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Preston Burke walked out of the hospital after a long, long day. He was exhausted. He hadn't been this tired in a long time. Not only had today been physically draining, it had been emotionally draining as well. Today, the hospital lost one of its best nurses. Today, Liz Fallon died of pancreatic cancer and there was nothing that he could have done to save her. He thought of Christina Yang. He thought about how upset she was after Liz died. Liz's death affected her probably as much as it affected him and she didn't know Liz half as long.

He was walking towards his car in the hospital parking lot when he saw Christina sitting on the sidewalk next to her motorcycle. Normally, he wouldn't go over and talk to an intern outside of work, but today hadn't been a normal day and Christina had taken Liz's death hard. As he walks closer to where she is sitting, he sees that she is crying. "Yang, you alright?"

Christina looked up at him a few tears streaming down her face, "What do you think?"

Preston sat down next to her on the sidewalk, "Hell of day, huh?"

She looked at him trying to hold back her tears, "You should have told me."


They sat there in silence thinking about the events of the day. They sat there thinking about what they had lost. Most importantly, they sat there thinking about what they had gained; a trust and understanding that there will always be bad days, but the most important thing is to hold on to the good ones.

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