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"Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before."

-Edgar Allen Poe

Prologue: Alpha And Omega


In that one blink, your entire life has been summed up. Every experience; the crisp, sweet taste of chocolate ice cream on a hot summer day, the indescribable beauty of the sunset, the warmth of a mother's touch as she sings your favorite lullaby, reduced to a single instant.

Reduced to a blink of Time.

Insulting, maybe. Humbling, quite possibly. Accurate, most definitely.

We are but mayflies, sparks of consciousness that burn out even as we are birthed, when juxtaposed next to the limitless Eternities.

And that is but one tiny, insignificant world, on one tiny, insignificant universe, in one plane of existence.

Compare the spark of life of a single human being to the endless, amaranthine multitude of planes of existence, not even bothering to mention worlds upon worlds, upon innumerable worlds.

Just a blink of Time.

And on these worlds, there have always been two constants in our world, in all worlds, two powers anathema to each other.

There has always been Light.

There has always been Dark.

Coexisting, battling, struggling, for all Eternity.

On every world, on every plane of existence, wars have raged for control, between forces of Light and Dark.

To Light, and to Darkness, man, woman, child, beast, all are pawns to the endless and ceaseless strife that exists between the irreconcilable powers. Wars fought between nations, between warriors, in the skies, in the seas, in our very hearts.

But now something awesome and terrible has awakened. Something that will change the way these endless planes, this multiverse of ours exists.

Something Evil.

The Darkness stretches now, grasping all universes, all the planes of the multiverse in its abyss. All is spiraling into the empty abyss, all will turn to Darkness.

And only one will have the power to change that.

The one who wields the Key.

Only he can unlock the Door.

The Door that leads to the Heart of All Worlds... where all things were vivified at the Dawn... where all things can be renewed... where all things will return at the End... where all things can be annihilated.

The Door that leads to Kingdom Hearts.

And even then... only the Almighty Creator himself can know what is behind that Door, and what will happen when it opens.




Or maybe... all three, and yet none.

God only knows.

Tonight was the night.

The night that the Dark Lord would return to the zenith of power and then ascend beyond it, beyond the trappings of this mortal veil and become what he had desired most of all.

A god.

The night that everything would change.

The night that the doom of this world would unfold.

Before his first fall, Lord Voldemort had searched for such a place. A place where the world itself, the fabric of reality had been scarred. The search had been halted by his sudden and unexpected apparent demise.

Luckily, Lucius had his ears open to many dealings, and had heard tales of such a place from his... seedier contacts. A place where Dementors had been sighted, where shadows lingered in daylight, where the very air seemed thinner... colder...


As the Death Eaters behind him knelt, chanting the proper rituals to invoke the Darkness, the Dark Lord spoke.

"Darkness, I implore you. Grant me your power! Make me an avatar of your might!"

The shadows twisted malevolently, as if alive. Impenetrable, dark, and deep. Like a living abyss.

Despite himself, Voldemort felt a spike of fear and excitement drive into his chest. Raising his wand to his chest, he placed it, just above where his heart was.

"Fill me with your strength! Darkness, I offer you my heart!"

His wand began to glow a sickly bloody red light, throwing unnatural shadows which danced and swarmed and shimmered around that unreal phosphorescence.

The Darkness, as if attracted, lunged, and pierced Lord Voldemort's chest, right where his heart was placed.

The Dark Lord gasped in agony, and then screamed, before the icy feeling enveloped him totally, engulfing him an abyss of apathetic and arctic nothingness, and he collapsed.

Immediately, the Death Eaters stopped chanting, many frozen in horror, some almost ready to flee. Bellatrix hurried over to her master, and knelt at his side.

"My Lord, are you alright?"

Lord Voldemort lifted his head, and she gasped. Where once his crimson eyes had been glowing, now they were dark as blood... almost black. There were shadows on that ivory skin, making him seem a living shade. And strangest of all, a deep amethyst, almost midnight black crest in the shape of a crossed out heart lay on his chest...

"Better than alright," The Darkness, the Dark Lord, or perhaps both, replied, his voice at once filled with utter malevolence and purest evil, soft as shadow.

All around him was endless sky, above, below, left, right, north, south, east, west. Endless sky, all encompassing, circumscribed about him impossibly. Not the beautiful, clear blue skies, but a darkened, indigo sky of the sunset.

"Where am I?" he asked quietly, glancing about himself.

A voice boomed out of the depths of Eternity and the end of Time, soft as a breeze and with the force of a gale. This world has been connected. Tied to the darkness... soon to be completely eclipsed. There is so very much to learn. You understand so little.


Suddenly, he found himself falling, falling, falling into the sky...

And then he was Elsewhere.

Emptiness... everywhere and nowhere. Darkness, hungry and Evil, endless and omnipresent.

Harry Potter stood alone, weaponless and friendless, before utter and complete Darkness.

Fear gripped him, fear that went beyond childhood fears of the dark, beyond the icy fear of Dementors, beyond the terrifying visage of Lord Voldemort. This was primal.

Everything fears the Darkness, and cringes from it.

Something in the abyss moved, something unholy and unnatural and unreal.

Something Evil.

And it wanted him.

Harry screamed as the Darkness lunged for him, voraciously gorging itself on his body, his soul...

His Heart.

And as he screamed, the Voice spoke again, deep as the ocean and older than aeons.

There will be times when you will have to fight, keep your light burning strong...The day you open the door is both far off and very near.

Harry felt the Darkness devouring him, an icy abyss of pure Evil. He tried to scream, but no one heard him as he drowned in the umbra.

Despite this, the Voice continued to speak.

But don't be afraid... you hold the mightiest weapon of all...

Only his head and a single outstretched arm, frantically waving for any assistance, remained above the abyss. The Darkness poured itself down his throat, and he went numb with arctic temperatures racing through his veins. The icy hand of this Evil struck at his heart, and Harry gave one final scream...

Your heart.