This is for Kaladelia Undomiel, who wanted me to write a fic about Eowyn and Faramir together. You rock! This is a sequel (well, kind of) to The Healing of the Heart, but you do not have to read the other story to understand this one. Slightly AU.


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Chapter One: The Star

They say that stars are beautiful. That is true. They say that stars are bright. That also true. They say that stars are free. That is not true. At least… not to her.

To her, the stars were captives, captives to the endless repetition called reality. They were locked forever in the same place in the sky, ever moving in the same direction. They were slaves to the minds of people, who always looked upward, always marveled at their brilliance, always placed them as an unreachable dream, something so far away and seemingly perfect that it did not hurt to worship them, love them. They were the human idea of perfection, a wild, awe-inspiring part of nature. But no one saw stars for what they truly were.

She was a like a star. She was marveled at, worshipped, and, in an innocent, indirect way, loved. But no one saw her for what she truly was: a young woman, confused and frightened.

When she had been a little girl, she would often walk outside during the night to stare at the stars. But she did not gape at them, acting like they were something that they were not. Instead, she would often, in the most private section of her mind, talk with them. Not truly, of course, but she would imagine their replies to her questions, her pleas. The stars were the only ones that understood her. They were the only ones that knew what it was like to be the White Lady of Rohan.

Eowyn had grown up wild, learning to ride and fight like a man. She had had distant hopes of someday becoming a warrior, a noble hero of her country. But in the end, she would come face to face with the truth of her life, the confines of her prison. Eowyn, of the royal family of Rohan, would never go to war.

She would never be sung of as doing great deeds, never be recognized in the legends of Middle Earth. She would always be in the background, like a star, allowing men to become the great warriors of old as she stayed home, forgotten.

Eowyn was a star….


Eowyn woke from her sleep in the Houses of Healing, gasping for breath. No! Her mind screamed. I will not fade into the darkness. I not allow this despair to take me!

But even as she thought these words to herself, struggling to reassure her proud, broken heart, Eowyn could not help but wonder. The rest of the night was spent in silence as she stared up silently at the stone ceiling, refusing to fall asleep as the starless blackness settled around her.

What is the point in trying?

A book finished is thrown away

Life all ends in dying

Night extinguishes the day


I know this was short, but you might as well get used to it, seeing as how most of my chapters will be pretty short. Review, and no flamers. Hope that you liked this. There will be more chapters, don't worry. I hope that I was able to do Eowyn well enough, though.