Author's Notes: So these are just really random drabbles. I have no idea how often they'll come, but, just whenever I get an idea I suppose. Hope you enjoy!

All info in first chapter!

Who would have guessed that Abby Scuito had pink toenails? Certainly not Timothy McGee. They were getting ready for work one morning, and he had happened to glance down as she was slipping on her socks.

"Hey uh, Abs?" He asked, amused. She looked over at him curiously, and he glance down at her toes once more.

She grinned and glared playfully at him. "You tell anybody McGee, and I will kill you." He just laughed, and she stuck her tongue out at him.

Abby Scuito was definitely not like other girls. And he thanked God for that every day.