Sometimes I think that maybe I put one too many twists in my stories. Is that possible?

Anyways, sorry that I didn't put a "character death" warning. I have disappointed one of my most faithful reviewers. I am sorry jtbwriter, but think... if every character death story had a warning label on it, then where would the surprise be? How would I go out with that "bang" ending I was planning on? Did they tell you that Jack was going to die in the beginning of Titanic? Or how about Elektra in Dare Devil? All surprises that make people go wow. So, although I do appologize for just throwing in the death scene (I knew from the beginning that someone was going to die... I even knew who), I do not regret not putting a big flashy WARNING on my story.

JTBwriter, hopefully this chapter will help me redeem myself. Is that possible?

Andto my anonymous reviewer Kate: The two screams came from Abby and Dawn. They were sad/shocked/pissed off thatKate was shot... so they screamed. Sorry to have confused you.

P.S. this is the shocking FINAL chapter... for sure. The biggest twist is put into the final chapter of my story, throwing everyone off of the... well, surprising everyone. ENJOY!

"1... 2... 3... clear!"

There was a pause.

"1... 2... 3... clear!"

"We've got something here! She's stable. Let's get her into surgery stat!"

The machines buzzed, ticked, clicked, tocked, hummed, read heart rates and basically everything else that machines were supposed to do. Unfortunately, nothing they said or technically 'buzzed' made any sense to Tony. If only he was a doctor and could understand what the little lines going across the machine said or what those complicated symbols and upside down letters stood for. How could he know if she was going to truly be okay?

Feeling frustrated, he took her hand in his and began to lightly trace his fingers across her palm. Drawing pictures, writing names, words and anything else he could think of. He didn't want to lose concentration on her hand. He couldn't bring himself to look directly "at her." Seeing the IV's that ran from her arm, the oxygen mask put over her face and the little pads stuck to her forehead that monitered her brain waves... they all scared him. They made her seem helpless and defenseless; Kate was neither of those. He knew that they were there to help her and make sure that everything ran smoothly, but that didn't make him feel anymore comfortable.

Tony just sat there, continuing to draw pictures on the palm of her hand, refusing to look at her face.

So many thoughts had ran through his head as he had held her in his arms. He remembered imagining their first kiss all over again, the first time he had pressed his lips against hers and allowed himself to actually have feelings for a woman. It wasn't just lust, it was love. Afraid that he would lose her, he had told her that he loved her, for the first time, right before she died. Thankfully, she had come back to him, she had survived. Because of that miracle, he would be able to use more than just words to tell her how much he loved her.

Abby rinsed her face with cold water and walked back out into the hospital waiting room. She'd finally figured out why her hormones were so crazy. One minute she was hot, the next she was cold. Plus, she had begun to feel sick to her stomach most mornings.

The test confirmed it and she couldn't hide the grin that was on her face.

"Mommy, are you okay?" Dawn questioned, sitting on her father's lap in a maroon chair. The doctors had checked her out and she was going to be just fine. Thank the lord.

"Yeah honey... I am fine," Abby said, still smiling.

"Then why are you acting so hinky?"

"Abbs, are you sure everything is okay?" Gibbs asked. It was good to see Abby smiling again, but at the same time... he knew something was going on.

Abby sat down beside Gibbs and Dawn and took a deep breath. She rested her hands on her lap and began to fiddle her thumbs.

"I am going to have a baby. We are going to be parents again!" Abby squealed.

Dawn jumped off of her daddy's lap shrieking. "Yes!" She started to do a little victory dance in the lobby. "Yes, yes, yes!" She yelled again.

His shoes thumped against the concrete floor as he made his way down the hall to Audrey's jail cell. The place was dark, dreary and cold... all elements he welcomed. Audrey had failed him, she had not done what he had told her too. She was supposed to kill Dawn or Abby, not Caitlin. Killing Caitlin wouldn't hit Agent Gibbs as hard as murdering one of his family members. ObviouslyKate was an important asset to the team, butGibbs could move on without her. As for moving on without Abby... or Dawn, it wouldn't happen. He had observed how Agent Gibbs had acted with just Dawn being missing. Her being dead would bring far more pain to the senior agent.

Approaching her cell, he stared at the broken woman that was huddled in the corner. Audrey's knees were pressed tightly against her chest and her cheeks were wet from the tears that had rolled down her face and landed on her pants. It was pathetic and disappointing. She had promised him that she could handle whatever came along, apparently not.

"Audrey, you broke your promise to me," he said, startling her. "What happened to being able to take what came along?"

"What are you doing here? I thought you said that you would disown me if I got caught? Leave meto rot in prison?" Audrey said scathingly.

"I never said I was here to rescue you from this cell. No, no, no... I am here on business. This is far more important than letting you go free. You see, although I am not going to save you from the confines of this small room, I won't allow you to rot either."

Audrey stared at the man before her, confused and intrigued at the same time. He was so mysterious and there was something about him that seemed gentle... and even sexy. Maybe it was his eyes. They were so trusting. It was like falling into a safe haven where nothing could hurt you.

"I can see that you are curious," the man said, reaching his hand into his coat pocket. Audrey gasped at what he pulled out.

"Please no. Are you crazy? Don't do it.. please," she begged.

"I'm sorry Audrey. Gibbs can never know who put you up to this plan. You didn't follow my orders and I don't think you can be trusted."


"Audrey, you know I don't like to be called Paul. It wasjust my undercover name," the man whispered, holding the gun steadily in his hand, pointing it straight at a frightened Audrey.

"I'm sorry. I am so sorry. Give me another chance. Kate was an accident... a mistake."

He just shook his head and prepared to fire.

"No!" Audrey yelled, jumping up off the floor. "Somebody help! Guard... someone!"

"They can't hear you. I pulled quite a few strings to see you privately." The gun clicked.

"Ari... no!" she yelled.

It was too late, Ari had pulled the trigger and Audrey lay dead on the cold gray floor.

Chuckling into the darkness as he walked away, Ari whispered to himself, "Contary to belief Audrey, eyes can lie."

-The End-