Updating this fic because I had another idea. Its sappy I know, but the subject of love is repetitively pounding Harry on the head, so it has to be some what significant.

Warning: a bit of a spoiler for book 6, watch out

Harry woke up in the middle of the night with a start and looked around. It was dark and he could barely see anything, but two large yellow eyes stared at him from the end of the bed by his feet and he sighed; it was only Hermione's cat. Crookshanks meowed and Harry scratched the back of his head, eyes drooping in sleepiness; his glasses were off of course, on the old paint chipped table. He didn't bother putting them on, he just lied back on the large king sized bed, letting the dream he had drift back to him. It was actually just another dream about Voldemort. He was angry, plain and simple. He'd been furious that he, Ron, and Hermione had found another Horcrux and destroyed it. Harry allowed a smile on his face and turned his head to the side to gaze at his lover, Ron, sleeping peacefully next to him.

They'd only been awake hours before, finishing off their 'celebrating' with each other, the three of them had celebrated together earlier that night, but his and Ron's time was definitely more intimate. He watched Ron sleep, turning on his side to watch him better, and so he didn't strain his neck. Ron's cheeks were still tinted red from the bit of brandy they had all had and it showed up on Ron the most with his easily flushed skin. Harry absently began to account each freckle on his skin, but his mind trailed off to the dream.

He wasn't surprised that his scar hadn't scaled his skin, it actually hadn't hut for some time now. That 'some time now' point started when he and Ron had first made love. He remembered it vaguely in flash of memories, it had been when they had first come to number twelve Grimmauld's place. The passion, the heat, and love, nothing could have been more perfect. At least, until the next time they did it, then the next, and even last night had been another time when their love intertwined, being pressed together in need.

And in occurred to Harry then to what Dumbledore had meant. Love, would help him though this. With the love of his friend and lover, he felt no pain in the night when the dreams came when Voldemort would unleash hell on his minions for not keeping the parts of his soul. It was bliss, a feeling of strength like he'd never known. He wondered how Voldemort could ever not believe in love.

"You do know that it's creepy to wake up with someone staring at you, right?"

Harry realized that Ron's blue eyes were open sleepily and he'd mumbled it groggily. Harry smiled and shrugged. "Yeah, I know." He replied and Ron yawned, stretching his limbs, a few cracks coming from stiff joints. Crookshanks made himself known with another loud meow and Ron kicked his feet under the blanket, making the cat dart away, giving a hiss to Ron before leaving the room completely.

"Bloody animal can't grasp the concept of privacy." Ron mumbled and turned over on his belly, folding his arms over his head and burying his face in his pillow. Harry just laughed and rolled over onto his back, supporting himself by his elbows. Ron, he knew, was not a morning person. There was a moment then Ron cursed before sitting up, wincing slightly from the activity the night before. "Now I can't get back to sleep." Harry just smiled and rubbed his forehead subconsciously, something he'd been doing since Voldemort's return. Ron blinked; picking up on the action.

"Another dream?" he asked and Harry nodded, noting the worry in Ron's voice

"He's pretty mad at us." He replied.

"Does it..."

"No it doesn't hurt." Harry answered the repetitive question.

"So..." Ron was interrupted when Harry sat up, cupping Ron's face in his hands and kissed him. Ron's voice was muffled for a moment, and then he sunk into the kiss, kissing back half way through it. After a minute they pulled back, both breathing a bit heavily.

"I love you." Harry said sincerely and Ron blinked, a bit surprised by the sudden statement.

"I love you too" Ron replied, voice lined with confusion, Harry didn't often say it out of the blue like that. "What was that for?" Harry just grinned and playfully pinned Ron to the bed, having over the red head.

"For just being here." He replied and Ron smiled back joining in on the fun and wrestling with Harry for a couple minutes. It was just fun, when they could, to act like children again. After all, how log would it be before one of them got hurt in this game of war between the dark wizard and themselves? But for now the time was theirs, and Harry was content on enjoying every second he had with Ron.

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