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"He is getting worse, Fawkes."

The Phoenix chirped sadly, and nodded towards the white owl that had brought the message to him. "Thank you, Hedwig. How bad is it getting?"

The owl hooted sadly. "He has nightmares almost every night. When he wakes up, his relatives shout at him. Apart from the usual letter sent every three days, I'm not being used to do anything. And he takes it all without complaint. I believe he is almost, if not totally, broken."

The Phoenix nodded sadly, then turned to the others assembled. "I believe we have no choice but to do the plan. If we delay any longer, it could be too late."

Around the clearing, the animals nodded. They clearly had no possible alternative. Not that they wouldn't do what was asked of them gladly, it's just that they wished they'd never have to.

All animals in the Forbidden Forest were represented at these meetings. Fawkes was the eldest one, and so was the leader. He called any meetings aside from the annual ones they had. And everyone came. Old rivalries were set aside, and natural predator-prey relationships halted for the meeting and two hours afterward, to give any prey a fair chance.

"Fawkes, when will we do this?" Fawkes turned and looked at the Griffin. And looked around again. All eyes were on him, from the small Snidget to the largest Dragon. Creatures that magical folk would call magical were there, as well as some of the more normal type of forest animals. The Snowy Owl called Hedwig was really not a part of the council, but was a guest of Fawkes.

Fawkes straightened, his head lifting. All recognized their leader. "When Hedwig next comes. Hedwig, go back to Harry. Try to keep his spirits up. We will do the transfer then. Everyone else, prepare. The fate of our world is at hand. Thank you for coming, everyone, I appreciate it. You are dismissed."

Hedwig flew off, and the rest of the animals left the clearing, heading for their homes deeper into what the humans called the Forbidden Forest. Fawkes himself headed back to Castle Hogwarts, thinking about what they were about to do.

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