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Chapter 1

"It better be good I just got home and just got to sleep so you better make it fast." said Jordan rudely." Well good mourning sunshine." "Woody" Jordan answered angrily

"What gave it away? Chuckling You are needed at the morgue. There has been another hanging this time on Opal Ave. just an hour ago, but if you want me I can call Nigel, Bug or even Garret? But you said that you wanted to be called if that psychopath had killed another victim. So let me let you go and I will go ahead and call one of them."

Remembering that she did say that earlier today but that was after the second victim was found another hanging and mutilation another dark haired, petite, early thirties women came in .

"Wait, Woody, if you can still be awake and doing your job and not leaving this case alone I can defiantly do it. I will be there let me jump in the shower and I will be on my way there."

Woody replied " I did actually go home and go to sleep today right after you left and oh by the way Jo, since it is the hanger's third hanging and mutilation and the last victim was another professional an FBI profiler has been brought in.

He seems to know you and has no attention to mess with you and your bodies. That's good I know how you get when they try to. I will see you then when you get here, and be careful driving that thing you call a car."

With that the conversation had ended. In the shower all she could think of is it has to be Drew Haley. I mean I did sleep with him and he trusts me, well at least when it involves my job. It's been years since the digger case. That man knew me well and quickly what if there are still sparks? Would I act on them? Would he?

Oh, God, Woody. I mean we are friends just that. We have been working well lately the sexual tension and my feelings for him are still so strong and present. But he seems to all given up anything he had or might have for me, all though sometimes I do see something in his eyes and then he notices that I notice and looks away.

Why do I even care? It's not like he thought about me when he began messing with Devin. But I still love him and Drew has been popping back and forth in my head lately.

With those thoughts bouncing in her head as she drove her so called car all the way to Opal Ave. She convinced maybe it was someone else. She did have a good reputation at this sorta stuff. She finally convinced herself that it wasn't going to be him. She knew other profilers, and if that was Drew he would have called.

As soon as she pulled up she saw Woody and again a little bit of a voice said that you are stupid you need to tell him. She would just shake it off. How annoying she thought. She got out of her car and went past all the duck tape.

"What do we have here Woody?" "A Miss. Freddie McCarson another doctor." replied Woody in his very concerned voice. "Well Woody it appears." Interrupted by, "If it isn't Ms. Cavanaugh, the most hair splitting, over enthusiastic, annoying, creative and is the most beautiful ME this side of DC." Both Woody and Jordan turned and Jordan's heart was shocked. There he was there was Drew.

"Excuse me; we are conducting official police business if you are not the police or an ME…. Leave!" Woody said in a voice that showed he was a little thrown backwards and defensive. Jordan is mine. I love her. I should give her compliments , yes I haven't given her one lately but that's because I lied and told her I wanted to be friends I will be damned if I fail and lose her. This plan will work. Woody thought

"Drew, why didn't you call me and let me know you were going to be involved in this case?" Jordan asked, "What? Don't tell me you are the FBI profiler." Woody asked almost defeated.

"Well since I can not tell you, then Jordan can answer it. I am sorry that I didn't call but what had happened and how I left I thought it would be better" Drew said in a half-serious voice looking at Jordan. Jordan nodded and looked at Woody and said, "This is Drew Haley from the FBI and he is the profiler."

Jordan went back to look at Mrs. Winchester and Drew was right behind her holding her waist in case she would fall from the ladder that was been used to look at the body before they had her cut down. Woody was surprised she let him touch her and hold her. All he could do is watch and was right behind them.

"She died of affection. She has been sculpted like the rest of them and a MD was also carved into the back of her head. You guys can cut her down now and I will do the autopsy and have the prelims on your desk Woody. "And then looked at Drew and said "I still would have like it if you had called. You take care of the Boy Scout here and I guess I will see you both later. Since you guys are now basically partners." she kind of laughed this should be interesting she thought.

"I am sorry is she referring to you? By the way she told you who I was but she didn't tell me who you were." I don't care who you are and I don't want to tell you who I am.

I am concerned what was said earlier, "what had happened and how I left I thought it would be better"That's what I want to know. "My name is Woody Hoyt. I am the lead detective and Jordan calls me a boy scout."

"A boy scout? Interesting. Why don't you tell me your theories on this case, before I prove you wrong? Then we I can tell how Jordan and I know each other. I know that's what you want to know." said Drew in almost mocking voice. "Fine, meet for some drinks and we'll talk, about everything" In an almost defiant voice.

This is going to be a long case and I am dieing to know what happened between them. I need to know I am her friend and I would protect her if he broke her heart and if he would try to do it again. Maybe this is the guy she said that she had loved that makes her wary, well besides her family that is. Woody thought.