An Untold Mythology
by Miko-chan
Co-written by Imouto-chan(the one who messes the plot.)
Beta-ed by Enerirenie (Arigatou!)

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Once, there was a universe where the existence of breath was as old as time. It was filled with the impenetrable mist, hiding the luminosity of the stars. Beneath this fog lies the first creatures who roamed the vague place, the wanderlust immortals who drifted upon the stillness.

The high hierarchy of heavens, or the Holy Alapaap was where all the angels and deities resided. It was a place where the ground under their covered feet was soft with precipitates of white and enclosed with endless cream walls. This realm was the embodiment of peace and power.

But one of the immortals had resented the everlasting time of eternal tranquility. The charmer of slithering creatures brought forth hunger, sickness, pain and desperation over the Alapaap. Outraged, the deities threw the serpent out of the covetous place. The pestilent immortal hissed in anger and brought forth a new world filled with blazing fire. Thus, the place called Karimlan was born, where creatures of the unimaginable thrived and where death was subsisted

Still, he was not satisfied to dwell in such a rotting place. So each world, the place above the mist and the realm beneath the haze fought a heavy war. This ensuing conflict was continued, causing too much casualties in both sides.

Then in the middle of this chaos, there was a land built by the pearly tears of heavenly beings and forged by the scorching flames of the cursed creatures. In these soil, creatures that are called 'man' existed. They toiled the earth and collected its rewarding fruit. They went forth and multiplied their existence. They adore the souls of life, from plants to the unending reach of the horizons.

Man isa being who is carrying the grace of Alapaap.

The hovering cursed morbidity of Karimlan

He was the personification of balance between these two worlds.

These mortals worshipped the heavenly creatures with fervor, even though the deities were rather aloof with the overwhelming adoration. Nevertheless, the mortals were hospitable with the deities. Yet these same humans fear the traitorous demons whom they believed to be the cause of misfortune and plague with their foul presence.

At first, this realm, called as the Lupa ng Timawa, had no existence of true source of their light. For the ground and the sky raged with speckles of blood and life. But then, both forces of these nature were held at bay by a legendary warrior named theBathala, or the ruler of Alapaap, the Lupa ng Timawa and the Karimlan which he governed with wisdom and fierceness. Then the earth separated the darkness and light with his command. Thus everything became tranquil, and humanity was at peace.

But the great Bathala has come into sleep...

And this initiated another wave of chaos...

And the subsistence of the separation of dawn and twilight was extinguished.

In this case, it made the glorious clouds of heaven and the pits of scorching hell open to enter the world. This made both worlds to consider that the mortal realm was indeed a tempting area to take over.

Until the GoddessTsunade, who cushions the base of the Lupa ng Timawa with her elongated golden tresses, spoke that the great god no longer lives in the midst of the light. A resolute firm deity sat on the throne as she took over the seat as the newly assigned mistress of the heavens.

But it was already prophesied, that the next Bathala...

...shall bring the balance of the three realms with his unspeakable prowess.

This child, surprisingly, is an immortal born among the land of mortals.

Yet they kept his true identity as a secret, for the opposing immortal ruler of hell, Orochimaru of the Serpent, has been searching for this child of man. He needed to acquire this child, and have the license to take over the ever resilient Alapaap and the coveted world of the mortals.

It has been foretold, that by the time when the child has already surpassed his mortality...

He will ascend the glorious throne...

And bring the wish of the existence of warm rays in the sky...

And the cold sheen that illuminates the dark...

No one knew who he is but everyone knew that he is to be trembled upon with his force.

Whoever this child of man might be, he is the Bathala, the thin existence of universe.

This is the myth passed upon generations.

This is the myth to be fulfilled in time.

This is the myth that promises life…

"And this—Ah!" A droll voice stopped in the middle of her words. "I cannot read any of this anymore!" With a heavy sigh, she added, "I guess you already know how this story goes..." The sound of an old brittle scroll rolled up was heard.

A young girl with long unbound blonde hair turned her head behind to look at another lass with shy pale face curved with short ebony strands. The blonde twitched her cheek impatiently.

"Any questions from the new priestess?"


It was a queer group that walked upon the battered, crumbling road. Three women dressed in robes of pristine white satin were slowly pacing with their bare feet. The hem of these clothes reaches the tip of their fingertips and the edge of their heels, overlapped with tight bindings of rough cream thick laces to their arms and a long slit in the right side of the long robe. This exposed their unmarked legs and the anklet that bore a silver hoop.

They were the babaylans: mortals that can summon the deities. Blessed with the favors of heaven, their extensive rituals can eliminate the existence of pestilence caused by the beings ofKarimlan. Highly respected, rightfully feared and educated above ordinary people.

"Good" said the eldest babaylan ahead of them. They can still see the smile that was framed with the tumble of brown chocolate curls even from a distance. This particular babaylan carried a commanding air in her stature, as well as with the alertness of her stance. Beneath the seemingly beautiful flow of her robes was a well-kept attachment of weapons that ranged from long blades to small poisoned needles. With a composed nod, she added with an encouraging voice, "You will make a finer priestess than her then."

"I shall appreciate it," the blonde grumbled at the smirking companion in front. "If you, Tenten," she snarled on the edge of her name. "…stop degrading me."

"Just saying the truth, Ino." replied the leader as she stopped pacing and took a chain from her neck. It carried a particularly small hourglass that held small quantities of sand, making a hushing noise as it descended to the emptier space beneath it. Then she spoke with clarity, "We must make haste."

"Then, Hinata," came the blonde's usual friendly tone. "You would not mind if you would do a summoning right now?"

"N-now...?" The color on the younger priestess cheeks became pallid. "But it has not yet re-reached over the brim yet...I-it's too early."

"Now," the blonde prompted as she took the youngest one by her arm and tried to keep up with their fellow priestess.

Uncertainly, her pale cream eyes turned to the other babaylan who merely gave her the same warm smile.

"I believe, for once, that Ino is right." And her calloused hand patted the hunching shoulders of defeat and calmed the quiver in her body. The body relaxed under her touch. "You do need some hands-on for your first time."

"Bu-but, would it not disturb t-the dei-deit..."

"Hmmm." The small hourglass jangled on the taller woman's chest back and forth. Deftly, she captured it with her fingers and checked it again. "The sand has not yet reached the brim." She gazed at it critically. "Yet it shall take a long time for us to get through the shrine."

And with that statement, Hinata gave an uneasy sigh.

And heaved the breath that she had been withholding for a long time.

It was totally hard work, but it does amuse many people.

Her olive orbs observed the angels who were frantically running everywhere. They were trying to collect the havocking Sarimanoks, who were the winged carrier of colors to the rainbows that shone in the sky at held festivals among the mortals. As soon as she had enough fun playing with those colorful hues, she tried to return them back to their respective cages.

But alas, in a frantic moment, Lady Shizune had again searching for her like a bloody murderer. This caused her to set loose all of the fowls, and her managing to hide herself in one of the unused chambers in heavens. She had found old clothes to change her soiled robes and managed to slip on a dress of milky satin, barely covering her shoulders with its flowing lace. It was a good thing that her petal strands reached her heels, or else it would not hide the exposed flesh of her navel.

It was not her fault, really, to wander off her lessons.

It was those darn cherubs fault! Who said that those 'tiny, cute, darling' cherubs sing in tune!

She was minding her own business, straining her hand on the calligraphy lessons. Lady Shizune managed to mutter that she would get some additional books for her lessons in Natural Laws and left out of the room in haste. As soon as her small back retreated, she slept on the scroll with delight. A cherub flew by inside and sang horribly in her ears in hoping that little squirt will amuse her boredom. Instead, she stood up abruptly and tripped upon the table. It upset the inkbottle, spilled all over the table and the cherub shrieked when its small face was smeared with ink.

Finally straining over the pressure, she ran towards the cages that she kept on her room, brought forth her 'secret weapons' accumulated from her trips to the mortal world and pestered everyone.

She should thank Naruto for that.

And yes, even her mentor. At first, that white-haired idiot gave her a stern warning not to hold any creatures from the forbidden garden. But as soon as her hand tossed the only distracting scroll to divert his attention, she grabbed the keys as quickly as he snatched that porn scroll.

No, wait, Naruto provided that scroll...

Another grateful sigh escaped out of her lips. Bless the humanity.

Looking at the large hourglass adorning the wall, she saw that they should be calling right now...

After all, she wants to answer some prayers again after having so much fun last time.

One heavenly being can go out through the gates to the Lupa ng Timawa if you had the permission from her mother. But since that her mother (more of her frantic supervisor actually...) will not allow her to venture without any companion nor with her will alone, she had assigned babaylans to be able to open another conical gate towards their world. It was done by over fifty complicated seals, which she had memorized from a certain large scroll.

At first, Lady Shizune was going ballistic at this dumbfounding action. But thankfully, Kakashi had announced that it was a very long kept secret that he had been escaping Sakura to the mortal world, and she had found few interesting people that might aid her to become a proper bride.

Yes, she was the promised bride of Bathala. The deity of light.

She can hear voices of pleads, cries of help and sincere felt request beneath her feet as the sudden rush of the worlds brought her to the land filled with the coarse touch of grass.

Over the arranged towering blocks of boulders, she can see their expecting eyes and open lips...


"The deity of light!"

"Holy are the Babaylans...!"

A soft smile grazed her lips, her skin illuminating the slight gloom of the cloudy horizon.

"Thanks for saving me, Tenten." The cherry-haired deity exchanged a smile for the frown she received from the tanned face of her eldest priestess.

"You idiot." The older woman whispered as well, behind her the two younger priestesses extinguished the small flame they ignited earlier upon the makeshift altar. "It was a good thing that these people were already clamoring for you while on the way."

"Your sense of right timing never fails." And she curtsied, sweeping about the elongated satin robes that blew slightly with the warm wind that she always brings. "Shall we go?"

"I already dread to see Lady Shizune when I die." Her guardian merely replied dryly.

"LadyKarunungan!" A bawling ink-smeared feathered being whizzed to a dark black haired woman as it paced through the soft ground rather swiftly. "LadyLiwanag has done a terrible, terrible—"

"OUT OF MY WAY!" She bustled at the cowering cherub and her aura flared that made every winged creature breath with fear.

As soon as she reached humongous doors at the edge of heaven, she pushed them with one hand and stormed over the table. Black eyes gave a twitch as she saw that the current ruler of heavens snoring upon the soft table in front of her desk. The sparkling scrolls carried traces of drool on them.

Like mother, like daughter. She thought ironically.


"Ngerk...Eh?" The supposed to be majestic queen of the heavens was roused, her pale hand wiping the smear on her lips.

TheKarunungan, Shizune, was the respectful deity of wisdom. Shizune was very responsible and trustworthy to everything. The right-hand deity have single-handedly taught the deity of light with high intellectual capabilities and helped her in innumerable desperate moments. She trusted this woman with all her life... even the upbringing of her daughter.

But sometimes, Shizune can be VERY bothering.

Especially in the midst of a WELL-DESERVED break.

"What is it?" The goddess droned tiredly.

"Your daughter," Her ebony head perked some nerves. "has escaped to the Lupa ng Timawa AGAIN!"

"Then send The Thunder to return her." The goddess merely spoke absentmindedly, drifting again to sleep almost immediately.

"That USELESS Kidlat," Another tweak of her bulging nerves was reached beneath the black mop of her hair. " READING his PORNO scrolls AGAIN!"

"Ah?" The goddess merely squirmed and shifted from her half-awake state. "You are the deity of wisdom. Surely, you can THINK of something."

"Laady Tsunaadeee..." One of the most well regarded deities went down on her knees. There were already tears of frustration streaming her face. "She needs to come BACK! There are still more lessons for her to do, like her fine etiquette, and that bookstand she messed up, not to mention all the scrolls in her room, the quills—sending all these stupid angels into riot!"


Then the sleepy disposition that hovered over the goddess vanished. Instead, the authoritative aura that she exudes returned and she sat rigid upon her glorious chair. With the majestic raise of her hands, she clapped.

In an instant, a man with silvery mop of hair and dark gray articles of clothing that almost tightly covered the whole of his body appeared in a flash of light. One exposed black eye still scanned the contents of a newly written scroll which got the whole of his attention.



Unmistakably, the serious tone in the goddess voice made the man listen attentively and lower his delectable reading material.

"Bring back Sakura." The goddess spoke with a sigh. Behind, the deity of wisdom nodded vigorously to emphasize the need. "She can't fool around yet until she finishes her lessons before this day ends."

A golden eyebrow rose and there was a grim line on her face as Kidlat waited for another command.

"And keep that dirty scroll away from me before I throw that into the doomed flames!"

In a poof, the man disappeared rather quickly.

With a breath of relief, the Karunungan turned to the goddess in gratitude.

Then she finally noticed that she was again alone with a sleeping, seemingly drunk woman.


A wail of despair echoed.

Followed with a bloodcurdling scream.

A cackle of pure horrid laughter.

The putrid smell of decay.

A very common thing.

This is hell after all.

In the place of Karimlan, the chamber that leads to the wilting throne of the ruler of death was towards a tunnel of complete darkness. No spark of fire alighted the path, neither no efreet or demon ever survived through this blinding abyss.

Except the right-hand demon of craftiness, which was him...

The blood of the betraying immortal, Lord Orochimaru...

The one who created this path itself, the one who had pleased the morbid fascinations of hell...

A name unspoken and forbidden to speak of.

Soon enough, in the end of this endless darkness was the torch that alights the entrance of crimson.

The ruler of the Karimlan, with his pale whitish skin and amber slits glared at him piercingly.

"Lord Orochimaru." He breathed, the cold mist forming from his mouth due to the low temperature of the spiked room. "The search forBathala is commencing."

"So it is." A hiss. "It has already been two decades." The face twisted in glee. "Eighteen years, is it not, Kabuto?."

The addressee chose to remain silent.

A malevolent smirk grazed his colorless lips.

"Then we can start." He rose from the seat of thorns, and a roar from the vast distance mingled with the screams. The pits were opening.

"Yes." The eyes flashed in agreement. "Starting with the child of light."

"Heh." The tall king swerved his heavy cloak, sneering as he inclined his head. "That damn bitch shall finally know what it takes to become the Ruler of the Three Realms."

"What if..." Here, Kabuto does not usually voice out opinions. But he was weighing the chances of failure, and he would not like the disappointment that would be gained if they did not take a good look on the circumstances.

"What if he refused?"

The infamous serpent merely confidently answered. "He will accept it..." then he gave a mirthless chortle, "it will fascinate him immensely..."

And Kabuto merely hoped that he was right.

For as of this moment, dark eyes flickered as he stepped upon the rough sands of the holy ground.

With a leering grin, he gazed the fragile deity at afar.

Finally, something to amuse him.

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