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Another Juvenile Little Oneshot

P-chan was wandering through a pasture and took a drink from a stream to satisfy his thirst. It had been the longest that he had spent in a desert, or was that a string of deserts? If only he hadn't spilled the gas for his little camp stove when he had changed three days ago. "Ranma, its all your fault." Except it came out as an "oink snort". After filling up on water until he sloshed nature's call came and he answered, hiking his leg like a dog. He groaned in relief, when, a jolt hit him in his little piggy pride and joy. "BwEE-EE-Uh-EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" and he toppled over, though toppled was odd to apply to such a short animal, onto his back and lay twitching in a growing puddle of urine.

Two days later, Nabiki came into the living room and gave Akane an odd look. "Akane, P-chan is back and he sure is acting weird. He wandered around in circles, checking out the yard, and lay on his belly and peed all over himself. 'You' get to clean him up."

"Euwww! Ranma, you clean him up, perverts shouldn't mind messes."

"Whaddaya mean Akane? I ain't no pervert and pork butt is your pig" 'Maybe she'll finally find out 'Youga's been sleeping in her bed.'

Akane carried the urinous little pig to the furo, holding him by the bandana at arms length. She washed the pig off with cold water and flea shampoo, complaining about how Ranma should have been doing this. She also complained about the lack of hot water, to which P-chan sighed in relief. Once he was clean, she set him in the furo to keep him from wandering off while she reached for the towel. The water level in the furo only came up to just under his belly, so no treading water. As Akane swung about to pick up P-chan she accidentally knocked her father's radio into the tub. "Buhwee-EEE-uhEEEE-UhEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" 'Not again!EEEEEEEEEE!' went the little pig.

"Oops, sorry P-chan." As she pulled the plug. "I'll make it up to you. I know! I'll fix you up a special meal to calm you down." P-chan just lay there with crossed legs, a glazed look and smoke coming out of his ears. 'Ranma this is all your fa…." The tantalizing smell of bacon filled the bath room.


A/N Well, a friend and I once saw a dog urinate on an electric fence. The poor s.o.b never hiked hi leg again and would literally lay on the ground to urinate. Pavlov would have convulsed with laughter. We did.