie night! We always get together on Movie night. It' a tradition."

Star got up and brushed the sand off her dress.

"Then we must go." She pulled Robin up. "Come Robin it is tradition."

"I guess," he scratched his head, "We'll be right behind you guys."

"Don't be late," BB open the passenger side door. "We're starting the popcorn when we get home."

Robin and Starfire walked together back to his bike. He was a little hurt that once again he didn't have a chance to speak his mind and tell Star about how he felt. The day wasn't all a loss-he did have fun.

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