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Required line "What the HELL is that!"

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"What the HELL is that!"

Kureno flinched. Akito was in a bad mood. She had just finished her meeting with Yuki, and judging from the condition thet rat was in when he was sent away, it had not gone well.

"Its…it's paints Akito-san." Said Kreno quietly. "you said that it was all right for me to start a new canvas today."

"I know what I said rooster." Growled Akki, her voice reaching a dangerous low. "But what the hell is it that you're panting?"

Kureno glanced at the canvas, racking his brain to try and find what Akito didn't like. There wasn't much to look at, as he hadn't gotten very far before the goddes stormed in. All he had drawn so far was a plain tree. Bare branches, because he had not yet painted the leaves.

". . .does the tree displease you?" It was all the rooster could think of.

"It's dead!" the goddess spat out. She looked absolutely livid over actually having to say those words. "You're painting a dead thing in my rooms!" She shrieked.

In a rage, Akito seized a small can of green paint that was lying near the easel and threw it at the canvas, watching the green splatter all over the picture and make it's way down to drip onto the floorboards. Breathing heavily, she turned from the mess, crossing her arms and glaring at the wall, her slight form trembling with anger.

"Kureno" she hissed, "take that curse out of my rooms."

Kureno grabbed the painting off the easel. "Of course Akito-san. At once." He started for the door.

"Burn it." She rounded on him, watching the rooster, daring him to react. "I want you to burn it. Burn it!"

The man's expresion remained calm. "I will." He bowed to his goddess and turned to go.

"Wait." Akito looked down, her eyes shadowed. "When you're done--come back. To clean up this mess! And--" She paused, uncertain. The rooster waited patiently while Akito thought of what she wanted to say. "and. . .bring another canvas too. A new one." She looked to the side. "Go! Bury the ashes!"

Kureno opened the door and waited. Akito didn't look up. The rooster exited, closed the door. The goddess didn't move. His light footsteps faded as he went away to burn the painting, and she sank to her knees.

"I--" a whisper.

"I--I don't," a whisper.

"I. . .don't like" a pause, then a cry of despair. Tears fell and she sobbed, in a hot, angry whisper.

"I--I don't like. . .dead."

And the green paint dripped onto the floor.