This is the first fan fiction, in fact, the first story I ever wrote outside of an English class. It remains my favorite and I'm glad you're giving it a read.

I would also be remiss if I didn't thank Nerowill, my first beta, who explained the fan fiction universe to me and gave me a lot of help with this story.

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Sam regained consciousness propped uncomfortably against a post at the center of a high round tent. Daniel and Teal'c were seated back to back nearby, hands bound behind them. Teal'c was staring impassively into the coals glowing in a large stone brazier. Daniel's head was craned back and he seemed to be intently studying the construction of the tent roof. Beyond Daniel and Teal'c were dozens of anonymous men in identical loose black robes,each with a black cloth wound around his head and across the lower half of his face. Only their eyes showed, all trained unreadably on SG-1, boring right through her. Twisting stiffly to look behind her, Sam confirmed that more men encircled them on all sides, filling the tent. Not a one of them was moving or talking. In fact, although there were faint, indistinct noises in the distance, inside the felttent walls there wasn't a sound except the wind flapping the tent sides.

Daniel and Teal'c heard her stirring and looked toward her. Now that he was no longer in profile, Sam winced to see a welt across the other side of Daniel's face and a cut on his lip. She opened her mouth but before she said anything, Daniel shook his head slightly, soundlessly mouthing a "sssh." Had Daniel gotten battered trying to say something? Given the heavy silence all around them, Sam heeded his warning.

Taking inventory she noted that her head was pounding and she ached all over but she was unbound. Maybe they were underestimating her because she was a woman. She wished she had some idea who their captors were and that she knew enough about them to interpret their actions, to begin to form a plan of action. Damn. The last thing she remembered they had exited the gate on P4K58L9 into a flat grassland with a rim of distant blue mountains. There had been a sort of earthen bulwark rising in a ring around the gate. Had their captors kept sentries stationed there?

If she got closer to the others, maybe they could whisper. She began to inch toward Daniel and Teal'c across the rough hemp mats that covered the floor. A man squatting close to her suddenly came alive. He rose swiftly, pulled a scimitar from the folds of his robe and struck her on the head with the hilt. She scooted back against the post and didn't try to hide how much he had hurt her, playing to the advantage their underestimation of her might provide. See I'm weak. No threat.

The air was acrid with odors Sam didn't want to diagnose. Smoke from the fire stung her eyes. A small insect crawled slowly from one side of the open space to the other. More time went by. Daniel kept focused on Sam trying to look at her reassuring with those expressive blue eyes. His battered condition belayed the message but just knowing he was here, that Teal'c was here, made her feel stronger. The insect crawled back. Still no one moved and no one spoke. Sam occupied herself coming up with a name for their unfriendly hosts and decided on the Black Plague. It made them sound like a bad rock band and less spooky.

It seemed like hours later when suddenly the crowd moved aside for a tall man to make his way toward them. He wore the same black headpiece and robe as the others but carried a polished wooden staff and had a large silver medallion swinging against his chest. He stood looking down at them and then gestured to men squatting nearby. Two grabbed Daniel and hauled him to his feet while a third moved behind him, pulled his head back, and laid a knife against his throat. Other men forced Sam to a kneeling position. The largest group took on Teal'c. For a moment, he seemed disposed to fight them but the odds were so patently against SG-1 that Teal'c contented himself with baring his teeth and glaring fiercely as he knelt before the newcomer. And still there had not been a sound.

The Black Plague's leader considered the team with apparent disdain for several moments and then to Sam's complete surprise broke the silence in a mild tone using a familiar Jaffa dialect. Unlike his tone, his words were harsh and addressed only to Daniel. "You are not welcome here with your dog and your whore."

Daniel almost stuttered the first few words of his response, clearly in the throes of 'where do I start' in the face of this preposterous statement. "With, uh, with all respect, I believe you misunderstand us. We come in peace. I am Daniel Jackson. Colonel Carter is a respected military officer and a fine woman. Teal'c is our ally and, unlike other Jaffa you may have met, not in the service of the Goa'uld."

"A Jaffa is a Jaffa and all are dogs. Only a whore would move about so boldly with her face uncovered and her body on display." When, Daniel began to respond, the leader raised his hand dismissively and the pressure increased on the knife, effectively silencing him. "Your dog will go back through the Circle to the evil place from whence you came and warn them that if any more come they will all die. If possible, very slowly, and you will die the slowest of all."

Several more men approached Teal'c. Now he fought savagely but his hands were tied behind his back and it was ultimately more than 200 against one. Sam wanted to win free to help but the knife at her throat was hard to argue with. As Sam was forced to watch Teal'c subdued, she thought about how in the movies the villains all courteously come at the hero one at a time. The Black Plague behaved more like an entire backfield dealing with a lone quarterback. The final outcome was inevitable. Once Teal'c was down and sedated with a dart delivered through a sort of blowgun, two men tried unsuccessfully to pick him up and carry him out. In the end it took four of them to lug Teal'c out of view.

The leader now nodded at a man who stood at his right hand. This second man moved to Carter and dragged her to her feet by her hair. Her personal goon squad let go of her and left her to this new tormentor to manage as he began to lead her away. Sam took advantage of the lessened odds, turned abruptly, kneed him, and knocked him back several feet with an uppercut. She crouched in a defensive position waiting for the next attack. Everything froze and only the dust motes moved in the heavy air.

Then the leader laughed and spoke again in his incongruously gentle fashion, "A whore yes but you do speak the truth when you call her a soldier." He signaled, perhaps for a dart.

Daniel said desperately, "Please, where are you taking her?"

The leader, clearly feeling that he was being magnanimous in deigning to reply said, "This woman will find virtue joining my brother's wives."

Sam sputtered and started to respond but Daniel spoke first, taking a chance that he was guessing correctly as to their culture, "It would be wrong for her to be with another man while I live for she is my wife."

The leader arched an eyebrow in patent disbelief. "She is your wife and you said nothing earlier when defending her?" He snorted. "You lie. I am sure of it. If I leave her with you and you are not wed, it would be a great sin." He started to turn away but then chucked briefly. "But you could be telling the truth so we will make sure that God is honored no matter what." He looked at Daniel a moment and then at one of his henchmen. A scimitar cut through Daniels bonds in one slice without marking Daniel's skin.

Sam had a moment to wonder how they always seemed to anticipate their leader's needs without anything being said before he said to Daniel, "Stand with her."

Daniel reached out, captured Sam's hand, and pulled her to his side. She didn't really cooperate but she didn't fight him. "What are you doing?" she hissed at him but he kept his eyes on the leader and didn't respond to her. Daniel still had a knife at his throat and now one was once again pressing on Sam's. A bright red cord was handed to the leader and he tied Sam's hands together and handed the end of the cord to Daniel. The leader raised the medallion over their heads and intoned something very long in a singsong cadence. Sam thought irritably Daniel is probably getting through this by trying to identify the linguistic roots of the incantation . For her part, she was so angry she could hardly breathe but she was also completely out of ideas. So she stood, apparently passively accepting this outrageous ceremony.

Abruptly the speech ended and the leader said to Daniel in Jaffa, "Do you accept responsibility for the conduct of this woman and the children she bears you?" Sam glared at the leader but transferred her affronted stare to Daniel when he said, very calmly, "I so swear."

That was apparently the end of the ceremony because the leader turned and began to walk away. "Hey, don't I have anything to say in all this?" Sam called out indignantly. She could imagine generations of feminists turning over in their graves and in another, wildly, inappropriate thought, she mourned the lack of veil, caterer, and a little bride and groom on top of a cake.

The leader turned and ignoring Sam came very close to Daniel to say in a low but menacing voice, "You accepted responsibility for her sins. Now keep her quiet or pay the price." The knife at Daniel's throat pressed hard enough to nick him and blood tricked down his throat. It wasn't much worse than a shaving cut but Sam pressed her lips together tightly and swallowed all the things she wanted to say. It was only a few moments in any case she felt a dart and lost consciousness before local version of the trip back down the aisle.