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Thursday night, with break starting Friday, Tommy and his parents were heading to Seattle over break to visit some family on Mr. Oliver's side. Kimberly sat on Tommy's bed as he packed. She would refold some clothes often, when Tommy would just sling them into his suitcase. His mother had gotten on him for waiting until the last possible second to pack. Tommy took off the shirt he was wearing, he sniffed it and put it on to.

"EW!" Kim pulled the shirt out and tossed it aside.

"What!" She shook her head. "I won't put my boxers in there."

"I hope not!" Tommy went into his bathrooom. "Do you have to go?"

"Yes," Tommy said for the millionth time that day.

"Why not just stay here with me and we can have fun and.."

"If I go, my Mom won't be to upset with us, you spending the night. I'll be back, Kim. You know that." He kissed the top of her head after his put his small bag into the suitcase. He zipped up his suitcase. He put it near the door. Tommy looked over to see the clock was just 11 pm.

"Let's get some sleep." Kim sat up and pull her shoes off. Tommy found her a shirt to sleep in. Tommy got under the covers with her. They fell asleep in each other's arms.

It only took 2 kisses in the middle of the early morning, and the couple begin making love. She fell forward to his chest crying. Tommy sat up quickly hugging her.

"Oh, baby, please don't cry!" Her arms hanging down his back as Tommy rubbed her back and head. "Please, Kim. Please don't cry! Don't do this to me!"

"I know, I know, I just can't!" She cried harder on him. Tommy closed his eyes to the tears he shed as well. "Please, don't go. Please! I'll do anything, Tommy!"

"I love you!" Tommy said kissing her head and shoulder as she cried on him. "And I'll always love you!" Tommy pulled her head up and touched her face. "I'll be back. You believe me." She nodded, but still cried as she hugged him tighter. Tommy just held her as she cried. Finally, Kimberly cried herself to sleep. Tommy slowly laid her to her back. He laid on his side, watching her.



Next morning, Kimberly woke up to find Tommy asleep facing her. She sighed and pulled his arm off her side. She slowly moved a pillow to his arm. Kim pulled her clothes from the ground and left. Tommy woke up and found himself alone.

"Kimberly?" He called Kim's place, but found out she wasn't there. Tommy called everyone, Trini, Jason, they all said they hadn't seen her since last night. The rangers met up with Tommy at the park to say goodbye. Tommy's parents waiting in the car.

"Have you spoken to her?" Trini shook her head. "How could she just disppear like that?"

"This is hard on her, bro. Kimberly doesn't take people leaving her well. We practically had to drag her out the house when you left the first time."

"Trini, could you give her this for me?"

"Of course, Tommy." She took the letter and hugged him. "She loves you so much."

"I know."

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay. I'll be back, remember. I'll get her then." Trini smiled as she shed some tears. Jason rubbed Trini's back and wiped some tears away as she hugged him briefly.

"Safe flight, man," Zack said. Tommy and Zack did their famous handshake. It last like a minute, causing everyone to laugh.

"Don't forget to write," Billy said. Tommy smiled and nodded.

"See you after break." Jason was the last to hug him goodbye. Tommy slowly made his way to his parent's car. He looked back sadly at his friends, friends that have touched his heart and will remain there for life.

the end








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Kimberly's mother found her daughter crying in the childhood treehouse with the other rangers.

"There you are! Tommy has been calling for hours!" Kim wiped her face with the Star Wars blanket. "Come on down." Kim shook her head.

"I just want to be alone, Mom." She sniffed.

"Come down." Kimberly sighed and did. "How could you do that to him!"

"Do what, Mom?"

"Tommy was so desperately wanted to see you, to tell you goodbye before he left," Trini said, putting her arm around Kimberly. "He was so hurt to find you had disappeared and he couldn't see you before he left."

"I hate him. I don't want to say goodbye to that jerk." Everyone looked at Kimberly.

"You don't hate him, don't ever let me hear you say that again," Mrs. Dumas said.

"It's not like you actually like him!"

"That is not true! Why else would I allow you two to stay together, be together? I see how happy he makes you! I know how special that first love is and how you feel when it has consumed your soul. And that love, that love is truly unique." Kim looked at her mother.

"I don't want him to go." Kim cried out. Kim's mother wrapped her arms around her daughter to ease some of the pain. She rubbed up and down Kim's back. Kimberly buried her face into her mother's chest. She wanted to the pain to stop, she didn't want to feel so sad. She knew if she watched him get on that plane, her heart might break. Something about this, something about Tommy losing his powers, made her feel as though if he stepped on that plane, he wasn't coming back. He wasn't coming back to her arms again.That's why she ran. That's why she couldn't say goodbye.

"You will go and say goodbye to him. Let's all go."

"Mom, I said no."

"No daughter of mine is going to be that mean to the person she says she loves the most. Let's all go."


"To the airport."

"His flight is at 11, we'll never make it through secruity and..."

"I'll drive!" Jason said.


Everyone finally released whatever they were holding onto leaving behind their prints, as Jason sped in and out of traffic. Mrs. Dumas has never had her heart beating that fast, neither had the others. He pulled up to the airport in a screeching halt as he slammed on the brakes. Jason smiled and looked back to everyone. They were all holding their chests. Trini opened the door and pulled Kimberly out the car.

"I can't! I can't just go in there and say goodbye," Kim said as she started crying again. "Its hurts."

"You can and will. My daughter is stronger than this. My daughter is not a coward. You love him. Now you go tell him." Kim looked at everyone smiling and nodding.

"Okay." They ran inside. The lines were a mess. They could miss the flight if they waited. Kimberly was getting impatience as they stood there.

"Kim! GO ahead!"

"We'll catch up," Mrs. Dumas yelled. Kim nodded and ran ahead, passing people in lines. She cutted through the lines, not caring about pissing off people. She had to see Tommy, she had to touch him, have him hold her, kiss her, even if it's just one more time before he left.

Tommy sat across from his parents, listening to his CD player. His foot tapping to the music. He was listening to songs, Kimberly had made for a road trip they had many months back. His heart ached to see her just one more time. Tommy looked around the airport, hoping she was coming, but he had been doing that for nearly an hour now. Hoping she would come, but each time he looked around, she still hadn't come. Each time, he looked around and she wasn't there, saddened his soul, saddened his heart.

"Think she will come?" Mr. Oliver said for the hundred time since they arrived to the airport. Everytime, Tommy would look around for Kimberly, Mr. Oliver asked that. Mrs. Oliver would simply shrug the other times. "Think she'll come?"

"I don't know dear," Mrs. Oliver said. "For Tommy's sake. I hope so. That boy will be miserable the whole break if he doesn't see her before he leaves." Mr. Oliver looked up to see a girl running in the distance.

"Don't worry, look." Mrs. Oliver smiled as she saw Kimberly in the distance.

"TOMMY!" Kim yelled. "TOMMY!" Tommy just sat there staring ahead. His mother reached over and hit him. Tommy pulled his earphones off. He looked back as he heard his name yelled. Tommy stood up quuickly. He caught Kimberly as she hugged him. "I'm sorry! I'm sooo sorry! I am a fool!" Tommy held her.

"Oh, Kim." He held her face with his lips against her forehead. "I love you."

"I know." They kissed. "I love you too!" She cried and hugged him tighter. Mrs. Dumas smiled with the rest as they watched the couple kissing.Trini held Billy's arm. They had to do the same thing, pass people in order to see this moment. This embrace between the two. Tommy arms went around her waist, as they kissed. He lifted her up. Tommy finally put Kimberly down and got down on one knee. He reached inside his pocket and pulled out a black box. Both Kim and Tommy's mother gasped with Kimberly.

"Don't get too excited, Kim. You too, Mom." Tommy opened it. "It's a promise ring." He pulled it out. "An promise ring that means, I'll come back and we will be together forever." He slid it to her middle finger. "I will ask the real thing, but a little later I promise, for now, justweat this and you'll never be truly sad that I'm gone. I love you."

"And what makes you so confident I'll say yes later?" Kim smiled at him.

"I know you, Beautiful." He stood up and kissed her. The flight was called. Kimberly held him tighter as Seattle was now boarding.

"I don't want to let you go." Tommy kissed the top of her head. "But I know I have to, in order to welcome you back home. Back to me."

"I'll be back."

"I know." He cupped her face and kissed her. It was nearing final boarding.

"Tommy, come on." His mother touched his back. Tommy's parents said goodbye to everyone. "See you all later."

"Bye, Mrs. Oliver." Mrs. Oliver hugged Kimberly as Tommy went to say goodbye to everyone. Mrs. Oliver held Kimberly close and rubbed her head.

"Thank you."

"For what?"

"Being in our lives." Kim smiled and nodded. Tommy said goobye toMrs. Dumasagain before standing before Kimberly. She hugged him.

"I love you, Beautiful."

"I love you too, Handsome. Safe flight." Tommy kissed her again. He dipped her bending her back as they kissed. Kim giggled as he kissed and nibbled at her neck. Tommy kissed her one last sweet kiss, whispering 'I love you' against her lips. Kimberly did the same. Tommy pulled away, their hands holding each other until the end. Tommy smiled and followed his parents. Kim's mother put her arms around Kimberly as she stepped back waving off Tommy.

"Let's all go home," Mrs. Dumas whispered as the doors were closed finally. "I'll make breakfast."

"Okay. Thank you , Mom."

"It was nothing."

"No, it was everything. I love you, Mom."

"I love you too, babygirl." They hugged. Mrs. Dumas kept her arms around her daughter, as they left the airport. Trini on the other side of Kimberly, holding her just as tight.




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