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Chapter Five

Mandy was packing her bags in her small room, ready to leave, along with everyone else. After the catastrophe just a week ago, everyone was now moving back into the real world. No more would their writings plague their heroes dreams.

Brittany, she found out later, had done her job well. The young girl had stumbled upon the bright pink castle and had led everyone to it, keeping them distracted for a long time. When the Heads found about the castle, they themselves went to the Main Control Room, and Mandy looked at them for the first time. They were… well, they were actually not that impressive. Especially compared to Aragorn and Legolas. But then again, they were only fan fiction writers.

The Heads were furious when they saw what had been added, and once they fixed it, they found out what had happened to all of the computers. This had been the last straw. This place was already having problems managing, but after this… they could not live here anymore. And it was at that moment when they ordered everyone out.

So here she was, packing. She was never found out, and for that, she was happy. She was even happier that now people called her 'Mandy' due to Brittany's insistence to pretty much everyone around her. And what made her happiest was that she got a new coffeemaker. Life couldn't be better.

She hoped that Aragorn and Legolas were doing as well as her.


And indeed, they were. Legolas could finally, after many long years of restless nights, get some well-deserved rest and dreamless sleep. His spirits had risen, and the change on the elf prince overnight was seen by all who knew him. He laughed more, smiled often, and was just an overall more cheerful person. This, in turn, made his parents very happy, which made the whole of Mirkwood happy. Everyone was very, very happy.

In Rivendell, things were about the same. Aragorn caught up on some much needed rest, and he too went through a change in attitude. It was as if he were 30 years younger; as if he were still Estel of Rivendell instead of Aragorn, son of Arathorn, Isildur's heir. He did not look as tired, nor act as grim as he used to be.

The people of these two realms wondered what had happened to the two, but thought not too much about it. After all, they were happy, and there is nothing bad in that.

As Aragorn lay his head on his pillow one night, he smiled. No more disturbing dreams to keep him awake. No more thoughts of torture and pain. No more 'fan fiction', as he recalled Mandy calling it. Yes, they had moved. They were back in their own world, and he was in his.

And the heir of Isildur slept a dreamless sleep.

Preview for The Sequel:

Something has happened…

"Up on your feet, tark!"

And history has rewritten itself…

Once he was down, it was but a moment before Aragorn had fallen as well.

And now, doom is soon to come to their world…

He looked up at the Black Gate and tried to keep the fear out of his eyes. There was no chance of survival now.

Unless if another can help them.

"Legolas, it's nice to see you and all, but I really need some sleep. So… go away."

And with a band of unlikely heroes, maybe they can set the course of time straight…

"I swear if you don't get out of bed right now I'm leaving without you!"

"Leave without me, then!"

"You stupid little brat- hey! DON'T TOUCH THE COFFEEPOT!"

That is, of course, if they can survive their world.

"I said to look both ways before crossing for a good reason! Now let's get you inside so you can watch some safety videos... yes, safety videos. Come on now. Inside. Now... INSIDE ALREADY BEFORE I HAVE TO DRAG YOU!"

Rewritting Time
By Ainu Laire
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